Ideas which do not require a target version i.e. things that are not important but with some work could make a release easily.

0008978: [Client] M4 bug (Talidan)
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0006064: Function for drawing 3D triangles (myonlake)
0008644: [Client] No engine sound after warping to car from train (lopezloo)
0009091: [Server] Players reconnect when downloading an updated file from external web server (ccw)
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Release date: 7. September 2018
Goal: IFP custom animations support.

0009522: [Client] setElementFrozen to a player with jetpack removes Jetpack but NOT the jetpack sound (myonlake)
0009374: [Request] replace setVehicleTurnVelocity with setElementTurnVelocity and expand its functionality (Lex128)
0009883: [Scripting] :setWindowOpen() and :getMaxPassengers() methods doesnt work. (Bonus1702)
0009699: [Client] isInsideRadarArea returns always false, when sizeX or sizeY of radarArea is negative (pkpawelo)
0009084: [Scripting] [Request] dxDrawCircle (CrosRoad95)
0004267: [Client] Remove setControlState and make setPedControlState work on localPlayer (qaisjp)
0008523: [Scripting] getVehicleNameFromModel does NOT return false if the provided model ID doesn`t exist (qaisjp)
0008696: [Scripting] Fix / disable cloneElement(...) (Bonus1702)
0005204: [Server] server-sided getWeather after setWeatherBlended will always return 2 weathers (Bonus1702)
0009178: [Client] unbindKey not working properly (Bonus1702)
0009814: [Server] [Request] Server console up arrow history (myonlake)
0009611: [Scripting] The CVar argument of getChatboxLayout() is ignored (myonlake)
0009616: [General] xmlLoadFile should print where is error in file (CrosRoad95)
0009608: [Scripting] createWater() "shallow" argument only works client side (myonlake)
0008540: [Server] Rotation doesn't get correctly set when respawning the player (myonlake)
0007047: [GUI / Menus / Console] Tweaks for 'connect' command. (qaisjp)
0009898: [Scripting] getVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition is missing OOP variant (myonlake)
0004571: [Client] [Request] Add support for custom animations (Jusonex)
0009894: [Scripting] You keep falling down until -4999 if you're inside a vehicle under the map (myonlake)
0009807: [Scripting] [Request] Remove teleport under map and event for it (CrosRoad95)
0009809: [Client] Random clients/players crash when joining our server (ccw)
0005998: [GUI] Improve GUI events (FileEX)
0009916: [Server] Update SQLite to 3.24.0 (myonlake)
0008957: [Client] [Request] Setting memo scroll positions (myonlake)
0006455: [Server] Bug with visible distance in createBlipAttachedTo (myonlake)
0009896: [Client] Implement a master volume setting (myonlake)
0005701: [Server] Functions restrictions in acl.xml are outdated (myonlake)
0009844: [CEF] Passing empty string to requestBrowserDomains crashes client (Jusonex)
0009724: [Scripting] Add new function setAccountName (Bonus1702)
0008260: [Scripting] [Request] Possibility to clear all fires (Necktrox)
0009849: [Vehicles] getVehicleNameFromModel Doesn't exists in its "OOP" version declared at wiki (Vehicle.getNameFromModel) (myonlake)
0009770: [Scripting] [Request] onPickupLeave (Bonus1702)
0009562: [Scripting] [Request] Add more functions for internal.db (Bonus1702)
0009373: [Scripting] [Request] isPositionWithinColShape (qaisjp)
0009861: [Scripting] [REQUEST] postGUI argument for dxDrawMaterialLine3D (ccw)
0006962: [Scripting] [Request] Add missing getReadOnly functions for GUI Memos and Edit fields (FileEX)
0008505: [Scripting] [Request] Add isPositionWithinColShape (qaisjp)
0009490: [Scripting] [Request] setWorldSoundEnabled could stop the sound if already playing (Necktrox)
0009914: [Scripting] Having a variable called 'type' brokes internal exports.lua script. (Pirulax)
0006132: [Scripting] [Request] isVehicleWheelOnGround (Z_ReC)
0009897: [Vehicles] Calling getVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition or setVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition crashes the client (myonlake)
0009760: [General] 'getPlayersInTeam' OOP variable and function not working (Bonus1702)
0009166: [Client] Console displays an error message when pressing the key of a disabled MTA control (ccw)
0009908: [Vehicles] getVehicleType don't working properly (server only) (qaisjp)
0009889: [Client] Modified binds are broken in newest MTA (again) (ccw)
0009901: [GUI] [Bug] dxDrawRectangle darker on certain systems. (ccw)
0009742: [Scripting] createColPolygon accept max 3 Vector2 (myonlake)
0009433: [Vehicles] Spoiler removing on quit (Bonus1702)
0009033: [Scripting] setVehicleColor clientside directly after creation doesn't work (Bonus1702)
0009626: [Server] Command /reloadacl to server console (-GTX)
0009817: [Scripting] Element/Ped does not have health attribute (qaisjp)
0009487: [Scripting] ped:getBonePosition(...) returns numbers instead of Vec3 (qaisjp)
0003190: [Vehicles] Dummy misplacement on custom vehicles (ccw)
0004319: [Vehicles] Driver lying on the ground when being jacked from passenger door and space pressed (lopezloo)
0009664: [Client] There is no way to see if a ped is reloading (Necktrox)
0009787: [Server] Self-compiled server crash on callRemote (ccw)
0009709: [Server] fetchRemote crash (ccw)
0009745: [Client] dxGetTextWidth returns wrong width of text (ccw)
0009774: [Client] Windows crash (BSOD) when connecting to servers (ccw)
0009530: [Server] Server crashed when using the 'upgrade' command (ccw)
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Release date: 7. October 2017
Goal: Maintenance release.

0009681: [Client] Unable to hear proper engine sounds when sitting in car as passenger (lopezloo)
0008586: [Server] [Request] Merge SQLite 3.8.7 (sbx320)
0006283: [Client] [Request] Ability to change chatbox / debugbox position (Necktrox)
0009631: [Client] playSound (UTF 8)
0009573: [Vehicles] Variable .handling return false (qaisjp)
0009507: [Client] OOP getVehicleComponentRotation (and related functions) should return/accept vectors (qaisjp)
0009695: [Server] Sockets module fails to initialize on r11631 (Jusonex)
0009678: [Server] ASE broken in Server v1.5.4-release-11566 (nightly!) (Jusonex)
0004166: [Vehicles] Engine Sounds of other Helicopters and planes missing unless you get in a Helicopter or plane.
0009381: [Client] warpPedIntoVehicle during freefall preserves falling animation (lopezloo)
0005306: [Client] Spectate camera movement malfunctioning with vehicles with adjustable property (lopezloo)
0007594: [Server] setCameraTarget on a player inside a vehicle with hydraulics bugs camera (lopezloo)
0009628: [Security] Console command: addAccount shows password in logs (ccw)
0003994: [Client] Radio titles do not always show. (Z_ReC)
0009378: [Scripting] [Request] getCursorType (Necktrox)
0008934: [Client] [Request] setPedStat client side. (arranTuna)
0008458: [Client] setObjectBreakable - Melee problem (lopezloo)
0009622: [Client] [Crash] setRainLevel(-9999999999) crash client (Necktrox)
0009367: [CEF] CEF swaps red and blue color on integrated Intel VGA (Jusonex)
0008590: [Client] createEffect with some effects places it's sfx sounds to position 0,0,0 (Z_ReC)
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Release date: 22. April 2017
Goal: Improve server security.

0009393: [Client] Corona markers has wrong attach offset position (lopezloo)
0009476: [GUI] guiCreateMemo can't type some languages into memo boxes (ccw)
0008648: [Scripting] [Request] Allow clientside fetchRemote to access other servers (Jusonex)
0009386: [Scripting] engineSetModelLODDistance() does not change the LOD distance of vehicle models (lopezloo)
0009576: [Security] SD # 31 , SD # 32 Not Working Propely ! (ccw)
0009345: [Security] [Request] Custom Detection "SD # 30" (Disallow autohotkey scripts & programs) due cheating (ccw)
0009549: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Erroneous fromJSON parsing (ccw)
0009541: [Client] 'There was a problem hooking Direct3DCreate9' under Wine after last critical update (ccw)
0009665: [Linux] Segmentation fault crash (ccw)
0008210: [Scripting] [Request] Get resource path (Jusonex)
0009598: [Security] Cannot add mobile IP address to autorized IPs to access HTTP (ccw)
0008930: [Client] RadarArea Element with very large size is not visible on the mini map (Z_ReC)
0009206: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] [Request] Sniper resizes the moon [true/false] function (Jusonex)
0009520: [Server] SQLite or MySQL make the server freeze if the connection is lost (ccw)
0009519: [Server] Authserial outputs some messages two times (ccw)
0009477: [Weapons] Goggles stay after player is killed (arranTuna)
0009508: [Client] FormatException is returned from fileGetPath() for files residing in another resource (qaisjp)
0009500: [Scripting] attachElements doesn't work for camera in non-zero dimensions (ccw)
0009491: [Server] Unhelpful debug "ERROR: not enough memory" (ccw)
0009497: [Client] Ped weapon dissappears after stream out (ccw)
0009479: [GUI] [German UI] Improved main menu font (einheit-101)
0009452: [Client] playSound3D wrong encoding of soundURL (ccw)
0009464: [Server] Server logs cannot be read while the server is running (ccw)
0009459: [Client] [Tweak] Increase default-set max streaming memory (ccw)
0009449: [Client] engineReplaceModel in 1.5.3-release-10721 crashes the client (Jusonex)
0009077: [General] load(...) hangs the server and client (sbx320)
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Release date: 20. October 2016
Goal: Clean up the code and improve the building process. Update the vendor (third-party) components.

0009336: [Client] MTA sometimes fails at loading custom textures (ccw)
0009339: [Scripting] attachElements() 1-frame lag when "a lot" of elements are attached (ccw)
0009161: [General] Use proper build system (sbx320)
0009102: [Client] setTrainPosition issues ( 1.6 ) (qaisjp)
0009310: [Server] A connecting player can block a resource from starting (ccw)
0006622: [Server] water elements are dimensionless (Talidan)
0009210: [Scripting] Pretty JSON (qaisjp)
0009127: [Client] Stealth killing a clientside ped causes a crash (qaisjp)
0009173: [CEF] onClientBrowserNavigate is triggered for <iframe> elements (mabako)
0006270: [Scripting] Make lua clear loaded files when dereferenced (Jusonex)
0009059: [Scripting] [Request] flashMTAWindow (Jusonex)
0008272: [Client] After killing ped with sniper, scope disappears (lopezloo)
0009159: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Self created water becomes invisible in higher z-offsets (lopezloo)
0009227: [Weapons] Fire Extinguisher (ID: 42) doesnt trigger onPedWasted (lopezloo)
0008158: [Vehicles] setVehiclePlateText doesn't seem to change visual plate texture on most (if not all) motorcycles. (lopezloo)
0008082: [Client] Custom weapons don't fully work with onClientPlayerDamage (lopezloo)
0009411: [CEF] Missing file on some installations (Jusonex)
0008730: [General] Server serial differs from client. (ccw)
0009429: [CEF] setBrowserVolume not works with latest MTA 1.5.3 (Jusonex)
0009432: [Client] all new objects on old maps is dynamic (lopezloo)
0009286: [CEF] CEF animations are totally lacking performance for some users (Jusonex)
0009417: [Client] 1.5.3-release-10470 unbind command broken (ccw)
0009424: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] setElementVisibleToServer OOP Syntax failed (qaisjp)
0009419: [Client] Spawn selection menu on SAES server not working (Jusonex)
0009418: [Client] v1.5.3-release-10476 setElementFrozen directly after resource start not working (lopezloo)
0009394: [CEF] toggleBrowserDevTools crashes the client (Jusonex)
0009389: [Client] MTA updates position very slowly for attached elements to element (ccw)
0008962: [CEF] Destroying browser onClientGUIClick result instant crash (Jusonex)
0009376: [GUI] Deleted tabpanel tab crashes MTA if you change the selected tab (Necktrox)
0009294: [CEF] HTML <select> is not working properly in CEF browser (Jusonex)
0006021: [Scripting] should "outputDebugString" automatically "tostring" values that ain't a string? (Jusonex)
0009380: [Scripting] [Request] Transfer browser as source in getBrowserSource (Jusonex)
0009377: [CEF] Unable to navigate to accepted URL from event onClientBrowserNavigate (Jusonex)
0009199: [Client] setElementFrozen within onClientObjectBreak crashes all streamed in players (lopezloo)
0009316: [CEF] CEF title crashed MTA (Jusonex)
0009349: [CEF] MTA CEF Javascript Problem (Jusonex)
0009264: [CEF] CEF should not block mouse buttons when focused (Jusonex)
0009270: [CEF] Implement resizeBrowser (Jusonex)
0008995: [Scripting] Deprecate showPlayerHudComponent (qaisjp)
0009333: [Server] Redirecting a player to the same server causes wrong notification on quit event (qaisjp)
0009318: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Can't use input method(ime) (ccw)
0009277: [CEF] CEF not working on latest MTA 1.5.2 (Jusonex)
0009292: [Scripting] setObjectScale for seperate axis does not save (Talidan)
0009174: [CEF] [Request] Functions for CEF forward/backward navigation and reloading the page (mabako)
0009269: [Server] Some players get "join flood" error for no reason while others don't (ccw)
0009163: [Client] setElementModel crash (ccw)
0008819: [Client] Projectile setElementModel crash (ccw)
0009233: [CEF] Muting CEF browser doesn't work (Jusonex)
0009242: [Maps] Lots of models with lods paired to them in one location causes alot of issues in general. (ccw)
0009218: [Scripting] low LOD streaming causes objects to disappear (ccw)
0009155: [Scripting] Object 6458 no longer exists (qaisjp)
0009180: [CEF] setBrowserAjaxHandler breaks JSON decoding by attaching a bogus '\0' byte (mabako)
0009179: [Server] Server crashed after random time (ccw)
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Release date: 24. January 2016
Goal: Improve 1.5 release.

0008714: [Synchronization] Vehicle door/component desync on vehicle stream-in/out (sbx320)
0005807: [Client] onClientVehicleStartEnter [Cancel Event] (Talidan)
0009243: [Server] onElementStopSync doesn't triggered when player disconnects. (Talidan)
0009007: [GUI] Formatting bug when adding rows to a sorted gridlist (Talidan)
0009192: [Client] createProjectile with train models causes client crash (lopezloo)
0009413: [Security] Duplicated serial numbers (ccw)
0009321: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] MTA prompts to install a nightly version even with default build type (ccw)
0009085: [Client] Clone failed @ 'dxCreateShader' (ccw)
0009219: [CEF] CEF Browser flickers (Jusonex)
0009140: [Client] Wrong behavior of fileRead function if bytes request exceed 10000 (ccw)
0009106: [Scripting] Supplying negative value to fileRead will stop execution of script without displaying an error (Jusonex)
0008445: [Server] [Request] fetchRemote https:// support
0009111: [Scripting] Everything in a string to the right of a colon will be cut off in error and assert. (Jusonex)
0009081: [GUI] Invalid image path cause crash when attaching it to image with disabled propagation. (Jusonex)
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Release date: 05. November 2015
Goal: Improve 1.5 release.

