Release date: 24. February 2014
Goal: Improve 1.3 release.

0007905: [Client] setPedStat sometimes not synced to client (sbx320)
0007142: [Scripting] Provide simple encryption functions? (ryden)
0007956: [Vehicles] Several vehicle colours result into black ones (ccw)
0007702: [Client] exports: Call to non-running client resource (name) [string "?"] (ccw)
0007807: [Client] Custom binds will not save when MTA isnt restarted properly (ccw)
0007908: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Cannot enter any vehicle after trying to enter a vehicle in water (ccw)
0008034: [Installer] gta_sa.exe not generating correctly (ccw)
0005493: [Server] [Request] Attacker parameter for onVehicleDamage (ccw)
0007991: [Client] isElementInWater returns always false with peds (ccw)
0004594: [Client] onPedWasted / onClientPedWasted always returns 63 (blown) as weapon (sbx320)
0005218: [Server] onVehicleDamage() isnt triggered when shooting the wheels (ccw)
0007303: [Server] Ability to cancel vehicle damage event. (ccw)
0008017: [Client] Crash on changing GUI skin. (ccw)
0006938: [Server] Furniture doesn't remove from house robbery interiors (Jusonex)
0008010: [Server] [bullet sync] Sniper will turn off when an player try to connect with version below the minimum. (ccw)
0007964: [Client] getVehicleComponentPosition seems to return wrong positions on some vehicles (ccw)
0005970: [Scripting] [Request] onClientVehicleDamage (server counterpart exists) (ccw)
0007953: [Scripting] [Request] Add rotation parameter for dxDrawText (ccw)
0007965: [Client] Cannot bind num_enter key (Jusonex)
0007632: [Server] [Request] Bullet sync for sniper rifle and minigun (ccw)
0007962: [Client] Vehicle wheel states are not synced properly (ccw)
0007389: [Server] Problem with network floaters (ccw)
0007413: [Client] Damage proof boats still take collision damage (Jusonex)
0007614: [Server] rifle has not damage without aim (ccw)
0007740: [Client] [Sync] Sometimes moving when aiming isn't synced (sbx320)
0005854: [General] Client runs with reduced mathematical precision compared to the server. (ccw)
0007919: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Player cannot walk sideways while aiming with latency_reduction enabled (ccw)
0007892: [Server] Windows server high CPU usage (ccw)
0007859: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Getting wrong CJ clothes when spawning (ccw)
0007901: [Scripting] Request: a way to debug/monitor/list received events (ccw)
0005546: [Client] Vehicle and ped Z position is sometimes out of sync (ccw)
0007799: [Server] Server screenlog format (ccw)
0007829: [Server] killPlayer crashes server (ccw)
0007832: [Server] Double dbPoll freeze (ccw)
0007838: [Server] Server crashes very often with 1.3.4-5838 (ccw)
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