Release date: 05. May 2013
Goal: Improve 1.3 release.

0007335: [Client] Chinese characters in chat stalls the game (ccw)
0005350: [Scripting] [Request] Editable Ped Oxygen Level (Jusonex)
0004910: [Client] Radar areas are deforming based on the current camera angle (sbx320)
0007233: [Server] Markers created by .map-files have wrong colshapes (sbx320)
0005888: [Scripting] radararea not functioning when using negative numbers for dimensions (sbx320)
0006239: [Scripting] getPedTotalAmmo does not return the correct values (Jusonex)
0007329: [Client] In some places, at some camera angles, textures dissapear or flicker (ccw)
0006583: [Client] Double-clicking on another server from server browser list while connecting to a server makes the game exit to desktop (ccw)
0006813: [Client] Bikes and boats gone wild (Cazomino05)
0007584: [Client] freeze deagle and shot (Shot hit animation sometimes doesn't work) (ccw)
0007423: [Client] very slow streaming of Elements (ccw)
0007570: [Client] warpPedIntoVehicle after cancelEvent() of onVehicleStartEnter causes network trouble (Jusonex)
0007131: [Client] [REQUEST] client-side fetchRemote (ccw)
0005950: [General] Turn off sounds when MTASA is minimized (ccw)
0007436: [Client] Mouse sensitivity problem (ccw)
0007471: [Client] Not recorded video in MTA:SA 1.3.1 via Mirillis Action! (ccw)
0007586: [Client] Replaced textures are loading incorrectly (ccw)
0007588: [Client] Mass crashes in very near area (ccw)
0007592: [Client] getVehicleUpgradeSlotName has broken (Jusonex)
0007593: [Client] MTA freezes if you loose internet connection while connecting to a server (ccw)
0007595: [Client] Admin panel customization window broken since 1.3.2 (Jusonex)
0007600: [Client] createVehicle no longer works in version 1.3.2 (ccw)
0007606: [Client] dxSetRenderTarget messes up all colors (ccw)
0006041: [Server] callRemote should return more informational error codes (ccw)
0007487: [Client] "getVehicleComponentPosition" returns only "0, 0, 0" for each component (Cazomino05)
0007579: [Client] Client crash after login and spawn on MTA:DayZ (ccw)
0007355: [Client] Shaders aren't applicable to skin model 0 (ccw)
0005839: [Synchronization] cj fat/muscle stats not resetting (ccw)
0007544: [Client] ignoredElement in processLineOfSight broken (ccw)
0007547: [Client] guiGetSelectedTab crashes after removing a tab (Jusonex)
0005090: [Client] GUI scrollpanes and scrollbars don't trigger onClientMouseEnter/Leave (Talidan)
0005680: [Server] Trigger onClientGuiClick also for comboboxes (Talidan)
0005870: [Scripting] onClientGUIMouseDown and onClientGUIMouseUp do not work for scrollbars (Talidan)
0006470: [Client] onClientGUIClick and onClientGUIDoubleClick not work with comboBoxes (Talidan)
0006496: [Client] Combobox isn't supported by onClientMouseEnter - onClientMouseLeave (Talidan)
0006969: [Client] GUI Clicking events won't get triggered when clicking at a GUI Scrollpane field. (Talidan)
0007060: [Server] Server crash 4061 (ccw)
0006253: [Server] Projectile weapon ammo (slot 8) is not synchronized correctly (Jusonex)
0007528: [Server] outputChatBox to a invalid player goes to ALL players (ccw)
0007529: [Server] 16 server crashes (ccw)
0007521: [Client] Crash after finishing download while MTA is minimized
0005456: [Synchronization] Synchronise ped traffic lights (x0rh4x)
0007507: [Client] make setObjectScale except 1 scale value for each axis (x0rh4x)
0007459: [Client] onClientPlayerWeaponFire hitElement issue (ccw)
0006846: [Client] getVehicleType with trailers returns empty string client-side (Jusonex)
0007500: [Server] setAccountData / getAccountData (sbx320)
0007501: [Client] Binds that were attached directly to controls are getting reset when loading default binds in settings (Jusonex)
0007484: [Client] Disable the aircraft max velocity limit of 2.25 (Kenix)
0007496: [Client] Some functions output wrong warnings (Jusonex)
0006685: [Server] request function getEventHandlers (Kenix)
0006216: [Server] Add "shared" script type in meta.xml (Kenix)
0007477: [Client] processLineOfSight doesn't return world object info without ignoredElement being set (ccw)
0007490: [Server] 1.3.1-4954 Server Crash (ccw)