0008157: [Scripting] [Request] fileGetPath (sbx320)
0008654: [Scripting] [Request] Function setCameraFOV (qaisjp)
0009038: [Synchronization] bugged shotgun with bullet sync (ccw)
0008675: [Server] Uptime issues (more than 49 days) (ccw)
0008053: [Client] Team members are not fully synced clientside when joined (ccw)
0009048: [Scripting] [OOP] Resource.getFromName does not exist client-side (Jusonex)
0009042: [GUI] Dragging and selecting text is not possible in browser (Jusonex)
0009013: [General] Add HTTP content type to CNetHTTPDownloadManager::QueueFile (ccw)
0008906: [CEF] Can't load video in CEF local mode. (Jusonex)
0008965: [Server] Server FPS / Players not showing in MTA Console (Jusonex)
0008989: [CEF] File libcef.dll wasn't found (Jusonex)
0007359: [Server] createMarker triggers onMarkerHit (sbx320)
0008350: [Scripting] Object moved with moveObject can move frozen player (sbx320)
0008970: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Loading spinner overlaying itself (ccw)
0008967: [Server] 1.5 server uses a lot of memory after days (sbx320)
0008983: [Client] 'disconnect' won't destroy the 'Connecting to...' or 'Entering the game ... window. (qaisjp)
0008975: [Server] Special detection(s) not working properly (ccw)
0008971: [Server] Let setAccountPassword take hashed forms (qaisjp)
0008972: [GUI] "Disconnect required" appears always after setting browser settings (Jusonex)
0008949: [Client] Hunter sometimes explodes on own projectile. (Jusonex)
0008940: [Server] Debug spam: Already an account using a case variation of that name ('x') (ccw)
0008146: [Server] Server crashes randomly after a longer runtime (ccw)
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Release date: 15. July 2015
Goal: Introduction of Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) elements

0008960: [Scripting] Doing maths with getTickCount can return float values (ccw)
0006262: [Server] fileRead(file, 0) should return empty string (sbx320)
0008379: [Scripting] Client-side File:read(0) doesn't return a warning while Server-side File:read(0) does (sbx320)
0009000: [General] Move CLuaFunctionDefinitions to CLuaPlayerDefs (etc) (qaisjp)
0000182: [General] Vehicle sirens/lights not flashing when on ground (qaisjp)
0004425: [GUI / Menus / Console] Chatbox: nick autocompletion (qaisjp)
0008848: [Scripting] [Request] Add toJSON compact mode (qaisjp)
0008744: [Server] Player socket / slot override bugs, 0-pinged players (1.4.1) (ccw)
0008620: [Server] [Request] Add ''reload'' to default startup (mtaserver.conf) (qaisjp)
0008145: [Client] Controls don't reappear in Settings ==> Binds, if bindKey isn't used (ccw)
0008747: [Client] MTA forgets user made resources related binds (ccw)
0008945: [Server] [1.5] Windows server uses triple Logic thread CPU (ccw)
0008589: [Scripting] outputChatBox returns with space if using color codes (sbx320)
0008853: [Scripting] toJSON passes wrong floats (ccw)
0007031: [Server] SQLite supports only latin characters in path (ccw)
0008745: [Server] getResourceConfig crash the server. (sbx320)
0008800: [Synchronization] Vehicle components desync when different types (sbx320)
0008629: [Client] Destroying vehicle when exiting it causes issues (ccw)
0006845: [Client] getPedOccupiedVehicleSeat should be available client-side too (qaisjp)
0008941: [Client] setCursorPosition does not work (Jusonex)
0008925: [Installer] Ingame updater won't update from 1.5-7329 to 7341 (ccw)
0008918: [Scripting] [Request] setCameraShakeLevel or setPlayerDrunkLevel (Jusonex)
0008919: [Client] [1.5] MTA crashes on start 1.5 r7338 (Jusonex)
0008899: [CEF] [1.5] loadBrowserURL wiki example causes crash (Jusonex)
0006048: [Client] Ped weapon isn't synced on join (Jusonex)
0007755: [Maps] Pickups created in map files ignore interior argument (sbx320)
0008878: [Client] [1.5] Client-side getElementID returns garbage (sbx320)
0008896: [Scripting] [Request] Add the flag "u" in regular expressions (ccw)
0008894: [CEF] [Request] Some functions or a function to get the settings of Web Browser in settings tab. (Jusonex)
0008814: [Client] [Request] Throttle playSound (ccw)
0008781: [Client] [Request] on[Client]PlayerNetworkStatus (ccw)
0008879: [Client] Broken compatibility with external mods(?) on latest 1.5 (ccw)
0008858: [Scripting] [Request] Ability to run a script before other scripts start (ccw)
0008851: [Client] FOV Reset if client restarts (ccw)
0005822: [Client] [Request] Light creation (ccw)
0005822: [Client] [Request] Light creation (ccw)
0008881: [Client] Game Crash by Object "traincross1". (Jusonex)
0008835: [Server] OOP: takeAllWeapons, takeWeapon aren't implemented for Ped class (Jusonex)
0008318: [Server] [REQUEST] load x64 modules from different path than 32bit (ccw)
0008847: [Scripting] getAccountData cause memory leak. (Jusonex)
0006910: [Client] Request video support [CEF] (Jusonex)
0008829: [Scripting] removeBan(?) crashes the server (ccw)
0008826: [Client] showChat(false) while typing will block the console away (ccw)
0008822: [Client] [Request] Remove "voiceptt: This server does not have voice enabled" for players (ccw)
0008793: [Server] removeElementData does not trigger the events: "onElementDataChange" and "onClientElementDataChange" (ccw)
0008803: [Client] [Request] Remove BASS Error message for players (ccw)
0008817: [Scripting] Possibility to write in disabled Edit Field (Jusonex)
0008516: [Client] Lua function errors give no resource or file when compiled (ccw)
0008767: [Client] setCameraTarget(x,y,z) has incorrect calculation. (Jusonex)
0008757: [Server] [Request] setBanNick to identify the player, if the ban has no name (Ca11um)
0008771: [Synchronization] getElementSyncer issue (ccw)
0008766: [Scripting] Player's parent element can't be resetted ? ? (Necktrox)
0008722: [General] startResource in onResourcePreStart allows you to start the same resource multiple times (ccw)
0008733: [Weapons] Custom weapons deal two times the expected damage (sbx320)
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Release date: 31. January 2015
Goal: Improve 1.4 release.

0007246: [Client] setCursorPosition doesn't work properly (sbx320)
0008815: [Synchronization] Bad position and vehicle hp when warping to players in vehicles (sbx320)
0008752: [Scripting] [OOP] Method for xmlUnloadFile should be xmlnode:unload() (qaisjp)
0008706: [Scripting] Element data desync (ccw)
0005607: [Client] F11 map doesn't work with SetRadarAreaFlashing (qaisjp)
0008671: [Translations / L10n] Croatian: Missing Main Menu Translation (Talidan)
0003973: [Client] Peds destroyed in water leave water circles (arranTuna)
0008709: [Scripting] [Request] SetCameraMatrix should accept a matrix (qaisjp)
0008600: [GUI] Using gsub on certain chars causes a graphical glich (sbx320)
0008606: [Scripting] Add support for unicode gsub, gmatch, find, match and reverse (sbx320)
0008700: [Scripting] [OOP] Typo in method and function name (qaisjp)
0008684: [General] getRealTime() with timestamp argument passing wrong date (ccw)
0008660: [Scripting] Ped matrices are not affected by rotation if the element is a ped or vehicle (qaisjp)
0006701: [Client] [Request] client-side forcePlayerMap (qaisjp)
0008538: [Scripting] [Request] A way to retrieve the Element that thrown satchels are attached to (sbx320)
0008020: [Vehicles] getVehicleComponentPosition does not function correctly for some components (ccw)
0008687: [Scripting] [OOP] Connection class dbQuery arguments. (qaisjp)
0008686: [Scripting] setWeaponFlags(weapon, "flags") always returns false, but getWeaponFlags(weapon, "flags") works correctly (sbx320)
0008547: [Client] Towtruck Crashes (sbx320)
0008682: [Server] Server crashes when destroying vehicle in onVehicleRespawn (sbx320)
0008605: [Client] setObjectBreakable causes infinite streaming range for some objects (sbx320)
0008566: [Scripting] [Request] A way to adjust the draw distance of effects made by fxAdd...() or createEffect() (ccw)
0008643: [Client] getVehicleController fails for trains (qaisjp)
0007676: [Server] getPedWalkingStyle doesn't work (qaisjp)
0008419: [Client] Spawning player can make the ground collisionless (ccw)
0007970: [Client] Peds with weapons malfunction due to weird totalAmmo and ammoInClip values (Cazomino05)
0005715: [Client] [Request] giveWeapon for clientside peds (Cazomino05)
0005285: [Client] Unwanted behavior of some burglary houses (Jusonex)
0007006: [Client] [Request] guiGridListGetGetColumnWidth (Jusonex)
0008622: [Client] dxDrawRectangle draws with different width size (ccw)
0007754: [Scripting] SHA in MTA (ccw)
0008624: [Server] Module Function Crash (Jusonex)
0008386: [Scripting] Pickup Spawning Bug (Jusonex)
0008618: [Client] dxDrawMaterialLine3D: Add an argument for drawDistance (ccw)
0008612: [Vehicles] [!!!Steam Update Crash!!!] Crash while switching radio stations (Cazomino05)
0008592: [Vehicles] Certain color codes show as black, but are valid RGB values (ccw)
0008574: [Scripting] destroying vehicle upon onVehicleStartExit makes any vehicle un-enterable (Cazomino05)
0008577: [Vehicles] setVehicleColor returns a black vehicle (ccw)
0008567: [Server] setElementHealth does not always work for peds (ccw)
0008549: [Scripting] unbindKey doesn't work with lowercase letters (Jusonex)
0008500: [Server] getPerformanceStats("Lib memory") try to load 32bit libs on linux x64 server (sbx320)
0008531: [Scripting] Huge tables being sent trough events get corrupted (Jusonex)
0008529: [Scripting] OOP: TextDisplay error (Jusonex)
0008368: [Scripting] [OOP] Missing function: isOOPEnabled (Jusonex)
0008211: [Client] getPedStat desync for freshly joined players (Jusonex)
0008514: [Scripting] [Request] Define "len" metamethod for Vector3 to get the length of the vector (Jusonex)
0008513: [Scripting] Vector metamethod requires specific argument order (sbx320)
0007860: [Client] Jetpack sound remains when it's removed in certain conditions (sbx320)
0008510: [Client] Crash caused by calling downloadFile within onClientResourceStop (Jusonex)
0008508: [Scripting] OOP: typo error in Vehicle:setPaintjob (Jusonex)
0008504: [Client] camera clip is not reseted when connecting to server (sbx320)
0008430: [Server] If you're banned, estimated time is calculated wrong (sbx320)
0008400: [Scripting] Bug with setElementHealth in onClientPlayerDamage when hurt by a ped (sbx320)
0008495: [Client] OOP: isDead is missing (sbx320)
0008461: [Client] setPedAnimationProgress() always sets animation progress to 0. (Jusonex)
0008493: [General] JSON tables not reading longer numbers correctly (sbx320)
0008484: [Vehicles] Rumpo > Front bumper rotation bugged after fixVehicle() (ccw)
0008466: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] New XML file doesn't replace correctly after messing up (ccw)
0008474: [Scripting] Crash when trying to get the key of a control bound to a function clientside (sbx320)
0008462: [Client] Commands causes players to crash (sbx320)
0008424: [Scripting] Clientside fromJSON is broken for 1.4 (Cazomino05)
0008434: [Scripting] OOP: ped:setWalkingStyle is missing
0008420: [Scripting] Cannot add CDATA tags using xmlNodeSetValue(node), node:setValue() or node.value (Jusonex)
0008421: [Server] Not showing in scoreboard after setPlayerTeam (ccw)
0008122: [Client] Projectiles do not hit the target correctly / bounce off their target (Cazomino05)
0008391: [Client] Satchel wrong positioning, introduced in latest proj commits (Cazomino05)
0008411: [Server] 1.4r6733 server crashes (ccw)
0008404: [Server] Server crashed then kept crashing on restart (ccw)
0008403: [Vehicles] Vehicle drifting (sbx320)
0008401: [Client] Nitro functions cause crash in client side. (sbx320)
0008089: [Server] getPedFightingStyle returns boolean (ccw)
0008175: [Server] LUA bad header in precompiled chunk (64-bit) (ccw)
0008392: [Scripting] utfLen not working anymore (sbx320)
73 issues View Issues

