Release date: 07. September 2013
Goal: Improve 1.3 release.

0006930: [Server] Client disconnects but player element remains indefinitely (ccw)
0007696: [Client] PCs restarted after joining MTA:DayZ server (ccw)
0007801: [Client] warpPedIntoVehicle can cause totally desync if another Player starts to enter the vehicle (Cazomino05)
0005618: [Server] Heli Rotors are not in ghostmode in race (Cazomino05)
0007803: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Spoilers (Cazomino05)
0007780: [GUI] Console(F8) input focus begin lost when guiBringToFront or 'AlwaysOnTop' property used. (ccw)
0007794: [Client] Bad debug from encrypted client scripts (ccw)
0007787: [Map Editor] Map Editor crashes after pressing "Stop Testing" (ccw)
0007784: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Crash when streaming in tec-9 with a replaced weapon model. (ccw)
0007372: [Client] Applying weapon mods may remove your weapon (ccw)
0007762: [Server] Projectile-type weapons messing up ammo count (ccw)
0007765: [Client] guiCreateFont fails each second time resource is started (ccw)
0007672: [Client] Mouse input delayed (ccw)
0007721: [Client] cancelEvent() onClientKey escape key bug (ccw)
0007705: [Server] Server crash when restarting resources (ccw)
0007699: [Client] Crash at certain position and interior (ccw)
0007682: [Client] MTA 1.3.3: 'Modified GTA3.img, SD #20' connect bug (ccw)
0007685: [Server] getVehiclePlateText can crash if return longer than 8 chars (ccw)
0007659: [Client] 1.3.3 r5541 has a bug on high screen resolutions (Jusonex)
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