0006478: [Client] Add an icon near the player that is speaking in voice chat (Talidan)
0006570: [Client] Voice chat OFF on client side (Talidan)
0007478: [Client] MTA r4806 and newer ones do not work under WINE (ccw)
0003788: [Scripting] Certain ID's passed to setPedWalkingStyle crash all connected clients (ccw)
0005065: [Client] Disabling controls doesn't disable analog sticks in gamepads (Cazomino05)
0005452: [Client] After updating using the in-game updater, temporary installation files are not automatically deleted (ccw)
0004893: [Client] [Request] Implement events and functions for the manipulation of breakable objects (Jusonex)
0005879: [Client] Ability to use gamepad's analog Z-axis to aim and fire a weapon (ccw)
0006418: [Client] onClientPlayerVoiceStop doesn't always work (Talidan)
0007203: [Client] Xbox 360 Controllers, maybe others - Proper Axis Support (ccw)
0007447: [Client] Moving flare needs to fixed (Cazomino05)
0007450: [Client] Main menu items 'Map Editor'/'Host Game' should ask if you want to disconnect from your current server (ccw)
0006831: [Server] protected option for protecting client side files stops files from loading. (ryden)
0005810: [Client] If photo made in windowed-mode with in-game camera, it makes screen print (ccw)
0007399: [Server] setRuleValue crash (ccw)
0006321: [Server] Account passwords should be salted (ccw)
0007442: [Client] Element is destroyed client sided when created and parent set in different resource than the parent (ccw)
0007250: [Client] Crouching does not work (ccw)
0007410: [Client] Custom dx-fonts do not work on Windows 8 (ccw)
0007415: [Server] removeWorldModel doesn't work since MTA 1.3.1 (Cazomino05)
0006475: [Server] Crash after 5 seconds of connecting to a server (ccw)
0007388: [Client] Crash when destroying the source of onClientColShapeHit event (ccw)
0007397: [Server] MTA's weapon function usage differs lately (ccw)
0007398: [Server] giveWeapon problems (ccw)
0007392: [Client] If you join a server of mine, you crash. (ccw)
0001237: [GUI / Menus / Console] Contents of client's console should be logged to a file (kevuwk)
0007383: [Server] Impossible fixdb ( internal/registy )db (ccw)
0007376: [Client] Protocol error (8) when starting Map Editor (ccw)
0006112: [Client] Steam and MTA (ccw)
0007020: [Client] onClientPlayerWeaponFire returns incorrect hit positions (ccw)
0007361: [Client] setFogDistance is resetted on some positions (ccw)
0007368: [Server] Same serial can be banned more than one time. (ccw)
0007360: [Server] Not working properly "setElementParent" (ccw)
0007196: [Server] getElementChildren seems not to work on custom element types (ccw)
0007308: [Map Editor] Locked Time isn't set correctly (arranTuna)
0007363: [Client] Please make onClientChatMessage cancelable (ccw)
0006786: [Client] setFarClipDistance messes with water drawing (ccw)
0007349: [Client] Ped won't move forwards in the rotation set (ccw)
0007350: [Client] FarClipDistance is reseting each respawn (ccw)
0007348: [Client] Rotation offset is messed up when using 'clamp' as texture edge (ccw)
0006482: [Client] In race, Objects of the same model suddenly lose collision (ccw)
0006635: [Client] Bikes and RC Bandit sometimes randomly bounce off the ground once their wheels touch the surface (roads, water, ground, etc) (ccw)
0007328: [Client] Pickups don't load in interiors (ccw)
0007330: [Client] isPlayerHudShown (ccw)
0007342: [Server] Server crashes randomly and hangs upon close. (ccw)
0006508: [Scripting] ped rotation while in air goes opposite direction. (ccw)
0007283: [Server] setElementFrozen() kills player. (ccw)
0007337: [Client] Can't move left/right. (ccw)
0007333: [Server] last argument of server side restoreWorldModel (interior) is not optional, breaks backward compatibility (Cazomino05)
0007301: [Client] "onClientSoundBeat" don't work (ccw)
0007318: [Server] Adding one more info in "whowas" command (ccw)
0007306: [Client] setFarClipDistance() causes client crashes (ccw)
0007289: [Map Editor] 'team' types in definition (ccw)
0007290: [Server] (null) in debug messages (ccw)
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