Release date: 30. July 2014
Goal: Localization & OOP

0008719: [Scripting] setVehicleComponentRotation in (ccw)
0008215: [General] base64Decode cannot handle binary data (sbx320)
0005645: [Server] [Request] Add getElementMatrix serverside (qaisjp)
0008617: [Client] When being hit by a car and then teleporting into a new car, you continue to die (Cazomino05)
0003022: [Scripting] Scripting functions for creating bullets/shots (Cazomino05)
0008407: [Vehicles] Vehicle gets frozen when setting its model while in it (ccw)
0008254: [Client] Elements lose velocity when streamed-in players fire their weapons (Cazomino05)
0008303: [GUI] Some GUI problems (ccw)
0008385: No UTF-8 symbols on some Windows dialogs at start (ccw)
0008064: [Client] Filepath isn't shown in the debug for the client files with no cache (ccw)
0008343: [GUI] visual GUI bug (launcher) (Jusonex)
0008332: [Client] Entering a taxi causes visible change in money counter (Jusonex)
0008376: [Vehicles] Can't enter attached Brown Streak Carriages (Jusonex)
0008219: [General] toJSON/fromJSON doesn't handle binary data properly (sbx320)
0008363: [Client] 1.4-release-6686 attachTrailerToVehicle client side with trains can freeze client (Cazomino05)
0008366: [Client] Remington with suspensionLowerLimit of 0 breaks the game (Cazomino05)
0008358: [Weapons] When attaching weapon and setting weaponTarget to nil, unexpected behaviour occurs. (ccw)
0008294: [Server] Linux 1.4 server crash (ccw)
0008360: [Scripting] OOP functions don't work with GuiStaticImage elements
0008141: [Client] Hungarian MTA 1.4 client design, layouts bug (ccw)
0008156: [GUI] GUI fail in Interface in german (ccw)
0008352: [Synchronization] Explosions can desync unoccupied vehicles (ccw)
0008317: [General] setElementParent breakes setElementDimension / setElementInterior (ccw)
0008349: [Client] playSound3D doesn't work while spectating other player (ccw)
0008311: [Vehicles] [1.4] custom vehicle sirens not working correctly (Cazomino05)
0008344: [Server] getVehicleOfTypes returns all vehicles (Jusonex)
0008301: [Scripting] Enable Opus encoded audio files playback in playSound and playSound3D functions (Cazomino05)
0008331: [Map Editor] Mapping in train tunnels not showing (ccw)
0008310: [Server] getPedOccupiedVehicle sometimes returns invalid element (sbx320)
0008306: [Client] [1.4] Created effects cannot be destroyed or attached. (sbx320)
0008333: [Scripting] Issues with createProjectile (Cazomino05)
0008199: [Client] Korean unicode requires two space presses. (Talidan)
0007620: [Client] Hydra keeps loosing velocity in the air (Cazomino05)
0008325: [Client] createProjectile rockets always facing north (Cazomino05)
0008314: [Client] MTA crashing with smoke grenades (Cazomino05)
0007809: [General] [p] Vehicles fall through the map and lose their syncer (Cazomino05)
       0005233: [Client] Vehicle Falling off the map issue (Cazomino05)
       0004175: [Client] Vehicles are randomly "moved"/respawned (Cazomino05)
       0006492: [Client] Vehicles fall through the water without drowning and teleport to the nearest part of San Andreas (Cazomino05)
0008287: [GUI] setElementCallPropagation doesn't work with GUI elements' alpha (Jusonex)
0008284: [Scripting] [1.4] OOP - Vehicle (Cazomino05)
0008252: [Server] getAccountPlayer can sometimes return an invalid element (sbx320)
0008283: [Server] [1.4] addVehicleUpgrade doesn't accept strings any more (sbx320)
0008279: [Server] [1.4] Crashes and ERROR: CPerPlayerEntity problem: m_Players (Cazomino05)
0008277: [Server] [1.4] Server createMarker requires marker type (Jusonex)
0008138: [Installer] Windows 64 bit Installer works but won't close (ccw)
0008148: [Synchronization] Desync when calling spawnPlayer from an event handler remotely triggered from within onClientPlayerWasted (Cazomino05)
0007036: [Client] Create explosion passes through servers (Jusonex)
0007536: [Client] Binding mouse_wheel_up/down to Sprint makes you run extremely fast (ccw)
0007551: [Client] Lua maths with larger numbers (ccw)
0007598: [Client] Unable to uninstall MTA:SA 1.4 (L10n) (Talidan)
0007731: [Scripting] [Request] sourceResource parameter for onElementDataChange (ccw)
0007854: [Server] Latest nightly (mtasa-1.3.4-rc-5870-20131009) broke the server application (ccw)
0007882: [Client] Throwing grenade cause crash. (ccw)
0007883: [Client] Depth buffer access (while antialiasing on) messes up screen output. (ccw)
0007888: [Client] Crash on r5905 (latest) (ccw)
0007897: [Server] [Request] Responsible resource parameter in onElementDestroy (ccw)
0007932: [Client] dxCreateFont doesn't close the file after creating font (ccw)
0007944: [Server] Server can crash when calling setControlState with a ped (sbx320)
0007954: [Client] Ped attached objects slide when ped walks on slopes. (ccw)
0007959: [Client] Cyrillic letters turn symbols in the latest update (ccw)
0007980: [Client] MTA doesn't close COL files after replacing collisions (sbx320)
0008006: [Client] [Request] Make an mtasa:// protocol typo handler (sbx320)
0008022: [Scripting] getPlayerACInfo always fails to return MD5 and size (ccw)
0008044: [Server] ElementFrozen for Players is desynced after spawnPlayer (sbx320)
0008268: [Client] [1.4] "Beats" radio in playSFX crash game (Cazomino05)
0008267: [Client] setSoundPan doesn't support player elements (Jusonex)
0008266: [General] Allow setElementAlpha for Markers (Jusonex)
0008264: [Server] when setWeaponAmmo is given wrong/nil arguments, the server crashes. (Jusonex)
0008212: [Client] [1.3.5-6357] Time out when joining any server (ccw)
0008206: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Serial is different on my server compared to my game itself (ccw)
0008194: [Scripting] setJetpackWeaponEnabled dont have effect for some weapons (ccw)
0007068: [Server] setPedAnimationProgress crashes clients when performed on unstreamed peds
0007894: [Scripting] getElementSyncer with players and occupied vehicles (Cazomino05)
0008130: [Client] Top-positioned taskbar not being drawn over (ccw)
0008241: [Client] [REQUEST] Functions simillar to PlaySFX, PlaySFX3D to play GTA SA radio files (sbx320)
0006868: [Client] engineReplaceModel not works with some models (sbx320)
0008232: [Scripting] [Request] isChatVisible (Jusonex)
0008185: [Scripting] [Request] Function to get player's localisation setting (Talidan)
0008174: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] [request] nil/false in Lua to NULL in SQL (ccw)
0008203: [Server] [REQUST] fallback/backup httpdownloadurl (ccw)
0008204: [Server] pregMatch could freeze the server (ccw)
0008111: [Server] [REQUEST] Ability to modify/edit bans (ccw)
0006784: [Client] The money "counts down" GTA-Style when you change a server (sbx320)
0004732: [Server] getResourceConfig() doesn't work on foreign resources (sbx320)
0008167: [Server] [Request] Ability to turn off MTA's internal exception handler (ccw)
0008125: [Client] Settings are overlapped in "Video" tab (sbx320)
0008144: [Server] 'HTTP server file mismatch' errors when trying to play on a server that uses 64-bit Linux server build (sbx320)
0008142: [Scripting] [request] getAccountsUsingSerial (Jusonex)
0008098: [Server] Server debug script spam about getResourceRootElement (sbx320)
0007585: [Client] createParticle() function (sbx320)
0005902: [Scripting] Not all FX are supported by MTA (sbx320)
0007837: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] "unknown" name for scripts without cache saving (ccw)
0007873: [Resources] [1.4] Setting oop to false in meta.xml does not work when server is restarted. (lil_Toady)
0007806: [Scripting] isPedOnFire doesn't Works correctly (sbx320)
0007757: [Server] setAccountData clips the digits after the decimal point (Jusonex)
0007714: [Server] crash & issue with addBan in 1.4 (sbx320)
0007642: [Server] getModelHandling(incorrect model id) crashes the server (ccw)
0007597: [Server] setJetpackWeaponEnabled() do not work to disable jetpack weapons (Jusonex)
0007427: [Server] onPlayerQuit not called on shutdown (was:Priority for onResourceStop does not work) (ccw)
0007635: [Server] Server side vehicle engine state incorrect when driver warped in (sbx320)
0007615: [Server] onPedWasted not triggered, when ped died because the vehicle he was in, exploded. (sbx320)
0007608: [Server] setVehicleLandingGearDown - doesnt always work (sbx320)
0007605: [Client] [Request] Add onClientKey support for "PRTSC" key. (ccw)
0006861: [Client] Teams members aren't sent to clients if set in onResourceStart (lil_Toady)
0007057: [Server] Request bitwise operations (Jusonex)
0007572: [Client] [Request] Client-side setFPSLimit (ccw)
0007568: [Client] Vertexshader fails on some objects. (ccw)
0007512: [Client] Entering to bus as 9th ped causes network trouble (sbx320)
0004731: [Server] onColShapeHit isn't triggered for towed vehicles server side (sbx320)
110 issues View Issues

Release date: 24. February 2014
Goal: Improve 1.3 release.

0007905: [Client] setPedStat sometimes not synced to client (sbx320)
0007142: [Scripting] Provide simple encryption functions? (ryden)
0007956: [Vehicles] Several vehicle colours result into black ones (ccw)
0007702: [Client] exports: Call to non-running client resource (name) [string "?"] (ccw)
0007807: [Client] Custom binds will not save when MTA isnt restarted properly (ccw)
0007908: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Cannot enter any vehicle after trying to enter a vehicle in water (ccw)
0008034: [Installer] gta_sa.exe not generating correctly (ccw)
0005493: [Server] [Request] Attacker parameter for onVehicleDamage (ccw)
0007991: [Client] isElementInWater returns always false with peds (ccw)
0004594: [Client] onPedWasted / onClientPedWasted always returns 63 (blown) as weapon (sbx320)
0005218: [Server] onVehicleDamage() isnt triggered when shooting the wheels (ccw)
0007303: [Server] Ability to cancel vehicle damage event. (ccw)
0008017: [Client] Crash on changing GUI skin. (ccw)
0006938: [Server] Furniture doesn't remove from house robbery interiors (Jusonex)
0008010: [Server] [bullet sync] Sniper will turn off when an player try to connect with version below the minimum. (ccw)
0007964: [Client] getVehicleComponentPosition seems to return wrong positions on some vehicles (ccw)
0005970: [Scripting] [Request] onClientVehicleDamage (server counterpart exists) (ccw)
0007953: [Scripting] [Request] Add rotation parameter for dxDrawText (ccw)
0007965: [Client] Cannot bind num_enter key (Jusonex)
0007632: [Server] [Request] Bullet sync for sniper rifle and minigun (ccw)
0007962: [Client] Vehicle wheel states are not synced properly (ccw)
0007389: [Server] Problem with network floaters (ccw)
0007413: [Client] Damage proof boats still take collision damage (Jusonex)
0007614: [Server] rifle has not damage without aim (ccw)
0007740: [Client] [Sync] Sometimes moving when aiming isn't synced (sbx320)
0005854: [General] Client runs with reduced mathematical precision compared to the server. (ccw)
0007919: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Player cannot walk sideways while aiming with latency_reduction enabled (ccw)
0007892: [Server] Windows server high CPU usage (ccw)
0007859: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Getting wrong CJ clothes when spawning (ccw)
0007901: [Scripting] Request: a way to debug/monitor/list received events (ccw)
0005546: [Client] Vehicle and ped Z position is sometimes out of sync (ccw)
0007799: [Server] Server screenlog format (ccw)
0007829: [Server] killPlayer crashes server (ccw)
0007832: [Server] Double dbPoll freeze (ccw)
0007838: [Server] Server crashes very often with 1.3.4-5838 (ccw)
35 issues View Issues

Release date: 07. September 2013
Goal: Improve 1.3 release.

0006930: [Server] Client disconnects but player element remains indefinitely (ccw)
0007696: [Client] PCs restarted after joining MTA:DayZ server (ccw)
0007801: [Client] warpPedIntoVehicle can cause totally desync if another Player starts to enter the vehicle (Cazomino05)
0005618: [Server] Heli Rotors are not in ghostmode in race (Cazomino05)
0007803: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Spoilers (Cazomino05)
0007780: [GUI] Console(F8) input focus begin lost when guiBringToFront or 'AlwaysOnTop' property used. (ccw)
0007794: [Client] Bad debug from encrypted client scripts (ccw)
0007787: [Map Editor] Map Editor crashes after pressing "Stop Testing" (ccw)
0007784: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Crash when streaming in tec-9 with a replaced weapon model. (ccw)
0007372: [Client] Applying weapon mods may remove your weapon (ccw)
0007762: [Server] Projectile-type weapons messing up ammo count (ccw)
0007765: [Client] guiCreateFont fails each second time resource is started (ccw)
0007672: [Client] Mouse input delayed (ccw)
0007721: [Client] cancelEvent() onClientKey escape key bug (ccw)
0007705: [Server] Server crash when restarting resources (ccw)
0007699: [Client] Crash at certain position and interior (ccw)
0007682: [Client] MTA 1.3.3: 'Modified GTA3.img, SD #20' connect bug (ccw)
0007685: [Server] getVehiclePlateText can crash if return longer than 8 chars (ccw)
0007659: [Client] 1.3.3 r5541 has a bug on high screen resolutions (Jusonex)
19 issues View Issues

Release date: 02. July 2013
Goal: Improve 1.3 release.

0003117: [Scripting] Custom vehicle plate text is only set on one of both plates and is reset on damage (ccw)
0007658: [Client] 1.3.3 nightly disconnects from servers and times out randomly (ccw)
0004647: [Client] Stability errors (random texture swapping/assertions) after alt+tab (ccw)
0007639: [Client] Crash in ReApplyMoveAnims (ccw)
0007644: [Client] setElementPosition for players vehicle causes freeze for few seconds (ccw)
0007396: [Resources] Voice icon doesn't disappear for other players after the speaking have been stopped (ccw)
0007623: [Server] getPedTotalAmmo sometimes returns 0 while player is aiming (Slot 8) (sbx320)
0007400: [GUI] HUD elements do not scale correctly for widescreen (Jusonex)
0006495: [Server] onPlayerDamage has wrong parameters if source on vehicle (sbx320)
0007627: [Server] "Client triggered serverside event" debug error could show client (ccw)
0003166: [Scripting] setVehiclePlateText function missing (ccw)
0007609: [Server] getVehicleSirens on a sandking (495) crashes the server immediately (ccw)
12 issues View Issues

Release date: 05. May 2013
Goal: Improve 1.3 release.

0007335: [Client] Chinese characters in chat stalls the game (ccw)
0005350: [Scripting] [Request] Editable Ped Oxygen Level (Jusonex)
0004910: [Client] Radar areas are deforming based on the current camera angle (sbx320)
0007233: [Server] Markers created by .map-files have wrong colshapes (sbx320)
0005888: [Scripting] radararea not functioning when using negative numbers for dimensions (sbx320)
0006239: [Scripting] getPedTotalAmmo does not return the correct values (Jusonex)
0007329: [Client] In some places, at some camera angles, textures dissapear or flicker (ccw)
0006583: [Client] Double-clicking on another server from server browser list while connecting to a server makes the game exit to desktop (ccw)
0006813: [Client] Bikes and boats gone wild (Cazomino05)
0007584: [Client] freeze deagle and shot (Shot hit animation sometimes doesn't work) (ccw)
0007423: [Client] very slow streaming of Elements (ccw)
0007570: [Client] warpPedIntoVehicle after cancelEvent() of onVehicleStartEnter causes network trouble (Jusonex)
0007131: [Client] [REQUEST] client-side fetchRemote (ccw)
0005950: [General] Turn off sounds when MTASA is minimized (ccw)
0007436: [Client] Mouse sensitivity problem (ccw)
0007471: [Client] Not recorded video in MTA:SA 1.3.1 via Mirillis Action! (ccw)
0007586: [Client] Replaced textures are loading incorrectly (ccw)
0007588: [Client] Mass crashes in very near area (ccw)
0007592: [Client] getVehicleUpgradeSlotName has broken (Jusonex)
0007593: [Client] MTA freezes if you loose internet connection while connecting to a server (ccw)
0007595: [Client] Admin panel customization window broken since 1.3.2 (Jusonex)
0007600: [Client] createVehicle no longer works in version 1.3.2 (ccw)
0007606: [Client] dxSetRenderTarget messes up all colors (ccw)
0006041: [Server] callRemote should return more informational error codes (ccw)
0007487: [Client] "getVehicleComponentPosition" returns only "0, 0, 0" for each component (Cazomino05)
0007579: [Client] Client crash after login and spawn on MTA:DayZ (ccw)
0007355: [Client] Shaders aren't applicable to skin model 0 (ccw)
0005839: [Synchronization] cj fat/muscle stats not resetting (ccw)
0007544: [Client] ignoredElement in processLineOfSight broken (ccw)
0007547: [Client] guiGetSelectedTab crashes after removing a tab (Jusonex)
0005090: [Client] GUI scrollpanes and scrollbars don't trigger onClientMouseEnter/Leave (Talidan)
0005680: [Server] Trigger onClientGuiClick also for comboboxes (Talidan)
0005870: [Scripting] onClientGUIMouseDown and onClientGUIMouseUp do not work for scrollbars (Talidan)
0006470: [Client] onClientGUIClick and onClientGUIDoubleClick not work with comboBoxes (Talidan)
0006496: [Client] Combobox isn't supported by onClientMouseEnter - onClientMouseLeave (Talidan)
0006969: [Client] GUI Clicking events won't get triggered when clicking at a GUI Scrollpane field. (Talidan)
0007060: [Server] Server crash 4061 (ccw)
0006253: [Server] Projectile weapon ammo (slot 8) is not synchronized correctly (Jusonex)
0007528: [Server] outputChatBox to a invalid player goes to ALL players (ccw)
0007529: [Server] 16 server crashes (ccw)
0007521: [Client] Crash after finishing download while MTA is minimized
0005456: [Synchronization] Synchronise ped traffic lights (x0rh4x)
0007507: [Client] make setObjectScale except 1 scale value for each axis (x0rh4x)
0007459: [Client] onClientPlayerWeaponFire hitElement issue (ccw)
0006846: [Client] getVehicleType with trailers returns empty string client-side (Jusonex)
0007500: [Server] setAccountData / getAccountData (sbx320)
0007501: [Client] Binds that were attached directly to controls are getting reset when loading default binds in settings (Jusonex)
0007484: [Client] Disable the aircraft max velocity limit of 2.25 (Kenix)
0007496: [Client] Some functions output wrong warnings (Jusonex)
0006685: [Server] request function getEventHandlers (Kenix)
0006216: [Server] Add "shared" script type in meta.xml (Kenix)
0007477: [Client] processLineOfSight doesn't return world object info without ignoredElement being set (ccw)
0007490: [Server] 1.3.1-4954 Server Crash (ccw)
0006478: [Client] Add an icon near the player that is speaking in voice chat (Talidan)
0006570: [Client] Voice chat OFF on client side (Talidan)
0007478: [Client] MTA r4806 and newer ones do not work under WINE (ccw)
0003788: [Scripting] Certain ID's passed to setPedWalkingStyle crash all connected clients (ccw)
0005065: [Client] Disabling controls doesn't disable analog sticks in gamepads (Cazomino05)
0005452: [Client] After updating using the in-game updater, temporary installation files are not automatically deleted (ccw)
0004893: [Client] [Request] Implement events and functions for the manipulation of breakable objects (Jusonex)
0005879: [Client] Ability to use gamepad's analog Z-axis to aim and fire a weapon (ccw)
0006418: [Client] onClientPlayerVoiceStop doesn't always work (Talidan)
0007203: [Client] Xbox 360 Controllers, maybe others - Proper Axis Support (ccw)
0007447: [Client] Moving flare needs to fixed (Cazomino05)
0007450: [Client] Main menu items 'Map Editor'/'Host Game' should ask if you want to disconnect from your current server (ccw)
0006831: [Server] protected option for protecting client side files stops files from loading. (ryden)
0005810: [Client] If photo made in windowed-mode with in-game camera, it makes screen print (ccw)
0007399: [Server] setRuleValue crash (ccw)
0006321: [Server] Account passwords should be salted (ccw)
0007442: [Client] Element is destroyed client sided when created and parent set in different resource than the parent (ccw)
0007250: [Client] Crouching does not work (ccw)
0007410: [Client] Custom dx-fonts do not work on Windows 8 (ccw)
0007415: [Server] removeWorldModel doesn't work since MTA 1.3.1 (Cazomino05)
0006475: [Server] Crash after 5 seconds of connecting to a server (ccw)
0007388: [Client] Crash when destroying the source of onClientColShapeHit event (ccw)
0007397: [Server] MTA's weapon function usage differs lately (ccw)
0007398: [Server] giveWeapon problems (ccw)
0007392: [Client] If you join a server of mine, you crash. (ccw)
0001237: [GUI / Menus / Console] Contents of client's console should be logged to a file (kevuwk)
0007383: [Server] Impossible fixdb ( internal/registy )db (ccw)
0007376: [Client] Protocol error (8) when starting Map Editor (ccw)
0006112: [Client] Steam and MTA (ccw)
0007020: [Client] onClientPlayerWeaponFire returns incorrect hit positions (ccw)
0007361: [Client] setFogDistance is resetted on some positions (ccw)
0007368: [Server] Same serial can be banned more than one time. (ccw)
0007360: [Server] Not working properly "setElementParent" (ccw)
0007196: [Server] getElementChildren seems not to work on custom element types (ccw)
0007308: [Map Editor] Locked Time isn't set correctly (arranTuna)
0007363: [Client] Please make onClientChatMessage cancelable (ccw)
0006786: [Client] setFarClipDistance messes with water drawing (ccw)
0007349: [Client] Ped won't move forwards in the rotation set (ccw)
0007350: [Client] FarClipDistance is reseting each respawn (ccw)
0007348: [Client] Rotation offset is messed up when using 'clamp' as texture edge (ccw)
0006482: [Client] In race, Objects of the same model suddenly lose collision (ccw)
0006635: [Client] Bikes and RC Bandit sometimes randomly bounce off the ground once their wheels touch the surface (roads, water, ground, etc) (ccw)
0007328: [Client] Pickups don't load in interiors (ccw)
0007330: [Client] isPlayerHudShown (ccw)
0007342: [Server] Server crashes randomly and hangs upon close. (ccw)
0006508: [Scripting] ped rotation while in air goes opposite direction. (ccw)
0007283: [Server] setElementFrozen() kills player. (ccw)
0007337: [Client] Can't move left/right. (ccw)
0007333: [Server] last argument of server side restoreWorldModel (interior) is not optional, breaks backward compatibility (Cazomino05)
0007301: [Client] "onClientSoundBeat" don't work (ccw)
0007318: [Server] Adding one more info in "whowas" command (ccw)
0007306: [Client] setFarClipDistance() causes client crashes (ccw)
0007289: [Map Editor] 'team' types in definition (ccw)
0007290: [Server] (null) in debug messages (ccw)
107 issues View Issues

