Release date: 15. July 2015
Goal: Introduction of Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) elements

0008960: [Scripting] Doing maths with getTickCount can return float values (ccw)
0006262: [Server] fileRead(file, 0) should return empty string (sbx320)
0008379: [Scripting] Client-side File:read(0) doesn't return a warning while Server-side File:read(0) does (sbx320)
0009000: [General] Move CLuaFunctionDefinitions to CLuaPlayerDefs (etc) (qaisjp)
0000182: [General] Vehicle sirens/lights not flashing when on ground (qaisjp)
0004425: [GUI / Menus / Console] Chatbox: nick autocompletion (qaisjp)
0008848: [Scripting] [Request] Add toJSON compact mode (qaisjp)
0008744: [Server] Player socket / slot override bugs, 0-pinged players (1.4.1) (ccw)
0008620: [Server] [Request] Add ''reload'' to default startup (mtaserver.conf) (qaisjp)
0008145: [Client] Controls don't reappear in Settings ==> Binds, if bindKey isn't used (ccw)
0008747: [Client] MTA forgets user made resources related binds (ccw)
0008945: [Server] [1.5] Windows server uses triple Logic thread CPU (ccw)
0008589: [Scripting] outputChatBox returns with space if using color codes (sbx320)
0008853: [Scripting] toJSON passes wrong floats (ccw)
0007031: [Server] SQLite supports only latin characters in path (ccw)
0008745: [Server] getResourceConfig crash the server. (sbx320)
0008800: [Synchronization] Vehicle components desync when different types (sbx320)
0008629: [Client] Destroying vehicle when exiting it causes issues (ccw)
0006845: [Client] getPedOccupiedVehicleSeat should be available client-side too (qaisjp)
0008941: [Client] setCursorPosition does not work (Jusonex)
0008925: [Installer] Ingame updater won't update from 1.5-7329 to 7341 (ccw)
0008918: [Scripting] [Request] setCameraShakeLevel or setPlayerDrunkLevel (Jusonex)
0008919: [Client] [1.5] MTA crashes on start 1.5 r7338 (Jusonex)
0008899: [CEF] [1.5] loadBrowserURL wiki example causes crash (Jusonex)
0006048: [Client] Ped weapon isn't synced on join (Jusonex)
0007755: [Maps] Pickups created in map files ignore interior argument (sbx320)
0008878: [Client] [1.5] Client-side getElementID returns garbage (sbx320)
0008896: [Scripting] [Request] Add the flag "u" in regular expressions (ccw)
0008894: [CEF] [Request] Some functions or a function to get the settings of Web Browser in settings tab. (Jusonex)
0008814: [Client] [Request] Throttle playSound (ccw)
0008781: [Client] [Request] on[Client]PlayerNetworkStatus (ccw)
0008879: [Client] Broken compatibility with external mods(?) on latest 1.5 (ccw)
0008858: [Scripting] [Request] Ability to run a script before other scripts start (ccw)
0008851: [Client] FOV Reset if client restarts (ccw)
0005822: [Client] [Request] Light creation (ccw)
0005822: [Client] [Request] Light creation (ccw)
0008881: [Client] Game Crash by Object "traincross1". (Jusonex)
0008835: [Server] OOP: takeAllWeapons, takeWeapon aren't implemented for Ped class (Jusonex)
0008318: [Server] [REQUEST] load x64 modules from different path than 32bit (ccw)
0008847: [Scripting] getAccountData cause memory leak. (Jusonex)
0006910: [Client] Request video support [CEF] (Jusonex)
0008829: [Scripting] removeBan(?) crashes the server (ccw)
0008826: [Client] showChat(false) while typing will block the console away (ccw)
0008822: [Client] [Request] Remove "voiceptt: This server does not have voice enabled" for players (ccw)
0008793: [Server] removeElementData does not trigger the events: "onElementDataChange" and "onClientElementDataChange" (ccw)
0008803: [Client] [Request] Remove BASS Error message for players (ccw)
0008817: [Scripting] Possibility to write in disabled Edit Field (Jusonex)
0008516: [Client] Lua function errors give no resource or file when compiled (ccw)
0008767: [Client] setCameraTarget(x,y,z) has incorrect calculation. (Jusonex)
0008757: [Server] [Request] setBanNick to identify the player, if the ban has no name (Ca11um)
0008771: [Synchronization] getElementSyncer issue (ccw)
0008766: [Scripting] Player's parent element can't be resetted ? ? (Necktrox)
0008722: [General] startResource in onResourcePreStart allows you to start the same resource multiple times (ccw)
0008733: [Weapons] Custom weapons deal two times the expected damage (sbx320)
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