0006655: [Client] Text problems (ccw)
0006657: [Server] Large race maps rocket the CPU usage (ccw)
0004503: [Synchronization] Glitch for shooting bullets remotely while reloading (Cazomino05)
0006669: [Server] Request: File and line number for db* warnings
0006673: [Client] Sometimes possible to shoot though walls (ccw)
0006665: [Client] Unfinished download size double when a race map is restarted (ccw)
0006644: [Client] New detailed F11 map (ccw)
0006124: [Server] Some console messages doesn't make a new line. (ccw)
0006629: [Server] dbQuery crashes the server if it encounters an empty (NULL) MySQL data field (ccw)
0006410: [Server] Segmentation fault with latest MTA 1.1 (ccw)
0006618: [Map Editor] Press F5, CJ spawns and nothing else happens (ccw)
0005884: [Server] REQUEST: Ability to create/open/delete custom SQLite DBs insteed of using general "registry.db" (ccw)
0006603: [Server] 1.1.1 Server Crash (ccw)
0006594: [Client] When connect to notfind server, mta dont check password and say "entering the game..." (ccw)
0006578: [Client] Colorful shapes flashing all over my screen. (enough to probably cause a siezure) (ccw)
0006411: [Client] MTA does not recognise UTF-8 without BOM (and luac can't compile UTF-8 files) (ccw)
0005875: [Scripting] Incorrect usage of guiCreateTab causes crash
0006549: [Client] Maximizing with roadshine 3 shader causes runtime error (ccw)
0006539: [Server] setResourceInfo won't update the file, if the attribute is already set (ccw)
0006532: [Client] Client sounds replaying when restreamed (ccw)
0006214: [Client] Menu labels issue (ccw)
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