Release date: 03. September 2012
Goal: Improve 1.3 release.

0006155: [Client] Using 2D tables as image data (ccw)
0004228: [Client] warpPedIntoVehicle client-side
0006988: [Client] guiComboBoxGetItemText crash when the itemid is greater then the combobox row count (ccw)
0007479: [Client] Sometimes world buildings won't be removed (Jusonex)
0006984: [Client] getElementMatrix returns non-standard matrix (Cazomino05)
0005495: [Server] event handlers prioritization (ccw)
0005833: [Client] dxDrawText [New parameter] - colorCoded. (ccw)
0007244: [Client] Crash on ZHP server (ccw)
0006812: [Client] Engineless NRG-500 Variant (ccw)
0006531: [Client] Crash when taking a screenshot and minimizing then restoring (ccw)
0007281: [Server] Requesting: fileCopy (ccw)
0007248: [Server] Another server crash (ccw)
0007287: [Server] Can't start server in latest nightly (4587) (ccw)
0007073: [Client] onClientFileDownloadComplete get full absolute filenames (x86)
0007064: [Server] setPlayerNametagColor(player, false) (reset overridecolor) does not work, bad argument
0003455: [Scripting] Request: Manual control of color/visibility of "player targeted" icon above head (JoeBullet)
0007280: [Client] getSoundLength returns 0 for sound streams(not radio streams) (ccw)
0007276: [Server] Make setVehicleIdleRespawnDelay work for non-streamed in vehicles (ccw)
0007265: [Server] Connect problem when using a domain name that starts with a number (ccw)
0007209: [Client] Missing weapon recoil and reload animations when bulletsync is enabled (ccw)
0007001: [Server] setWeaponProperty and getWeaponIDFromName use different weapon names (ccw)
0007125: [Server] Teamsay + long name + long message = too long message (ccw)
0007230: [Server] 'update' command cause crash immediately (ccw)
0007235: [Client] Bullet Sync, won't synchronize bullets if player isn't targeting (ccw)
0007237: [Client] [REQUEST] warpPedIntoVehicle client-side (ccw)
0007245: [Client] Server crash when towing a clientside vehicle (ccw)
0007259: [Server] Floating vehicles when using SetVehicleIdleRespawnDelay (ccw)
0007236: [Server] [REQUEST] ability to disable mysql warnings (ccw)
0007108: [Client] Crash when disconnecting from server on 4215 (ccw)
0007194: [Client] processLineOfSight "light" value returns incorrectly (ccw)
0007160: [Client] Helicopter Blades are collisionless (missing collision). (ccw)
0007191: [Server] MYSQL - float and decimal returning as a string (ccw)
0007193: [Client] getPedMoveState returning incorrectly (ccw)
0004455: [Client] issues remain with custom model streaming/memory (ccw)
0007184: [Server] MYSQL - tinyint returning as a string (ccw)
0005637: [Server] Element data of the root element is not synced on join (ccw)
0007175: [Client] onClientVehicleCollision - it always returns the same velocity before the collision (ccw)
0004532: [Server] Server-side command binds don't appear to work (ccw)
0007133: [Client] Custom model LOD distance is not reset after quiting (ccw)
0007076: [Client] engineReplaceCOL only works inside streaming range. (ccw)
0003962: [Client] "Vehicle attachment bug" (ccw)
0005373: [Client] peds' bullets origin from wrong position (ccw)
0006058: [Server] Add functions to check anticheats and game files verification status. (ccw)
0006967: [Server] Function to disable GTA sounds
0007062: [Server] Reverse compatiblity for engineLoadDFF
0006630: [Server] Request: ability to change sync rates (ccw)
0007074: [Client] onClientWorldSound not canceled (ccw)
0006903: [Client] ServerBrowser wrong ordering by server name (ccw)
0007041: [Server] toJSON and next can both give errors without location and file line (ccw)
0007046: [Server] Server crash (ccw)
0007052: [Server] Server crashes 1.3.0-4047 and 4050 (ccw)
0006985: [Server] 1.3-3968 Server Crash (ccw)
0007030: [Server] Server crashing after 10 seconds (ccw)
0006941: [Client] guiComboBoxGetItemText crashes when using indexes >= combobox's items count (ccw)
0006957: [Map Editor] Map editor not saving locations of objects (ccw)
0007013: [Client] Client and all other clients in sight area crashes when leaving Cropduster (VID 512) near wall (ccw)
0006871: [Server] <map src="" dimension="0"></map> in meta crashes server (kevuwk)
0006949: [Client] Request: client-side pickup events (ccw)
0006939: [Server] Expired timers can lead to wrong references (ccw)
0006901: [Client] playSound3D wrong 3D effect (kevuwk)
0006919: [Client] Add option to skip Dual Monitor Resolution Select (ccw)
0006004: [Scripting] Implement getAllAccountData function (kevuwk)
0005474: [Client] getKeyState does not differentiate between right and left keys (alt, ctrl, shift) (kevuwk)
0006621: [Client] Using setPedAnimationProgress Incorrectly Yields A Crash + Other Problems (kevuwk)
0006795: [Server] Downloading resource files breaks often (ccw)
0006796: [Server] Download freeze MTA 1.3 (ccw)
0006744: [Server] Possibility to flag (required/optional) the files to download from the servers (kevuwk)
0004481: [Server] Add more download functionality (kevuwk)
0005358: [Scripting] Add a "downloadFile" (kevuwk)
0006874: [Client] Force 'shownetstat' gui to be in front of all guis. (ccw)
0006888: [Client] Client doesn't try saved password when redirected (ccw)
0006890: [Server] 1.3-3851 Server crash x2 (ccw)
0006447: [Server] giveWeapon triggers onPlayerWeaponSwitch with setAsCurrent=false (kevuwk)
0006767: [Client] setRainLevel doesn't reset on disconnect (kevuwk)
0006885: [Server] Range bans say that everyone is banned (kevuwk)
0006876: [Server] Map files are downloading very slow (ccw)
0005838: [Synchronization] Satchels should be removed on resetMapInfo (kevuwk)
0006150: [Server] Console can logout, but cannot log back in. (lil_Toady)
0005432: [Server] Destroying source of onElementStopSync crashes the server (lil_Toady)
0006826: [Server] Timeout on map change (ccw)
0006862: [Server] Incorrect information about load module. (kevuwk)
0004987: [Synchronization] isPedInWater ( ped ) doesnt set back to false if you warp into a vehicle from the water (kevuwk)
0006869: [Client] triggering events is unreliable with strings > 65535 bytes (ccw)
0003160: [General] Add a way to load and unload modules without restarting the server (kevuwk)
0006835: [Server] Server logic/lua/CLuaFunctionRef.cpp:72 assertion error (ccw)
0006834: [Server] "Player not found." console spam causes lag (ccw)
0006833: [Client] getZoneName citiesonly is not working correct (ccw)
0006793: [Server] setElementDimension dont work for element tree (kevuwk)
88 issues View Issues

Release date: 24. January 2012
Goal: Extend 1.2 and eliminate bugs and introduce features that did not make 1.2.

0007120: [Client] setVehicleTaxiLightOn has no effect (Cazomino05)
0007003: [Scripting] processlineofsight not returning world model ids. (Cazomino05)
0006225: [Client] [1.1 Beta] setControlState problems when controls are disabled (Cazomino05)
0004168: [Server] getSoundPitch/setSoundPitch (Cazomino05)
0007017: [Server] Changing vehicle model while having sirens turned on causes the new vehicle to have sirens also (Cazomino05)
0006799: [Client] Elements are randomly disappearing (ccw)
0006944: [Client] onClientPlayerHeliKilled isn't added (Cazomino05)
0005207: [Server] onVehicleDamage is triggered by fixVehicle with a positive value as loss parameter (Cazomino05)
0005051: [Scripting] Add optional "type" parameter to getElementChildren to get children of specified type (kevuwk)
0005937: [Client] Request for a screen shot event (ccw)
0006279: [Client] Binds tab in the settings has a height less than the available (ccw)
0006809: [Server] Passing invalid models to getOriginalHandling crashes the Server/Client (Cazomino05)
0002501: [General] stopping certain gamemodes causes laffy-taffy cj or textureless player bug (ccw)
0001327: [General] Laffy Taffy/Roadkill CJ Model (ccw)
0003252: [Synchronization] Heat seekers sync isn't accurate (Cazomino05)
       0004988: [Synchronization] createProjectile() velocity desync between clients (Cazomino05)
0005711: [Client] Request for a function: onClientVehicleCollision (Cazomino05)
0005824: [Scripting] [Request] Add function for unloading and reloading San Andreas map (Cazomino05)
0005891: [Scripting] Several vehicles will not work with vehicle events and functions (Cazomino05)
0006299: [Vehicles] [1.1] Always falling off bikes and motorbikes (Cazomino05)
0006789: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] error: kick trainer AC #4 O6IL.ncD2 (ccw)
0006405: [Client] Chinese/Japanese letters doesn't showing (ccw)
0006589: [Client] Map download breaks often on large transfers (ccw)
0006645: [Server] Some vehicles become indestructible when a certain door is open (ryden)
0006670: [Client] Objects scaled with setObjectScale aren't rendered when the unscaled bounding box goes off-screen (ryden)
0006700: [Client] Crash when doing nothing in server browser (ccw)
0006726: [Client] Server with more than 300 players or less disappears from server browser and favourites (ccw)
0006727: [Server] Random extra lines and strange numbers in console (ccw)
0006729: [Installer] Installer forces you to install core resources (ccw)
0006735: [Server] Localisation support is broken! tonumber("12.12") returns nil! (ccw)
0006751: [Client] Starting MTA for the first time in some scenarios will cause the client not to receive bikes (ccw)
0006754: [Server] Crash when turning threadnet off (ccw)
0006765: [Server] Add or fix MySQL stored procedures to built-in SQL functions (ccw)
0006778: [Client] Korean characters are broken only when it was typed in chatbox. (ccw)
0006780: [Client] Request: Online players count at bottom left corner on server browser (ryden)
0004295: [Client] Custom imported objects texture is white sometimes (ccw)
36 issues View Issues

Release date: 17. December 2011
Goal: Fix more obscure issues and implement features that have large applications but not high-priority demand.

