Release date: 02. July 2013
Goal: Improve 1.3 release.

0003117: [Scripting] Custom vehicle plate text is only set on one of both plates and is reset on damage (ccw)
0007658: [Client] 1.3.3 nightly disconnects from servers and times out randomly (ccw)
0004647: [Client] Stability errors (random texture swapping/assertions) after alt+tab (ccw)
0007639: [Client] Crash in ReApplyMoveAnims (ccw)
0007644: [Client] setElementPosition for players vehicle causes freeze for few seconds (ccw)
0007396: [Resources] Voice icon doesn't disappear for other players after the speaking have been stopped (ccw)
0007623: [Server] getPedTotalAmmo sometimes returns 0 while player is aiming (Slot 8) (sbx320)
0007400: [GUI] HUD elements do not scale correctly for widescreen (Jusonex)
0006495: [Server] onPlayerDamage has wrong parameters if source on vehicle (sbx320)
0007627: [Server] "Client triggered serverside event" debug error could show client (ccw)
0003166: [Scripting] setVehiclePlateText function missing (ccw)
0007609: [Server] getVehicleSirens on a sandking (495) crashes the server immediately (ccw)
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