Release date: 31. January 2015
Goal: Improve 1.4 release.

0007246: [Client] setCursorPosition doesn't work properly (sbx320)
0008815: [Synchronization] Bad position and vehicle hp when warping to players in vehicles (sbx320)
0008752: [Scripting] [OOP] Method for xmlUnloadFile should be xmlnode:unload() (qaisjp)
0008706: [Scripting] Element data desync (ccw)
0005607: [Client] F11 map doesn't work with SetRadarAreaFlashing (qaisjp)
0008671: [Translations / L10n] Croatian: Missing Main Menu Translation (Talidan)
0003973: [Client] Peds destroyed in water leave water circles (arranTuna)
0008709: [Scripting] [Request] SetCameraMatrix should accept a matrix (qaisjp)
0008600: [GUI] Using gsub on certain chars causes a graphical glich (sbx320)
0008606: [Scripting] Add support for unicode gsub, gmatch, find, match and reverse (sbx320)
0008700: [Scripting] [OOP] Typo in method and function name (qaisjp)
0008684: [General] getRealTime() with timestamp argument passing wrong date (ccw)
0008660: [Scripting] Ped matrices are not affected by rotation if the element is a ped or vehicle (qaisjp)
0006701: [Client] [Request] client-side forcePlayerMap (qaisjp)
0008538: [Scripting] [Request] A way to retrieve the Element that thrown satchels are attached to (sbx320)
0008020: [Vehicles] getVehicleComponentPosition does not function correctly for some components (ccw)
0008687: [Scripting] [OOP] Connection class dbQuery arguments. (qaisjp)
0008686: [Scripting] setWeaponFlags(weapon, "flags") always returns false, but getWeaponFlags(weapon, "flags") works correctly (sbx320)
0008547: [Client] Towtruck Crashes (sbx320)
0008682: [Server] Server crashes when destroying vehicle in onVehicleRespawn (sbx320)
0008605: [Client] setObjectBreakable causes infinite streaming range for some objects (sbx320)
0008566: [Scripting] [Request] A way to adjust the draw distance of effects made by fxAdd...() or createEffect() (ccw)
0008643: [Client] getVehicleController fails for trains (qaisjp)
0007676: [Server] getPedWalkingStyle doesn't work (qaisjp)
0008419: [Client] Spawning player can make the ground collisionless (ccw)
0007970: [Client] Peds with weapons malfunction due to weird totalAmmo and ammoInClip values (Cazomino05)
0005715: [Client] [Request] giveWeapon for clientside peds (Cazomino05)
0005285: [Client] Unwanted behavior of some burglary houses (Jusonex)
0007006: [Client] [Request] guiGridListGetGetColumnWidth (Jusonex)
0008622: [Client] dxDrawRectangle draws with different width size (ccw)
0007754: [Scripting] SHA in MTA (ccw)
0008624: [Server] Module Function Crash (Jusonex)
0008386: [Scripting] Pickup Spawning Bug (Jusonex)
0008618: [Client] dxDrawMaterialLine3D: Add an argument for drawDistance (ccw)
0008612: [Vehicles] [!!!Steam Update Crash!!!] Crash while switching radio stations (Cazomino05)
0008592: [Vehicles] Certain color codes show as black, but are valid RGB values (ccw)
0008574: [Scripting] destroying vehicle upon onVehicleStartExit makes any vehicle un-enterable (Cazomino05)
0008577: [Vehicles] setVehicleColor returns a black vehicle (ccw)
0008567: [Server] setElementHealth does not always work for peds (ccw)
0008549: [Scripting] unbindKey doesn't work with lowercase letters (Jusonex)
0008500: [Server] getPerformanceStats("Lib memory") try to load 32bit libs on linux x64 server (sbx320)
0008531: [Scripting] Huge tables being sent trough events get corrupted (Jusonex)
0008529: [Scripting] OOP: TextDisplay error (Jusonex)
0008368: [Scripting] [OOP] Missing function: isOOPEnabled (Jusonex)
0008211: [Client] getPedStat desync for freshly joined players (Jusonex)
0008514: [Scripting] [Request] Define "len" metamethod for Vector3 to get the length of the vector (Jusonex)
0008513: [Scripting] Vector metamethod requires specific argument order (sbx320)
0007860: [Client] Jetpack sound remains when it's removed in certain conditions (sbx320)
0008510: [Client] Crash caused by calling downloadFile within onClientResourceStop (Jusonex)
0008508: [Scripting] OOP: typo error in Vehicle:setPaintjob (Jusonex)
0008504: [Client] camera clip is not reseted when connecting to server (sbx320)
0008430: [Server] If you're banned, estimated time is calculated wrong (sbx320)
0008400: [Scripting] Bug with setElementHealth in onClientPlayerDamage when hurt by a ped (sbx320)
0008495: [Client] OOP: isDead is missing (sbx320)
0008461: [Client] setPedAnimationProgress() always sets animation progress to 0. (Jusonex)
0008493: [General] JSON tables not reading longer numbers correctly (sbx320)
0008484: [Vehicles] Rumpo > Front bumper rotation bugged after fixVehicle() (ccw)
0008466: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] New XML file doesn't replace correctly after messing up (ccw)
0008474: [Scripting] Crash when trying to get the key of a control bound to a function clientside (sbx320)
0008462: [Client] Commands causes players to crash (sbx320)
0008424: [Scripting] Clientside fromJSON is broken for 1.4 (Cazomino05)
0008434: [Scripting] OOP: ped:setWalkingStyle is missing
0008420: [Scripting] Cannot add CDATA tags using xmlNodeSetValue(node), node:setValue() or node.value (Jusonex)
0008421: [Server] Not showing in scoreboard after setPlayerTeam (ccw)
0008122: [Client] Projectiles do not hit the target correctly / bounce off their target (Cazomino05)
0008391: [Client] Satchel wrong positioning, introduced in latest proj commits (Cazomino05)
0008411: [Server] 1.4r6733 server crashes (ccw)
0008404: [Server] Server crashed then kept crashing on restart (ccw)
0008403: [Vehicles] Vehicle drifting (sbx320)
0008401: [Client] Nitro functions cause crash in client side. (sbx320)
0008089: [Server] getPedFightingStyle returns boolean (ccw)
0008175: [Server] LUA bad header in precompiled chunk (64-bit) (ccw)
0008392: [Scripting] utfLen not working anymore (sbx320)
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