0005236: [Maps] LOD system for custom models (ccw)
0006460: [Server] autologin allows login if the account is already in use (Cazomino05)
0005764: [Server] tonumber on floats returns nil (ccw)
0006001: [Synchronization] Inaccurate shooting sync (Cazomino05)
0006702: [Client] Crash on connect (ccw)
0006422: [Client] Incorrect width of GUI Tab title with Unicode symbols (while first creating) (ccw)
0006720: [Resources] Few errors and warnings of resources (arranTuna)
0006699: [Client] All vehicles in a mapfile have the same color and variant (ccw)
0006426: [Server] resetMapInfo sets the level of the predefined water bodies and pools to the sea level (Mr.Hankey)
0004361: [Scripting] Water elements destroyed through resetMapInfo do not reappear (ccw)
0005189: [Client] Water/clouds invisible through the vehicles windows (ccw)
0006561: [Client] Loading system fonts can sometimes fail (ccw)
0006708: [Client] Loading of CJ clothes causes client pauses (ccw)
0006698: [Resources] GPS causes errors when path or path2 used incorrectly (arranTuna)
0006694: [Client] Change dual-wielded weapon animations. (Cazomino05)
0004035: [General] Integrate MySQL into MTA server, and unify interface with SQlite (ccw)
0006597: [Server] Actually save data to registry.db and internal.db (ccw)
0005962: [Synchronization] Sawnoff shotgun glitch (Cazomino05)
0006163: [Synchronization] Fix lightweight sync (Cazomino05)
0006686: [Resources] It is impossible to get the Hotring racer with ID 502 by typing it's name, (Cazomino05)
0005982: [Synchronization] Add option to disable/enable very close range extreme damage (Cazomino05)
0006439: [Client] Created vehicle suddenly warps to far location (Cazomino05)
0005625: [Client] [Request] clientside functions toJSON, fromJSON (ccw)
0006567: [Server] function to rename resource (ccw)
0006568: [Server] copyResource() function does not function (ccw)
0005169: [Synchronization] Optimize puresync and keysync broadcasting (ccw)
0005484: [Server] function to delete resources (ccw)
0003162: [Scripting] setVehicleIdleRespawnDelay doesn't work (mekorea)
0006367: [Client] Unicode symbols dont show in "disconnected" window. (Talidan)
0005423: [Server] [Request] More debug for infinite running script (mekorea)
0006277: [Client] CEGUI Chat unicode bug (Talidan)
0005868: [Scripting] [Request] onChatMessage server-side (mekorea)
32 issues View Issues
0006655: [Client] Text problems (ccw)
0006657: [Server] Large race maps rocket the CPU usage (ccw)
0004503: [Synchronization] Glitch for shooting bullets remotely while reloading (Cazomino05)
0006669: [Server] Request: File and line number for db* warnings
0006673: [Client] Sometimes possible to shoot though walls (ccw)
0006665: [Client] Unfinished download size double when a race map is restarted (ccw)
0006644: [Client] New detailed F11 map (ccw)
0006124: [Server] Some console messages doesn't make a new line. (ccw)
0006629: [Server] dbQuery crashes the server if it encounters an empty (NULL) MySQL data field (ccw)
0006410: [Server] Segmentation fault with latest MTA 1.1 (ccw)
0006618: [Map Editor] Press F5, CJ spawns and nothing else happens (ccw)
0005884: [Server] REQUEST: Ability to create/open/delete custom SQLite DBs insteed of using general "registry.db" (ccw)
0006603: [Server] 1.1.1 Server Crash (ccw)
0006594: [Client] When connect to notfind server, mta dont check password and say "entering the game..." (ccw)
0006578: [Client] Colorful shapes flashing all over my screen. (enough to probably cause a siezure) (ccw)
0006411: [Client] MTA does not recognise UTF-8 without BOM (and luac can't compile UTF-8 files) (ccw)
0005875: [Scripting] Incorrect usage of guiCreateTab causes crash
0006549: [Client] Maximizing with roadshine 3 shader causes runtime error (ccw)
0006539: [Server] setResourceInfo won't update the file, if the attribute is already set (ccw)
0006532: [Client] Client sounds replaying when restreamed (ccw)
0006214: [Client] Menu labels issue (ccw)
21 issues View Issues

Release date: 19. September 2011
Goal: Interim bugfix release

0006175: [Server] Remove dependency on libpcre (impulze)
0005386: [Client] Long vehicles controlled by remote clients sometimes shake weirdly (ccw)
0004457: [General] Replace weapon models (Cazomino05)
0005770: [Client] [Request] Ped skins model replacement (Cazomino05)
0006465: [Server] getPedWeapon serverside messes up (Cazomino05)
0006504: [Server] getValidPedModels returns incomplete table (Cazomino05)
0006507: [Client] Crash when trying to play sound from the resource that is not running (Cazomino05)
0006427: [Server] pickups created by map file do respawn immediately (Cazomino05)
0006489: [Client] [r3128] Crashing on connect repeatedly (ccw)
0006466: [Client] 3D sounds (set to element streams) attached to vehicles do not sync for some players (Cazomino05)
0006425: [Client] clientside getPlayersInTeam returns wrong data (ccw)
0006077: [GUI / Menus / Console] Crash while changing GUI skin in Settings (ccw)
12 issues View Issues

Release date: 25. August 2011
Goal: Relatively large bugfixes that affect the gameplay and usability of 1.0.

Introduction of features that were in development for, but did not ship with 1.0.

0005146: [Server] Explosions show in all dimensions (Cazomino05)
0005886: [Client] [Editor] Objects' positions gets resetted and setted when moving the camera (ccw)
0005239: [Client] [Request]Add a camera view mode parameter to setCameraTarget() (Mr.Hankey)
0001271: [General] Object limit increase (ccw)
0006097: [Synchronization] Implement light puresync packets (ryden)
       0005743: [Synchronization] Optimize the puresync bandwidth usage for entities out of range (ryden)
0005728: [Client] Creating "Brown Streak Carriage" (model 570) crashes the client (ccw)
0006412: [Client] Reconnect doesn't always connect to last played server (ccw)
0006464: [Client] dxDrawImage width and height paramateres not working properly. (ccw)
0006437: [Client] Assertion Error when playing and modifiing sounds (Cazomino05)
0005745: [General] When too many objects loaded by the streaming engine, the client starts to lag (ryden)
0006387: [Client] Unable to edit GUI (ccw)
0006373: [Client] Inability to use ' properly on certain keyboards (ccw)
0006352: [Client] Editing vehicle handling while NOS is enabled causes the vehicle to act weird (Cazomino05)
0006384: [Client] getCursorPosition() does not work unless showCursor() is used (ccw)
0006381: [Scripting] getSoundLength returns incorrect length value for streamed out elements (ccw)
0006377: [Server] outputChatBox long unicode strings are not correctly displayed (ccw)
0006364: [GUI / Menus / Console] [1.1] Auto complete in console adds last pressed button (ccw)
0006374: [GUI / Menus / Console] Chat doesnt adjust input area for multiple lines in 1.1 (ccw)
0006368: [Server] addVehicleUpgrade (server-side only) doesn't work on vehicles whose models have been set from bikes to cars (Cazomino05)
0006369: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Cars transformed from Andromadas spawn without wheels (Cazomino05)
0005496: [Server] [REQUEST] setPedAnimationProgress scripting function (ccw)
0006333: [Scripting] Stop out of range sounds entirely (ccw)
0006341: [Client] Assertion failure in CMultiplayerSA.cpp (ccw)
0006241: [Scripting] getPacketLoss() function request (ccw)
0006316: [Client] [1.1] Certain shaders fail because of d3d9.dll (ccw)
0006342: [Server] Serverside get/set aircraftMaxHeight (x86)
0005818: [Client] Crosshair and sniperscope option for showPlayerHudComponent (x86)
0005763: [Scripting] Fix or remove "explode" argument in blowVehicle (Mr.Hankey)
0006212: [Client] Make server browser more clear (ccw)
0006314: [Client] The browser where you type for find a server doesn't work (ccw)
0006047: [Client] Function to check wether a player has used alt+tab (ccw)
0006297: [Server] triggerClientEvent not resolved (lil_Toady)
0006307: [Client] Render targets have a tendency to break with alt+tab (ccw)
0006293: [Client] Add function to disable/enable water sound (ccw)
0006301: [Client] guiComboBoxGetItemText(combo, -1) crashes (x86)
0006189: [Client] Lossy packaging with tables during triggerServerEvent (lil_Toady)
0006072: [GUI / Menus / Console] Ensure labels cannot overlap buttons throughout the GUI (Cazomino05)
0006115: [Vehicles] Jacking a player results in net trouble and can't enter vehicles (Gamesnert)
0006276: [Client] host game not comtatible with new resource folders structure (ccw)
0005585: [Client] getChatboxLayout().chat_scale returns invalid values (ccw)
0004919: [Client] Disable GTA Weapon shooting sounds (ccw)
0006271: [Client] Engine functions not useable (ccw)
0006222: [Client] Client crash when join a Server (ccw)
0006248: [Client] playSound accessType parameter missing (ccw)
0006259: [Server] setAttachedElementOffsets has some form of rotation bug (ccw)
0006254: [GUI / Menus / Console] "MTA:SA 1.0 required"-box has a text problem (ccw)
0006161: [Client] Multi Theft Auto.exe doesn't close (ccw)
0006249: [Scripting] s/getElementAttachedOffsets don't use degrees (Mr.Hankey)
0006236: [Client] Restarting a resource containing shaders can fail with "No valid technique" (ccw)
0006240: [Client] Some shader examples don't work like they should (ccw)
0003457: [Vehicles] request: Complete handling function set (Cazomino05)
       0005922: [Scripting] [Handling] Add functions for handling and model flags (Cazomino05)
       0005759: [Scripting] [Handling] Limits required on handling properties (Cazomino05)
       0005921: [Synchronization] [Handling] RecalculateSuspension recalculates all vehicles of that model (Arc)
       0005761: [Scripting] [Handling] certain properties don't work or are useless (Cazomino05)
0005979: [GUI / Menus / Console] Options: Video, audio, and chatbox have no default button (Cazomino05)
0006065: [Client] 1.1 FPS issues (ccw)
       0006060: [Client] 1.1 FPS issue 1: dxscoreboard reduces FPS (much more than in 1.0.5) (ccw)
       0006146: [General] 1.1 FPS issue 3: FPS drops on shoot from "Hunter" (ccw)
       0006147: [General] 1.1 FPS issue 4: FPS drop after restarting a resource. (ccw)
       0006148: [General] 1.1 FPS issue 5: Periods of FPS drops for no apparent reason (ccw)
0006181: [Client] Monster truck is impossible to drive in a straight line (Cazomino05)
0006153: [Client] Crash MTA with refresh (Towncivilian)
0006173: [Client] Brass knuckle by creating a pickup on your current position (Cazomino05)
0005858: [Synchronization] Make resetMapInfo take away weapons (Cazomino05)
       0005835: [Scripting] Not possible to simulate satchel detonation (Cazomino05)
0005988: [Server] If a pickup is created inside the player they will improperly take the pickup (Cazomino05)
0006190: [Synchronization] [1.1] Ped death Issues
       0006180: [Client] Killing a ped slides you towards him (ryden)
0006157: [Client] triggerServerEvent isnt useable (ryden)
0006075: [Client] dxDrawText - Add parameters of X and Y scaling (ccw)
0006187: [GUI / Menus / Console] [1.1 Beta] 'Server Browser' text hitbox on main menu can become offset (Talidan)
0006183: [Client] [1.1 Beta] Often sky mess up in r2797 (ccw)
0006210: [Client] Creating many fonts can make to objects fade in and out (When restarting a resource several times) (ccw)
0006207: [Scripting] function name 'areInteriorSoundsEnabled' makes my tummy hurt (ccw)
0006206: [Client] set(Ped)AnalogControlState (Talidan)
0005986: [Client] New menu mouse over seems inaccurate (Talidan)
0006113: [Client] radioID 13 (Cazomino05)
0005517: [Client] dxDrawText does not always display newlines (\n) (and wordwrap does not work) (ccw)
0006049: [Client] GUI tab panel tabs won't get added if GUI not visible (lil_Toady)
0006166: [Client] [1.1 Beta] Moving doors don't move (Gamesnert)
0005961: [GUI / Menus / Console] Main menu leaves large black sides on widescreen resolutions (Talidan)
0006078: [GUI / Menus / Console] The Latest News box disappears from main menu after changing the GUI skin (Talidan)
0006176: [Client] Custom fonts crashes (ccw)
0006182: [Client] guiBringToFront and guiMoveToBack not working on labels (lil_Toady)
0006179: [Client] [1.1 Beta] dxCreateScreenSource causes crash with maximize
0005881: [Client] Wantel level hud disappear after using setElementModel / setPedSkin clientside (Cazomino05)
0005873: [Client] FPS-Limiter reduces FPS (ccw)
0006168: [Client] showPlayerHudComponent("all", false) does not hide area names. (x86)
0006170: [Scripting] New exports[resourcePointer]:someFunction(...) syntax for client and server (x86)
0006174: [Client] ClipBoard lua functionality (lil_Toady)
0005230: [Client] binding same key with same command, but diffrent value dont works (ccw)
0006020: [Scripting] Add account data change event (lil_Toady)
0006059: [Client] Exported functions break if the owner resource is restarted
0006164: [Client] [1.1 Beta] postGUI in dxDrawText may not work (ccw)
0005803: [Client] setVehicleDoorOpenRatio doesn't appear to take vehicle entry / exiting into account (ryden)
0005750: [Synchronization] Solve the problem of stacked element ids reusal causing issues with poorly coded scripts (ryden)
0006096: [General] Increase the available streamer memory (ryden)
0006142: [Client] [1.1 Beta] Pressing G while climbing or jumping results in crash (Gamesnert)
0006126: [Server] Linux 1.1-2700 server crashes with unknown reason (ccw)
0006128: [Client] Impossible to create directories (ccw)
0006141: [Client] [1.1 Beta] Label alignment "center" "right" "bottom" are mixed up (ccw)
0006070: [Server] Allow to start resources from another cataloge than 'resources'/. (ccw)
0003482: [Scripting] request: onClientKey ( state ) (Jax)
0005709: [Server] add on(Player)Command Event (Gamesnert)
0006085: [Server] fromJSON does not work correctly (Gamesnert)
0005751: [General] Fix or revert r2146 (Gamesnert)
0005752: [General] Fix or revert r2145 (Gamesnert)
0005849: [Client] Garages don't close when local player is inside it (Cazomino05)
0005985: [Server] redirectPlayer() saves password (Cazomino05)
0006053: [Client] outputDebugString can output random charachters (ccw)
0006039: [Client] Crash when restarting a resource and crashes when joining from then on (ccw)
0006052: [Client] All aspect ratio support. (ccw)
0005958: [GUI / Menus / Console] Implement Bidi and Arabic input for CEGUI (Talidan)
0005120: [Installer] Require nickname/player name on install (Talidan)
0004270: [General] Many objects crash the Editor (Talidan)
0004965: [Synchronization] Gluing on vehicles allows you to fire with infinite ammo (Talidan)
0005133: [General] GTA's keybinds are not correctly copied after first install. (Talidan)
0005959: [GUI / Menus / Console] News items get cut off on low resolutions (Talidan)
0005990: [GUI / Menus / Console] Commands to hide chat and hud are different formats (showchat [0/1], hud[0/1]) (Talidan)
0003135: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiLabelGetFontHeight does not work for sa-header and gothic font (Talidan)
0005955: [Scripting] Implement heuristic UTF-8 detection (Talidan)
0005933: [Client] Clientscript doesn't load (Talidan)
0006029: [Server] An empty lua file will crash the server (Talidan)
0005987: [Server] takeWeapon / takeWeaponAmmo can result in having negative ammo (ccw)
0005975: [Client] Severe performance loss in 1.1 unstables (ccw)
0006038: [GUI / Menus / Console] 1.1-unstable-2535 to 1.1-unstable-2539 crash when starting the game (x86)
0005544: [Client] mtasa:// uri's don't prompt for a server password. (Talidan)
0006019: [GUI] Implement a copyToClipboard function (lil_Toady)
0006005: [GUI] Implement guiGridListGetColumnCount (lil_Toady)
0006006: [GUI] guiGridListRemoveColumn doesn't work correctly (lil_Toady)
0006017: [GUI] Can't guiBringToFront/MoveToBack gui labels (lil_Toady)
0005899: [GUI] guiComboBoxAddItem doesn't work with unicode text (Talidan)
0005972: [Client] Hosting a local server will crash on unstable-2445 (ccw)
0005796: [Scripting] Request: Gamesnert's world and weather scripting functions server-side (Gamesnert)
0005584: [Client] [Request] toggle default music in interiors (Gamesnert)
0003919: [General] Implement support for unicode text (Talidan)
0005843: [Synchronization] Network trouble when playing on local server (ccw)
0005616: [Client] can has gui improvements?
0005648: [Client] Can't copy full text from console in 1.1 (Talidan)
0005758: [Client] Images in new menu (Talidan)
0005792: [Scripting] Implement UTF-8 BOM support for Lua (Talidan)
0005793: [Scripting] Provide a solution to migration from ANSI to Unicode (Talidan)
0005865: [Client] Brazilian cruzeiro symbol isn't showed right (Talidan)
0005900: [GUI] guiSetProperty doesn't work with unicode text (Talidan)
0005863: [GUI / Menus / Console] Scrollbar arrows do not work correctly on some MTA settings (Talidan)
0005866: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] [Patch] Mip Mapping enable/disable option in video settings tab (Talidan)
0005638: [Client] setWindSpeed [pre-patch included] (Gamesnert)
0005654: [Client] MTA:SA 1.0.4 doesn't sync the FPS Limit (ccw)
0005847: [Client] setVehicleDoorOpenRatio crashes with wrong parameter (ryden)
0005841: [Synchronization] arguing with peds/players using n key causes desync (ryden)
0005820: [Client] Characters are multiplied by the amount of skin changes in the chatbox. (Talidan)
0005560: [Client] Add 'wanted' parameter for showPlayerHudComponent (x86)
0005802: [GUI / Menus / Console] Changing skins causes a unicode crash (Talidan)
0005710: [Client] Control rotation of car doors (ryden)
0005779: [Synchronization] Decide and make vehicle interpolation dependent on game speed and/or velocity (ryden)
0005718: [General] Reduce the game loading time (ryden)
0005780: [Synchronization] Make the element RPCs go through a new RPC function (ryden)
0005783: [Scripting] Request: Export scripting functions to monitorize the network usage. (ryden)
0001131: [Vehicles] For passengers in a firetruck, the local player camera rotation tries to oversteer the driver's turret rotation (izstas)
0005767: [General] Incorrect Shift key processing (izstas)
0005755: [General] The 1.1 datafiles installer default installation path is %PROGRAMFILES%\MTA San Andreas (ccw)
0005748: [GUI] You can copy passwords etc. from masked gui memos (izstas)
0005690: [Client] MTA:SA 1.1 r2127 doesn't show cyrillic and I can't copy anything in Console (Talidan)
0005025: [Client] Serious weapon desynch upon using giveWeaponAmmo on a weapon without ammo (izstas)
0005261: [Linux] (64 bit) Compile time error relating to TinyXML (impulze)
0005729: [Scripting] setBlipVisibleDistance function (izstas)
0005717: [Scripting] createPed() rotation parameter doesn't work (izstas)
0005253: [General] Remove the old project files. (impulze)
0005740: [GUI] Crash in CEGUI with unicode characters (ryden)
0005671: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Pre-defined global "localPlayer" on client-side (izstas)
0004215: [General] Standing or walking when dead (ryden)
0005703: [Scripting] setElementID isn't implemented client-side (izstas)
0005431: [Server] move the autologin option to mtaserver.conf (Gamesnert)
0005470: [Client] [Request] Improve editbox focus control (Kayl)
0005682: [Client] Item index 0 doesn't work for guiComboBoxSetSelected (Gamesnert)
0005659: [Server] onDebugMessage crashes the server (Gamesnert)
0004145: [Synchronization] Sync vehicle doors open/closed state. (ryden)
0005655: [Client] setVehicleColor issues (ccw)
0004821: [Server] [Request] setVehicleRGBColor(element vehicle, int red, int green, int blue) (ccw)
0005644: [Client] isMTAWindowActive always returning true (x86)
0004962: [Server] Increase player limit to or past 250 (Cazomino05)
0005462: [Client] [Request] getCameraView (x86)
0005542: [Scripting] [Request] server- and clientside getElementAttachedOffsets( element attachedElement ) (Flobu)
0004600: [Client] Add possibility to hide radio channel text with showPlayerHudComponent (x86)
0004949: [Client] Add GUI dropdown widgets (Talidan)
0005601: [Scripting] processLineOfSight should return the normal of the face hit (Kayl)
0005631: [Client] Inconsistency of setElementRotation/getElementRotation/getElementMatrix (Kayl)
0004916: [Server] Add daemon mode to server (ryden)
0004981: [Server] Inconsistent isElementInWater returns (Cazomino05)
0005183: [Server] setElementCollisionsEnabled() would be nice serverside (Gamesnert)
0004053: [General] Set whether or not a player can see a goggle effect. (Gamesnert)
0005501: [Client] Instructions for the "Data files have been modified" message (ccw)
0005283: [Scripting] playSound3D does not support interiors or dimensions (Gamesnert)
0005551: [Client] Adding "all" to showPlayerHudComponent (Gamesnert)
0005446: [Client] getSoundMetaTags returns an empty table from MP3 stream. (Flobu)
0005500: [Client] guiGetSelectedTab on an empty tab panel crashes MTA (Mr.Hankey)
0005037: [Client] onClientPlayerVehicleExit doesn't trigger on several occasions (Gamesnert)
0004853: [Client] onClientVehicleEnter(Exit) and onClientPlayerVehicleEnter(Exit) events don't triggered if you jacked other player (Gamesnert)
0005481: [Client] resetTimer is server-side only (Flobu)
0005454: [GUI / Menus / Console] Patch to add a server queue GUI (Talidan)
0005049: [General] Make knife stealth kills more balanced (Talidan)
0004120: [Server] Synchronized traffic lights (Peter)
0001231: [General] Allow use of special skins (Jax)
0003531: [General] When running a mtasa:// uri, it always tries to start a new instance of gta even if there is already one started (Mr.Hankey)
0005426: [Server] onColShapeHit doesnt work properly with 3D Cols (ccw)
0005348: [Client] OnClientDoubleClick not working (Mr.Hankey)
0005342: [Server] Every resource started creates a guest account (Cazomino05)
0005135: [General] MTA doesn't send correct data to XFire (Cazomino05)
0005023: [Server] Keep ASE query version compatible across minor versions
0005199: [Scripting] Replace irrklang with the BASS audio library (Flobu)
       0004956: [General] Music stops when not looped, on a 64 bit machine (Flobu)
0005360: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Many General Fixes to SetPedAnimation - Patch
0005383: [Vehicles] It's impossible to enter a tram or freight as passenger. (x86)
0005387: [Server] executeSQLUpdate require conditions argument which should be optional (Flobu)
216 issues View Issues
0006000: [Server] server crashes when deleting resources (x86)
0004643: [Client] Dimension changed while driving cause desync (ccw)
0006088: [Server] Lag when spectating other players in the linux-1.0.5-rc-2661 build (ccw)
0006123: [Server] 1.0.5 r2700 linux server crashes when restarting a resource (ccw)
0006061: [Server] Server crash after 5 minutes of lag (ccw)
5 issues View Issues

