Release date: 05. November 2015
Goal: Improve 1.5 release.

0008157: [Scripting] [Request] fileGetPath (sbx320)
0008654: [Scripting] [Request] Function setCameraFOV (qaisjp)
0009038: [Synchronization] bugged shotgun with bullet sync (ccw)
0008675: [Server] Uptime issues (more than 49 days) (ccw)
0008053: [Client] Team members are not fully synced clientside when joined (ccw)
0009048: [Scripting] [OOP] Resource.getFromName does not exist client-side (Jusonex)
0009042: [GUI] Dragging and selecting text is not possible in browser (Jusonex)
0009013: [General] Add HTTP content type to CNetHTTPDownloadManager::QueueFile (ccw)
0008906: [CEF] Can't load video in CEF local mode. (Jusonex)
0008965: [Server] Server FPS / Players not showing in MTA Console (Jusonex)
0008989: [CEF] File libcef.dll wasn't found (Jusonex)
0007359: [Server] createMarker triggers onMarkerHit (sbx320)
0008350: [Scripting] Object moved with moveObject can move frozen player (sbx320)
0008970: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Loading spinner overlaying itself (ccw)
0008967: [Server] 1.5 server uses a lot of memory after days (sbx320)
0008983: [Client] 'disconnect' won't destroy the 'Connecting to...' or 'Entering the game ... window. (qaisjp)
0008975: [Server] Special detection(s) not working properly (ccw)
0008971: [Server] Let setAccountPassword take hashed forms (qaisjp)
0008972: [GUI] "Disconnect required" appears always after setting browser settings (Jusonex)
0008949: [Client] Hunter sometimes explodes on own projectile. (Jusonex)
0008940: [Server] Debug spam: Already an account using a case variation of that name ('x') (ccw)
0008146: [Server] Server crashes randomly after a longer runtime (ccw)
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