Release date: 03. September 2012
Goal: Improve 1.3 release.

0006155: [Client] Using 2D tables as image data (ccw)
0004228: [Client] warpPedIntoVehicle client-side
0006988: [Client] guiComboBoxGetItemText crash when the itemid is greater then the combobox row count (ccw)
0007479: [Client] Sometimes world buildings won't be removed (Jusonex)
0006984: [Client] getElementMatrix returns non-standard matrix (Cazomino05)
0005495: [Server] event handlers prioritization (ccw)
0005833: [Client] dxDrawText [New parameter] - colorCoded. (ccw)
0007244: [Client] Crash on ZHP server (ccw)
0006812: [Client] Engineless NRG-500 Variant (ccw)
0006531: [Client] Crash when taking a screenshot and minimizing then restoring (ccw)
0007281: [Server] Requesting: fileCopy (ccw)
0007248: [Server] Another server crash (ccw)
0007287: [Server] Can't start server in latest nightly (4587) (ccw)
0007073: [Client] onClientFileDownloadComplete get full absolute filenames (x86)
0007064: [Server] setPlayerNametagColor(player, false) (reset overridecolor) does not work, bad argument
0003455: [Scripting] Request: Manual control of color/visibility of "player targeted" icon above head (JoeBullet)
0007280: [Client] getSoundLength returns 0 for sound streams(not radio streams) (ccw)
0007276: [Server] Make setVehicleIdleRespawnDelay work for non-streamed in vehicles (ccw)
0007265: [Server] Connect problem when using a domain name that starts with a number (ccw)
0007209: [Client] Missing weapon recoil and reload animations when bulletsync is enabled (ccw)
0007001: [Server] setWeaponProperty and getWeaponIDFromName use different weapon names (ccw)
0007125: [Server] Teamsay + long name + long message = too long message (ccw)
0007230: [Server] 'update' command cause crash immediately (ccw)
0007235: [Client] Bullet Sync, won't synchronize bullets if player isn't targeting (ccw)
0007237: [Client] [REQUEST] warpPedIntoVehicle client-side (ccw)
0007245: [Client] Server crash when towing a clientside vehicle (ccw)
0007259: [Server] Floating vehicles when using SetVehicleIdleRespawnDelay (ccw)
0007236: [Server] [REQUEST] ability to disable mysql warnings (ccw)
0007108: [Client] Crash when disconnecting from server on 4215 (ccw)
0007194: [Client] processLineOfSight "light" value returns incorrectly (ccw)
0007160: [Client] Helicopter Blades are collisionless (missing collision). (ccw)
0007191: [Server] MYSQL - float and decimal returning as a string (ccw)
0007193: [Client] getPedMoveState returning incorrectly (ccw)
0004455: [Client] issues remain with custom model streaming/memory (ccw)
0007184: [Server] MYSQL - tinyint returning as a string (ccw)
0005637: [Server] Element data of the root element is not synced on join (ccw)
0007175: [Client] onClientVehicleCollision - it always returns the same velocity before the collision (ccw)
0004532: [Server] Server-side command binds don't appear to work (ccw)
0007133: [Client] Custom model LOD distance is not reset after quiting (ccw)
0007076: [Client] engineReplaceCOL only works inside streaming range. (ccw)
0003962: [Client] "Vehicle attachment bug" (ccw)
0005373: [Client] peds' bullets origin from wrong position (ccw)
0006058: [Server] Add functions to check anticheats and game files verification status. (ccw)
0006967: [Server] Function to disable GTA sounds
0007062: [Server] Reverse compatiblity for engineLoadDFF
0006630: [Server] Request: ability to change sync rates (ccw)
0007074: [Client] onClientWorldSound not canceled (ccw)
0006903: [Client] ServerBrowser wrong ordering by server name (ccw)
0007041: [Server] toJSON and next can both give errors without location and file line (ccw)
0007046: [Server] Server crash (ccw)
0007052: [Server] Server crashes 1.3.0-4047 and 4050 (ccw)
0006985: [Server] 1.3-3968 Server Crash (ccw)
0007030: [Server] Server crashing after 10 seconds (ccw)
0006941: [Client] guiComboBoxGetItemText crashes when using indexes >= combobox's items count (ccw)
0006957: [Map Editor] Map editor not saving locations of objects (ccw)
0007013: [Client] Client and all other clients in sight area crashes when leaving Cropduster (VID 512) near wall (ccw)
0006871: [Server] <map src="" dimension="0"></map> in meta crashes server (kevuwk)
0006949: [Client] Request: client-side pickup events (ccw)
0006939: [Server] Expired timers can lead to wrong references (ccw)
0006901: [Client] playSound3D wrong 3D effect (kevuwk)
0006919: [Client] Add option to skip Dual Monitor Resolution Select (ccw)
0006004: [Scripting] Implement getAllAccountData function (kevuwk)
0005474: [Client] getKeyState does not differentiate between right and left keys (alt, ctrl, shift) (kevuwk)
0006621: [Client] Using setPedAnimationProgress Incorrectly Yields A Crash + Other Problems (kevuwk)
0006795: [Server] Downloading resource files breaks often (ccw)
0006796: [Server] Download freeze MTA 1.3 (ccw)
0006744: [Server] Possibility to flag (required/optional) the files to download from the servers (kevuwk)
0004481: [Server] Add more download functionality (kevuwk)
0005358: [Scripting] Add a "downloadFile" (kevuwk)
0006874: [Client] Force 'shownetstat' gui to be in front of all guis. (ccw)
0006888: [Client] Client doesn't try saved password when redirected (ccw)
0006890: [Server] 1.3-3851 Server crash x2 (ccw)
0006447: [Server] giveWeapon triggers onPlayerWeaponSwitch with setAsCurrent=false (kevuwk)
0006767: [Client] setRainLevel doesn't reset on disconnect (kevuwk)
0006885: [Server] Range bans say that everyone is banned (kevuwk)
0006876: [Server] Map files are downloading very slow (ccw)
0005838: [Synchronization] Satchels should be removed on resetMapInfo (kevuwk)
0006150: [Server] Console can logout, but cannot log back in. (lil_Toady)
0005432: [Server] Destroying source of onElementStopSync crashes the server (lil_Toady)
0006826: [Server] Timeout on map change (ccw)
0006862: [Server] Incorrect information about load module. (kevuwk)
0004987: [Synchronization] isPedInWater ( ped ) doesnt set back to false if you warp into a vehicle from the water (kevuwk)
0006869: [Client] triggering events is unreliable with strings > 65535 bytes (ccw)
0003160: [General] Add a way to load and unload modules without restarting the server (kevuwk)
0006835: [Server] Server logic/lua/CLuaFunctionRef.cpp:72 assertion error (ccw)
0006834: [Server] "Player not found." console spam causes lag (ccw)
0006833: [Client] getZoneName citiesonly is not working correct (ccw)
0006793: [Server] setElementDimension dont work for element tree (kevuwk)
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