Release date: 27. March 2011
Goal: Interim bugfix release


  • Publish all previously made updates for 1.0.4 into a single, convenient release
  • Improve anti-cheat system

List of SVN changes:

<i>(r1767)</i> [1.0.4] Fixed accounts database growing very big indeed
<i>(r1768)</i> [1.0.4] Auto-shrink repaired database
<i>(r1777)</i> [1.0.4] Fixed admin commands missing from local editor
<i>(r1782)</i> [1.0.4] Fixed sqlite slowing the server when scripts do lots of table updates
<i>(r1793)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1790 (Fixed 'CRC mismatch' occurring too often.)
<i>(r1853)</i> [1.0.4] Added a warning for dots in resource names
<i>(r1857)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1855 (Fixed keybinds crash) 1856 (Fixed misc crash #5)
<i>(r1865)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1860 (Sped up screenshot saving)
<i>(r1883)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1881 (Fixed server crash on resource stop (From customer .dmp file))
<i>(r1885)</i> [1.0.4] Added getPerformanceStats()
<i>(r1963)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1962 (Limit client HTTP connections)
<i>(r1966)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1876 (resetTimer is server-side only).
<i>(r1967)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1828 & r1831 (Server queue)
<i>(r1968)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1776 (Secondary command binds don't function properly)
<i>(r1971)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1970 (Fixed crash on resource restart. Improved server 'Network module not compatible' message.)
<i>(r1973)</i> [1.0.4] Fixed crash when copying unicode strings from CEGUI. (Patch from rafalhPL)
<i>(r1983)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1981 (Added file permission fixer. Expanded autoupdater.) r1891 (Fixed a problem when downloading from some http servers)
<i>(r1985)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1984 (Disabled permissions fixer for XP)
<i>(r1987)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1986 (Added Linux GetLocalTimeString. Unified SStringReplace and ReplaceSubString. Improved updater in some fashion.)
<i>(r1989)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1988 (Added better support for Linux nohup)
<i>(r1992)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1991 (Fixed crash on mtaserver.conf error)
<i>(r2000)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1999 (Fixed 'serverip' setting.)
<i>(r2001)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r1993 (Fixed getVehicleOccupants freezing when used on certain vehicles (now returns false for those vehicles))
<i>(r2002)</i> [1.0.4] Updated updater. Sped up install.
<i>(r2010)</i> [1.0.4] Added manual update check button. Changed the way the 'Player' default name can be changed by servers.
<i>(r2013)</i> [1.0.4] Made ban messages more helpful
<i>(r2020)</i> [1.0.4] Enabled and refactored error reporter.
<i>(r2033)</i> [1.0.4] Improved on-line help
<i>(r2034)</i> [1.0.4] Split the fastmove and crouchbug glitch
<i>(r2035)</i> [1.0.4] Lua sdk and updater update
<i>(r2040)</i> [1.0.4] Added cache to server browser to decrease scanning time.
<i>(r2043)</i> [1.0.4] Sped up server browser some more. Backported r2038 (Removed a stupid check.)
<i>(r2045)</i> [1.0.4] Fixed HTTP server freezing
<i>(r2046)</i> [1.0.4] Test for possible fix of invalid model crashes.
<i>(r2047)</i> [1.0.4] Added signing for updates
<i>(r2048)</i> [1.0.4] Added crash fix
<i>(r2049)</i> [1.0.4] Sped up accounts access when there are many accounts
<i>(r2050)</i> [1.0.4] Added HTTP DoS protection
<i>(r2051)</i> [1.0.4] Fixed water incongruities
<i>(r2056)</i> [1.0.4] Sped up disconnect
<i>(r2057)</i> [1.0.4] Added list speed ups
<i>(r2058)</i> [1.0.4] List speed ups fix from ryden
<i>(r2060)</i> [1.0.4] Loading crash fix
<i>(r2062)</i> [1.0.4] Fixed crash on explosion
<i>(r2071)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2065 (Added support to daemonize the Linux server.)
<i>(r2073)</i> [1.0.4] Added backup master server support
<i>(r2074)</i> [1.0.4] Added open ports tester for the server
<i>(r2085)</i> [1.0.4] Backported: r1796 (Added CSettingsSA::Set/Get MouseSensivity.)
<i>(r2101)</i> [1.0.4] Added server browser improvements: GUI visible servers queried first. IP sort works. Server name sort ignores case and punctuation. Browser can see other versions and launch them. Also: GUI speed ups. MOTY 'advice' dialog.
<i>(r2102)</i> [1.0.4] Fixed open URL bug. Tweaked server browser settings.
<i>(r2142)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2136 (Removed dependency on libpcre for Linux)
<i>(r2144)</i> [1.0.4] Fixed crash with unbind command
<i>(r2147)</i> [1.0.4] Fixed crash. Fixed textures missing with some motherboards. Fixed FPS bug.
<i>(r2156)</i> [1.0.4] Fixed older clients overloading external web server
<i>(r2161)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2160 (Fixed delay when connecting to a local server)
<i>(r2166)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2163 (Added option to block servers) r2164 (Added news headlines) r2165 (Addendum to r2164)
<i>(r2172)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2167 (Fixed incorrect AC kick with onClientPlayerDamage)
<i>(r2173)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2174 (Modified main menu layout) r2197 (Fixed news window being open at the wrong time)
<i>(r2200)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2162 (Implemented SharedUtil::tolower and SharedUtil::toupper so it can be inlined.)
<i>(r2228)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2226 (Sped up joining servers with huge element counts) | r2227 (Modified updater in mysterious ways)
<i>(r2321)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2318 (Removed unused drawing code) r2320 (Added more error checking at launch)
<i>(r2345)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2328 (Sped up getElementsByType and others) r2338 (Huge commit of doom) r2340 (Renamed MemCpy8) r2344 (Fixed some crashes)
<i>(r2348)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2346 (Reverted r2344 (Fixed some crashes)) r2347 (Fixed some crashes #2)
<i>(r2356)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2353 (Removed a direct memory access from the data files checker. Fixed a crash patch for Euro exe's. Fixed a compiler warning.)
<i>(r2357)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2355 (Fixed 'cane' weapon slot. Fixed a cause of network trouble.)
<i>(r2367)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2360 (Fixed installer not removing the gta_sa.exe from the installation directory)
<i>(r2376)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2371 (Incremented net module version). Added non automatic Aero fix (Requires manual copying of gta_sa.exe). Tweaked report filter
<i>(r2382)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2379 (Conformed some settings). r2380 (Fixed FileExists() not working properly on some PCs).
<i>(r2383)</i> [1.0.4] Modified non automatic Aero fix to use gta_sa_aero.exe
<i>(r2395)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2384 (Fixed chat scroller smoothness, and possible some other things.)
<i>(r2397)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2386 (Fixed low server fps if GTA not running) Backported r2387 (Added error check to account saving)
<i>(r2410)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2407 (Fixed a crash when resolving host names.)
<i>(r2418)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2414 (Fixed upgrader skipping files) r2415 (Fixed resource sometimes using zip file when it shouldn't) r2416(partial) (Fixed a crash in upgrader)
<i>(r2420)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2417 (Added Lua client performance stats. Uses updated performancebrowser resource.) r2419 (Updated Lua client performance stats.)
<i>(r2423)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2421 (Added option for volumetric shadows)
<i>(r2436)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2430 partial (Added updater cache cleaner.) r2435 (Fixed a logging problem)
<i>(r2459)</i> [1.0.4] Disabled /load and /unload
<i>(r2465)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2460 (Fixed minclientversion fussiness) r2462 (Added cache reuse for the updater) r2463 (Fixed jerky burnout donuts) r2464 (Fixed #5871 (Cars goes inside the ground when streamingout/in)))
<i>(r2479)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2478 (Possible fix to crash on server join)
<i>(r2482)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2481 (Fixed not finding already running gta_sa.exe)
<i>(r2484)</i> [1.0.4] Backported r2483 (Fixed message spam at new server startup)

Updates made on 3. April:

<i>(r2488)</i> [1.0.5] Backported r2487 (Changed default async loading setting to on. Moved async status star code to a more logic place.)
<i>(r2492)</i> [1.0.5] Backported r2466 (Moved something important to see if it helps with animation crashes.)
<i>(r2494)</i> [1.0.5] Backported r2493 (Fixed invisible radar map and display text introduced in r2492)
<i>(r2509)</i> [1.0.5] Backported r2505 (Made performance stats more modular) r2507 (Added advanced option for code added in r2492 (Moved something important to see if it helps with animation crashes.)) r2508 (Possible fix for recent low FPS)
<i>(r2519)</i> [1.0.5] Backported r2518 (Re-blocked some unwanted Lua functions. Added more fix for low FPS.)

