Release date: 19. September 2011
Goal: Interim bugfix release

0006175: [Server] Remove dependency on libpcre (impulze)
0005386: [Client] Long vehicles controlled by remote clients sometimes shake weirdly (ccw)
0004457: [General] Replace weapon models (Cazomino05)
0005770: [Client] [Request] Ped skins model replacement (Cazomino05)
0006465: [Server] getPedWeapon serverside messes up (Cazomino05)
0006504: [Server] getValidPedModels returns incomplete table (Cazomino05)
0006507: [Client] Crash when trying to play sound from the resource that is not running (Cazomino05)
0006427: [Server] pickups created by map file do respawn immediately (Cazomino05)
0006489: [Client] [r3128] Crashing on connect repeatedly (ccw)
0006466: [Client] 3D sounds (set to element streams) attached to vehicles do not sync for some players (Cazomino05)
0006425: [Client] clientside getPlayersInTeam returns wrong data (ccw)
0006077: [GUI / Menus / Console] Crash while changing GUI skin in Settings (ccw)
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