List of resolved Mantis issues:

0005784: [GUI] Request: Create client-side gui-canvas elements to be used with functions drawing images. (ccw)
0005577: [Scripting] Some functions break coroutines (ccw)
0004829: [Vehicles] Trains slow down in curves (ryden)
0005396: [GUI / Menus / Console] F11 Map has no texture (ccw)
0005390: [Weapons] Infrared and Nightvision mode turns off when a player respawns (Talidan)
0005871: [Vehicles] Cars goes inside the ground when streamingout/in. (ccw)
0005960: [GUI / Menus / Console] Dates do not behave properly for news items (ccw)
0005920: [Scripting] Crash when attachElements on the resource start event (ccw)
0005738: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Client hangs up on update check (inc. news update) if DNS server is not available (izstas)
0005727: [GUI / Menus / Console] Antialiasing option in Video tab (izstas)
0005734: [General] Pressing ALT+SPACEBAR lets you pause the game (ryden)
0005712: [General] Protocol 38 Error. (ccw)
0005674: [Scripting] Creation and destruction of peds seem to crash the client (ccw)
0005669: [Scripting] onPlayerWeaponSwitch does not always work (Gamesnert)
0005650: [General] Sound problems after r2087 update (x86)
0005562: [GUI / Menus / Console] More options in Audio tab (Radio and Usertrack options) (x86)
0005504: [GUI / Menus / Console] Mouse settings aren't loading on "Load defaults" click (x86)
0005359: [GUI / Menus / Console] [Request] Mouse sensitivity isn't added. (x86)
0005617: [Scripting] MTA:SA 1.0.4 has bug with Race Pick-Ups (ccw)
0005421: [Scripting] guiStaticImageLoadImage prone to crash? (ccw)
0005626: [GUI / Menus / Console] Players list isn't updated on some servers (ccw)
0005587: [Server] Server crashes x2 (ccw)
0005530: [General] Crash when I was playing (ccw)
0005574: [Scripting] Useless debug messages (ccw)
0005576: [General] CTD when hitting air with vibrator (ccw)
0005468: [Client] Crash dumps (ccw)
0005466: [General] MTA Crash (ccw)
0005465: [General] Crashes - the next one part (ccw)
0005487: [Server] Server sometimes quits without warning (ccw)
0005476: [Server] Server consumes memory over time (ccw)
0005455: [General] MTA crash dumps (ccw)
0005445: [General] MTA is crashing every 30-60 minutes (ccw)
0005162: [Server] Download timeouts caused by temporary internal web server failure (ccw)
0005388: [Scripting] projectiles can exist forever (ccw)
0005395: [GUI / Menus / Console] bind configurations are discarded on exit (Flobu)
0005392: [Server] Banlist gets reset after "ERROR: Could not start HTTP server on interface" message (ccw)
36 issues View Issues

Release date: 9. June 2010
Goal: Gameplay bugfix release


  • Fixes for issues and crashes that are present in 1.0.3 and are degrading the stability of the software
  • High priority gameplay and UI fixes
0005262: [Server] [Request] fileExist function (Flobu)
0004510: [Synchronization] Death animation causing desync for players with low health (ccw)
0005612: [Client] guiStaticImageLoadImage causes crash. (ccw)
0005088: [Client] Download error when downloading files (ccw)
0005041: [Client] Cursor is showing while loading the game. (x86)
0005176: [Client] MTA does not always save the favourites list. (x86)
0004282: [Scripting] GUI overlays MTA menu (Talidan)
0005640: [Server] Mention the help command when starting a server (ccw)
0005424: [Server] [Request] Additional resource monitoring functions (ccw)
0005391: [General] Secondary command binds don't function properly (Flobu)
0004368: [GUI / Menus / Console] server is added to recently played list when not being fully connected (Cazomino05)
0005444: [Server] getVehicleOccupants crashes the side it's called on when used on a truck trailer or any train (Gamesnert)
0005437: [Server] Several Network problems
0005559: [Client] Weird Network Trouble Behavior
0005084: [Client] Connecting to server using the server browser doesn't work. (ccw)
0005435: [Server] Download Error still occurs (ccw)
0005197: [Server] Dots in resource file names can cause issues (ccw)
0005372: [Client] MTA Nightlys stopped working with Wine (ccw)
0005389: [Server] Download Resources not allocatable (ccw)
0005394: [Server] Many accounts delays server to be ready (ccw)
0005026: [Client] Improve serial algorithm to reduce duplicates (ccw)
0005371: [Client] guiGridListSetItemText doesn't remove the section row type (Flobu)
0005368: [General] Opening a local server after disconnection causes a net.dll VS Runtime Error (ccw)
0005370: [Scripting] Script error output does not always return the valid filename. (Flobu)
0005369: [Installer] Previous editor_acl.xml files are invalid, and must be replaced. (Talidan)
0005362: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Extra Head Movement Duration For SetPedLookAt - Patch (eAi)
0005361: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] engineLoadTXD - Filtering Is Now Togglable, Perfect For Mario Kart Maps - Patch (Flobu)
0005331: [Server] Anti-cheat is broken
0005336: [Optional] Create possibility to switch off the anticheat (ccw)
0005330: [Client] Animation Problem with async loading objects (ccw)
0005329: [Client] Performance problems due to async object loading (ccw)
0005351: [Server] After accounts.xml conversion MTA Server became unstable (ccw)
0005356: [General] Add the ability to switch off Radio (ccw)
0005263: [Client] Destroying a GUI-Button while it's being pressed down causes a client crash (ccw)
0005161: [Server] Connecting players cause huge amount of CPU usage (Cazomino05)
0005165: [Server] Server freezes if too many entries in accounts.xml (Cazomino05)
0004429: [Client] [server browser] The window is not centered. (ccw)
0004723: [Client] Players cant hear the player play the ice cream song of the mrwhoopee vehicle (ryden)
0005227: [Scripting] onClientPlayerWeaponFire returns "nil" for hitElement on destroyable objects (ryden)
0005241: [Scripting] severe fps drop related to attached markers (ccw)
0005326: [Client] Crash when using 1920x1080 resolution (ccw)
0005083: [Client] Press on 'a' in nick-field will delete other characters (ccw)
0005168: [General] Optimize colshapes (ccw)
0005167: [General] Make model loading asynchronous (ccw)
0005297: [GUI / Menus / Console] Saving browse servers filters does still not work. (Cazomino05)
0004374: [Client] singleplayer is started when minimizing mta on loading screen (x86)
0004458: [Scripting] isPedInVehicle delay (IJs)
0005302: [Scripting] Not working correctly function getCancelReason (Cazomino05)
0005307: [Server] the "onElementClicked" event seems to be broken (mabako)
0005304: [Scripting] [Request] client- and serverside isVehicleDamageProof ( vehicle ) (Flobu)
0005298: [Scripting] [Request] clientside getCommandsBoundToKey, getKeyBoundToCommand (Flobu)
0005267: [Server] [Request] serverside set/getElementRotation (Flobu)
0005301: [Scripting] Not working correctly function xmlCopyFile (Cazomino05)
0004989: [Weapons] cancelEvent() has no effect on rear knife kills (Cazomino05)
0003742: [General] setElementRotation doesn't work for peds while in ground (Flobu)
0005272: [Server] [request] getTimer (Flobu)
0005292: [Client] setPed/ElementRotation on the local player doesn't work during an animation
0005291: [General] Events can freeze the client (ccw)
0005284: [Client] Crash on click on a button... (ccw)
0005258: [Client] Drawing part of an image using dxDrawImage (ccw)
0005093: [GUI / Menus / Console] chatbox/debugview scrolling keys should be bindable (Flobu)
0005164: [Server] TEAMCHAT log line on cancelled onPlayerChat event. (x86)
0004525: [Scripting] Request: getVehiclePassengers() (Flobu)
0005275: [Server] [Request] a function to set the ASE player score (ccw)
0005269: [Client] 1.0.4 Custom - Flobu's Build: Default Handling Is Incorrect. (Flobu)
0005259: [GUI / Menus / Console] dxGetTextWidth returns text width if it was one line, not the longest line's width (mabako)
0005264: [Scripting] [Request and Patch] a function to set the sound speed (Flobu)
0005265: [GUI / Menus / Console] [request and patch] remember dynamic hosts (Flobu)
0004917: [Server] Memory does not seem to be freed on resource restart (ccw)
0005250: [GUI / Menus / Console] Pressing Ok in the settings panel causes the main menu to look darker (ccw)
0005247: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiGridListSetItemColor doesn't work immediately (ccw)
0005249: [Scripting] Only 1 timer can elapse per frame (mabako)
0005232: [Scripting] Objects missing after being created (ccw)
0005252: [Server] Using cancelEvent(true) in event onResourceStart not removed event handler after implementation. (ccw)
0005251: [Scripting] setAccountPassword doesn't check for password length (mabako)
0005223: [Synchronization] CJ Clothes not synced on connect (mabako)
0005114: [Server] Disappearing blips (ccw)
0005225: [Scripting] Binding to identical commands in different resources breaks the bind (Flobu)
0004639: [General] Support for negative gravity. (mabako)
0005234: [GUI / Menus / Console] [Request] Saving the "Server browser" filters (mabako)
0005089: [Scripting] guiProgressBarGetProgress doesnt always return the correct value (mabako)
0005173: [Scripting] isPlayerMapVisible return false when used with forcePlayerMap (mabako)
0005213: [Scripting] [Request] resetTimer() function (mabako)
0005118: [GUI / Menus / Console] Keyboard shortcuts only work on very few menu windows (mabako)
0005206: [Server] ml_base doesn't compile (mabako)
0003957: [Scripting] XML functions sometimes return bad root node (mabako)
0005134: [GUI / Menus / Console] Sorting in server browser is not done properly when sorting by 'host' (mabako)
0004080: [GUI / Menus / Console] More settings in the Video tab (x86)
0005244: [Vehicles] vehicle change pickup loads default vehicle models instead of custom models randomly (Flobu)
0005248: [GUI] Make the recently played servers in chronological order (Flobu)
0005166: [Server] scriptdebuglogfile and acl settings in mtaserver.conf are ignored (ccw)
0005245: [General] Master server list errors block players from finding servers (ccw)
0004947: [General] Allow switching to disabled resolutions for all graphics cards (BrophY)
0001714: [GUI / Menus / Console] Splash logo distorted on 120 DPI (mabako)
0004480: [Client] Add color argument to guiGridListSetItemText() (mabako)
0005180: [Server] Would it be more logical to have the server compile to the same place as the client? (ccw)
0005086: [Client] Functions to get an idea of the chatbox layout. (Flobu)
0005194: [Client] Disable Auto-Refreshing When Clicked On "Browse Servers" (x86)
0005220: [Server] isPedDoingGangDriveby returns 1 and 0 in server-side instead of 'true' and 'false' (x86)
0005178: [Client] Dual Monitors Delivers Dialog For Resolutions (ccw)
0005209: [Client] GUI buttons stop to work (onClientGUIClick event dont work AT ALL) (ccw)
0005193: [Vehicles] Fatal Error (6) caused by vehicle ID 611 (ccw)
0005202: [GUI / Menus / Console] GUI grid list construction in Lua is slow (ccw)
0004927: [Client] unbindKey with command binds not unbinding correctly (multiple keys, same command with different params) (mabako)
0005185: [Server] nick command can set invalid (too long) nicks (ccw)
0005081: [General] 1920x1080 resultion not available (Arc)
0005145: [Server] createMarker crashes the server if called within a collision event handler (ccw)
0004937: [Client] Stealth kill victims turn to south (IJs)
0005031: [Server] 1.0.1 Linux build fails during json-c compilation (IJs)
0005082: [General] Reenable the vid command (ccw)
110 issues View Issues

Release date: 18. December 2009
Goal: Gameplay bugfix release


  • Fixes for issues and crashes that are present in 1.0.2 and are degrading the stability of the software
  • High priority gameplay fixes
0005080: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Request and patch: A player search field for the server browser
0004451: [Server] Block ability to edit game files. (Arc)
0005136: [Installer] Fatal-error when unable to download VC redistributables (ccw)
0004870: [Client] No modes and lost settings on Vista/7 (ccw)
0005137: [Server] The server cannot be launched if the current directory is not where the execuable resides (ccw)
0005073: [Server] Banning an IP range doesn't work (Flobu)
0005110: [Client] Titles of GUI windows are always in caps (Paul_Cortez)
0005102: [Scripting] "resetMapInfo" Wave Height (lucasc190)
0005129: [Synchronization] getElementsWithinColshape is buggy if you move the colshape position server or client side (ccw)
0005121: [Client] When a colshape is created, getElementsWithinColShape() and isElementWithinColShape() doesnt find player if player does not move (ccw)
0005085: [Server] RadarArea Error (ccw)
0004875: [Server] Vehicles lag with high player counts (ccw)
0005123: [General] Servers can permanently change a players name (ccw)
0005124: [General] Clients can overload external web servers when downloading (ccw)
0005126: [Server] Add a directory which contains the correct client files for hosting on an external web server (ccw)
0005125: [Server] The server information bar at the top of the console has compatibility issues with some Linux utility programs (ccw)
0005109: [Client] Sync: No sync with larger amount of players (ccw)
0004961: [Client] Vehicles not getting updated anymore (ccw)
0004760: [Synchronization] Players staying in spawn desync (ccw)
0004034: [Scripting] executeSQLQuery could return an error message from SQLite engine (Flobu)
20 issues View Issues

Release date: 24. October 2009
Goal: Stability bugfix release


  • Fixes for major, high-priority issues and crashes that are present in version 1.0.1 and are degrading the stability of the software
0004984: [Scripting] Lua math.randomseed() gets stuck with large numbers (ccw)
0004787: [GUI / Menus / Console] Scrolling in Chatbox doesn't set the lines visible (ccw)
0005046: [General] Crash when firing a projectile (ccw)
0004848: [Scripting] colShapes should be made attachable (Jax)
0004285: [Synchronization] getElementposition returns the incorrect xyz of an element attached and offset from a vehicle (Jax)
0005052: [General] Unable to run Launcher with a very long PATH env (ccw)
0004662: [Server] setVehicleWheelStates re-inflates the wheel if -1 is specified, instead of ignoring the wheel (ccw)
0004775: [Client] Error when maximizing the game, crash. (ccw)
0005050: [Scripting] Add version parameter to onPlayerConnect (ccw)
0005061: [Server] Remove or make optional the /msg command (ccw)
0004861: [Client] When disconnecting from a server you get a C++ error or a crash! (ccw)
0005064: [Server] You can only start the map editor or local server once. (ccw)
0005017: [Server] Join flood check doesn't work. (ccw)
0005018: [General] More Ghostmode collision issues. (Race 465) (ccw)
0005055: [Server] HTTP server can't bind to a specific IP (Arc)
0005040: [Client] C++ Assertion failed error on click (ccw)
0005044: [General] Crash when deleting parent elements from inside a child event (ccw)
0005043: [General] Client freeze on quit (ccw)
18 issues View Issues

Release date: 2. October 2009
Goal: Stability bugfix release


  • Fixes for major, high-priority issues and crashes that are present in version 1.0 and are degrading the stability or prevent proper usage of the software
0004934: [Server] [Linux] Can't see players or MTA elements.
0002612: [Scripting] Spawning a player within the ground may damage the player a tiny bit on spawn, with false damage information. (ccw)
0004219: [General] Explosive barrel desynch (ccw)
0004930: [Server] Server freeze and download problem with multiple linux servers (IJs)
0004309: [Client] Tags are displayed with other tags under them. (ryden)
0003119: [Synchronization] Improve player/vehicle interpolation and compensation (ccw)
0004903: [Server] Bind IP fails to query (ccw)
0002080: [General] 2 players with the same nickname causes network trouble. (ccw)
0004969: [Scripting] getElementsByType() does not return gui elements (ccw)
0004970: [Scripting] deathmessages can report incorrect information (ccw)
0004975: [Scripting] getElementsByType() sometimes returns invalid elements (ccw)
0004976: [General] Crashes and continual memory consumption due to lua stack overflow (ccw)
0004578: [Client] Vehicle desync when shot with shotgun or pushed (ccw)
0004979: [Vehicles] Vehicle desync when driver is killed (ccw)
0004980: [Scripting] onPlayerDamage sometimes has incorrect parameters (ccw)
0004960: [Scripting] fatal error (6) issue with clients joining a server with many objects in a small area (ccw)
0004849: [GUI / Menus / Console] Confusing account login (IJs)
0004395: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add human readable download error messages (IJs)
0004945: [Client] Refreshing favourites doesn't work (ccw)
0004992: [Server] Some configuration file and command line parameters are not working correctly (ccw)
0004991: [Server] Server silently continues if there is a HTTP port conflict (ccw)
0004994: [Admin] ACL rights reset (ccw)
0005020: [Server] GCC does not link against vendor/lua libraries (IJs)
0004900: [Server] Turn dynamically loaded library dependencies into static libraries (IJs)
0005022: [Server] Server does not compile and run on BSD/Mach systems (IJs)
0005029: [Client] [Patch] Update (/ver) MTA Copyright. (ccw)
0004876: [Client] Crash during Race (ccw)
0004874: [Server] setGlitchEnabled is apparently no longer synced (Jax)
0005042: [Synchronization] Invisible barrels still exists in MTA 1.0.1
29 issues View Issues

First stable build of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, released on Saturday, 22. August, 2009.

0004157: [Client] Getting into Skimmer stops Jump from working if you fall into water instead of getting in. (Cazomino05)
0004511: [Client] blendPedAnimation "unhandled win32 exception" if blendPedAnimation(getLocalPlayer()) is called as callback function (Jax)
0004010: [Client] setPedSkin randomly doesn't work. (Arc)
0003883: [General] Pop up community dialog for first-time users (lil_Toady)
0004463: [Client] dxDrawLine3D cannot be seen if the direction is pure z (or near to the pure z) (Arc)
0003296: [Scripting] Be able to redirect players to another server (lil_Toady)
0002874: [General] Custom TXD and/or COL loading issues (Arc)
0003050: [Scripting] Extend setElementCollisionsEnabled to allow setting what to collide with (Jax)
0002727: [General] head and hands disappear
0004099: [Synchronization] Player desync caused by 'hit by gun' animation (ccw)
0001640: [General] Player animation desync
0001789: [General] Add gamepad support (ccw)
0004838: [General] Release MTA 1.0
0004081: [General] Spectator doesn't work properly while you're dead. (Jax)
0004788: [Server] Compile for older machines (IJs)
0004682: [General] "Connection timed out" message being sent if you try to connect to a full server (Arc)
0001651: [Synchronization] Police Helicopter search light is 'semi-syncd' (Jax)
0004028: [Scripting] setElementAttachedOffsets does not exist server side (Jax)
0003097: [Vehicles] Do not use memory to sync the height of vehicles moveable parts, such as the forklift and packer (Jax)
0003578: [General] Lighting is not immediately applied to peds after they're created or have skin changed (ChrML)
0001216: [General] Player drowns too quickly after running out of oxygen (Jax)
0001553: [Weapons] Putting on goggles is not synced (Jax)
       0004779: [Client] Goggles effect everyone (Arc)
0003466: [Synchronization] Stealth kill attempt animation (when only aiming but still didn't press fire) is not synced (Jax)
0004464: [Scripting] allow option to turn off ped voice with setPedVoice (Jax)
0004197: [Vehicles] Changing from either a Vortex or Skimmer to car makes wheels uncollidable (Jax)
0004573: [Vehicles] When a bicycle stops burning random players can be set on fire (Jax)
0004539: [General] Picking up a weapon pickup refills your ammo in clip (Jax)
0003848: [Scripting] Wheel models still remain when their state is set to fallen off (Jax)
0001455: [Weapons] Flame from mollies stays on weapon switch (Jax)
0003974: [General] When jumping next to any vehicle and while in air pressing the enter key haults the player in mid air. (Jax)
0003048: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add filters to server browser (Flobu)
0004565: [General] sound from playSound pauses if you tab out (Paul_Cortez)
0001892: [Scripting] Flame kills don't report correct killer, weapon (Jax)
0003808: [Vehicles] camera follows local player when you enter a vehicle in fixed-mode (Jax)
0004141: [General] Ability to enable/disable minimizing (ccw)
0004209: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add the "window" command as a checkbox in settings -> video (ccw)
0003336: [General] Planes collision stays after they blow up (Jax)
0004408: [Scripting] Add hardcoded support for streamed blips (Jax)
0004440: [General] The Crazy Race EDF Bug™ v1 (ccw)
0004108: [Maps] loadMapData is very slow compared to resource map loading (Jax)
0003723: [Scripting] Have getPedAnimation() also return whether it's looping and updating position (Jax)
0003918: [Scripting] setPedAnimations not being "interruptable" (Jax)
0003174: [Scripting] Custom objects deform (shear) when rotating them over X or Y axis (Arc)
0002866: [GUI / Menus / Console] Connect attempt if pressing enter, while having the password box selected (mabako)
0004316: [Resources] getServerModules() (Cazomino05)
0004102: [General] Per-entity vehicle and object alpha is inefficient, and buggy in case of vehicles (ryden)
0004110: [Server] Attached offset markers do not rotate with the element they are attached to. (Arc)
0003984: [General] When changing to Cinematic camera mode, sometimes the camera gets placed at the current camera matrix (Arc)
0004094: [GUI / Menus / Console] Make Tab and Enter keys work in Options and Quick Connect windows (mabako)
0003306: [General] Disable jetpack fly up limiting by zHeight of gtasa ground (ryden)
0003230: [GUI / Menus / Console] onClientGUIClick should work with Tab buttons (lil_Toady)
0004363: [General] Pressing Forward while falling with parachute causes screen to go weird
0004122: [General] Add support for generic element attachment (Jax)
0004420: [General] Increase FPS limit
0003431: [General] Players with different weapon skills can affect shooting (Jax)
0003754: [Scripting] feature: setting animation intervals (Jax)
0002323: [GUI / Menus / Console] Settings menu only changes key bound to "down" state when rebinding commands bound to both states of the same key (Talidan)
0003964: [Client] It's not possible to let peds aim and/or shoot (lil_Toady)
0003453: [Scripting] request: A new parameter in onVehicleStartEnter to know the door that the player is using (Cazomino05)
0003290: [Scripting] setElementAlpha can affect more than one element (ryden)
0003480: [Vehicles] Can't force vehicle lights on when engine is switched off (ryden)
0002517: [General] Created objects are slippery when walking on them (ryden)
0001621: [Vehicles] Cannot enter RC Baron (Cazomino05)
0002648: [Synchronization] Sniper's vertical aim doesn't sync visually (Jax)
0003960: [General] Changing your screen resolution in mta breaks blur (ccw)
0004851: [Server] getVehicleEngineState always return false (Cazomino05)
0004840: [Client] Maps loads to slow (Arc)
0004843: [Client] Assertion Failure In CClientVehicle.cpp (ccw)
0004842: [Weapons] Clip capacity can be inherited from the old weapon of the same type when picking up a new one (Arc)
0004401: [GUI / Menus / Console] Update main menu and credits (jhxp)
0004665: [Client] MTA Client Verification failed (ryden)
0004199: [Server] Default ACL is outdated (Cazomino05)
0004777: [Client] NETWORK TROUBLE isn't centered for widescreen (ccw)
0004661: [Client] MTA client crashes if I want to connect to a server (Arc)
0004660: [Server] fileCreate stopped working (Arc)
0004649: [Client] Assert when using filters while server browser is loading (Arc)
0004736: [Client] onClientPlayerRadioSwitch doesn't seem to trigger anymore (Arc)
0004581: [Client] A few crashes while playing zombie script
0004765: [Client] GCC hash_fun include compilation error on Linux (ccw)
0004692: [Synchronization] Packer's adjustible property collision desync (Jax)
0004769: [General] Consider reverting r1389 (Fixed #3994: Radio titles do not always show) (Arc)
0004541: [Server] Rename getPlayerFromNick to getPlayerFromName (Paul_Cortez)
0004754: [Server] onMarkerHit and onMarkerLeave are called in spite of the marker and the hitting element being in different interiors (Jax)
0004752: [Client] xmlCopyFile crash client (Arc)
0004725: [Client] Crash when using the "/binds" command (Jax)
0004711: [Server] unbindKey doesn't unbind a key if there is no handler function given (Arc)
0004705: [Client] getPlayerNametagText always returns false (clientside) (Arc)
0004703: [Client] The lateral buttons of my five button mouse causes client crash (ccw)
0004687: [Server] getVehicleEngineState() always return Serverside true even car engine is set On (Fenix1053)
0004755: [Client] onClientExplosion doesn't get triggered with satchels. (Jax)
0004762: [Server] onPlayerChangeNick not triggered when using setPlayerName (Cazomino05)
0002246: [Vehicles] Car radio after reconnect (Jax)
0004702: [Freecam] onClientRender is still async with gta's vehicle update rate (Jax)
0004427: [GUI / Menus / Console] When not in the menu, ALT-TAB "freezes" your cursor. (Arc)
0004369: [Vehicles] Falling off bikes, random kills (Jax)
0004365: [Synchronization] Improve bandwidth usage (ryden)
0003901: [Linux] *nix compatibility for server (fspijkerman)
0004370: [Server] getObjectRotation() returns acumulated values for attached objects (Jax)
0004467: [Client] Some objects submerged in water look as if they are not below the water. (Arc)
0004502: [Client] At times you can see the players health bar and name tag through objects. (Talidan)
0004512: [Client] Favourites only save servers with ase turned on (Arc)
0004526: [Client] Being knocked off a bike can cause inablity to enter any vehicle (Cazomino05)
0004576: [Server] Radar area causes server runtime error (Arc)
0004585: [Client] Exploding barrels don't explode vehicles always. (ccw)
0004630: [Client] Screenshots - minutes missing a 0 (Arc)
0004636: [Client] Freindly fire does not work with vehicle weapons (Cazomino05)
0004625: [Client] Knife kills from back, can be done when friendly fire is enabled. (Cazomino05)
0004589: [Server] Pickups can only be picked up from dimension 0. (Cazomino05)
0004394: [Client] [Request]Ability to prevent wasted shaking cam to take over clients view / abort it (Arc)
0004577: [Client] Using molotovs can lead to a client crash (ryden)
0004522: [Synchronization] When being hit by a car you get pushed back standing (instead of falling) (ccw)
0004505: [Scripting] onClientPlayerDamage Not triggering for fire (Arc)
0004445: [Client] Shooting after respawn randomly stops working (Jax)
0004125: [Resources] in ctf mode, players get stuck in vehicles they died in (Cazomino05)
0004535: [Server] Let server owners decide whether the client's framelimiter should be enabled. (mabako)
0004524: [Vehicles] Rhino turret desynch (Arc)
0004404: [Scripting] onClientResourceStop should trigger on local player quit (Arc)
0004498: [Client] Using "window" command in windowed mode crashes MTA (ccw)
0004542: [Weapons] Roasting the ground in water with the flamethrower causes a client crash (ryden)
0001685: [GUI / Menus / Console] Make full screen map transparency variable (Fenix1053)
0004515: [Synchronization] Damage sync crashes (Jax)
0004520: [Scripting] onVehicleExplode doesn't trigger when using blowVehicle. (Cazomino05)
0004352: [Installer] Add an option in the installer to create a desktop icon.
0004513: [Scripting] Loosen nametag restictions (Cazomino05)
0004507: [Client] Adding 'cto' or 'ctf' (and perhaps other) definitions to the editor cause a crash (Arc)
0004492: [Client] Screen remains black for a while after going back in-game after being in ALT+TAB mode. (Arc)
0004493: [General] GTA audio loops while being in ALT+TAB mode (Arc)
0003996: [GUI / Menus / Console] onClientGUIMouseDown/Up should be added (mabako)
0004178: [Scripting] guiLabelGetTextExtent does not support multiple lines (mabako)
0004506: [Scripting] attachElements with dimensions bug (Cazomino05)
0004353: [Scripting] onClientPlayerDamage triggering multiple times for explosion (Cazomino05)
0004362: [Client] onClientPlayerChoke is triggered for peds but returns the local player as the source
0004488: [Client] Submit new Chatbox crashes under Windows Vista 32Bit (Arc)
0004472: [Client] Players being ignored by melee/weapon attacks (ccw)
0004489: [Scripting] DX drawing order fail (ccw)
0004497: [Scripting] onClientResourceStop is triggering on all resources (Cazomino05)
0004491: [GUI / Menus / Console] Sliders in Audio tab in options window don't work properly (Cazomino05)
0004347: [General] Remove the splash-screens and the intro videos when you start MTA: SA (Arc)
0004079: [GUI / Menus / Console] Changing resolution in Video tab doesn't save after quitting (Arc)
0004062: [GUI / Menus / Console] Widescreen setting in Video tab of settings doesn't get saved after restarting MTA (Arc)
0004411: [General] Movement lag on attached markers (Jax)
0004444: [Client] Pickups are "pickable" from any dimension (Jax)
0004470: [Scripting] createExplosion is broken (ccw)
0004471: [Scripting] scripted projectiles are broken (ccw)
0004484: [Client] weaponanim isn't removed when using setPedWeaponSlot() (Jax)
0004487: [Server] setCameraMatrix, the last three arguments set optional. (Jax)
0004121: [GUI / Menus / Console] Improve gui icons/cursors/skins for main menu and console (ccw)
0001503: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add some new options in the Settings menu (lil_Toady)
0004478: [Client] Crash on forcing head light states (Arc)
0004454: [Client] Animation problems (Jax)
0004448: [Client] If chat input field has alpha 0, then inputted text won't appear (mabako)
0004447: [Client] If a ped dies near the moment it's destroyed with destroyElement a player sometimes dies instead (Cazomino05)
0004419: [Client] Ability to remove clouds (Cazomino05)
0004418: [Client] getScreenFromWorldPosition sometimes returns incorrect values (ccw)
0004390: [Server] Sync rate changes for remotely viewed players (ccw)
0004340: [Server] Server announcing issues (lil_Toady)
0004331: [Client] Settings menu shows you as logged out on resolution changes (Cazomino05)
0004269: [Client] Lines in chatbox inputfield gets another color than the first after the first linebreak (Arc)
0004132: [Server] Server crash after someone quits. (Arc)
0004284: [Client] Login Request window doesnt work (Arc)
0004283: [Server] Trailer Server crash (Arc)
0004278: [Client] Waterlevel not reset on disconnect
0004260: [Client] Entering an ambulance as driver gives the player 20hp (carried over from SP) (lucasc190)
0004217: [Client] setSkyGradient Glitch
0004043: [Client] Client side peds copy other players on the server (Arc)
0004172: [Client] Handle dynamic objects properly (ccw)
0004286: [Client] Map download progress bar too obtrusive (ccw)
0004303: [Client] Some breakable objects have the incorrect animation (ccw)
0004342: [Client] createWater has huge problems with minus values and the 0 0 axes (Arc)
0004343: [Server] isTimer() or equivalent
0004372: [GUI / Menus / Console] Stopping a resource can cause key binds to stop working in other resources (ccw)
0004100: [Client] Sniper not causing damage after certain distance (ryden)
0004330: [General] Tab (action key) should not make radar disappear (ryden)
0004373: [Client] When a car has more than 1 occupant, sirens bug out (ryden)
0003090: [Vehicles] Make engineLoadDFF more safe or split into vehicle and non-vehicle loading functions (Arc)
0003429: [Scripting] getElementsByType("player") in onClientResourceStart may not return all players for joining players (Arc)
0004031: [Installer] Add an option in installer to prevent creation of start menu item (Arc)
0004317: [Client] Passworded server problem (mabako)
0004351: [Client] Changing nickname in-game problem ("=" as first letter) (Cazomino05)
0004360: [General] AC kicks on exessive setElementHealth (Cazomino05)
0004177: [Server] isPedDead always returns false when used on peds
0004307: [Server] ase functions loaded after onResourceStart in startup-scripts happened (mabako)
0004346: [Scripting] onClientPedWasted does not trigger reliably (Cazomino05)
0004280: [Synchronization] Invisibility and desync on respawn (ryden)
0004289: [Server] Implement "fun-bugs" server setting that can be enabled (Talidan)
0004329: [Server] Minor bugs with setGlitchEnabled
0004301: [Client] onClientPlayerExitVehicle & onClientVehicleExit do not fire if you fell off a bike (Cazomino05)
0003963: [Scripting] after using removeAccount on an account that is in use, and then the client trying to login or logout crashes the server (Fenix1053)
0004016: [Server] Contact client-side element and getElementPosition()
0004279: [Client] resetMapInfo resets the state of nametags without the server being aware (Cazomino05)
0004257: [Server] setWaterLevel isn't synched on join (Cazomino05)
0004203: [Server] Serverside setPedHeadless not synced for new Clients (Cazomino05)
0004259: [General] "Host game" and "Map editor" buttons result in connection timeout message box (ryden)
0003944: [GUI / Menus / Console] Poor GUI Performance (ccw)
0004254: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Client-side Tick Count Accuracy Patch (ryden)
0004214: [Scripting] Setting the dimension of an icon'd blip will cause it to dissappear for ever on f11 map (Fenix1053)
0004253: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Underwater Colour Alpha Patch
0004256: [Server] setElementAlpha isn't synched on join for peds (ryden)
0004176: [Client] Custom Textures for Buildings no longer load atall. (Arc)
0004221: [Client] Server crash when shooting a clientside vehicle with HS rocket (ryden)
0004206: [General] Stopping a resource stops all its included resources, even if those includes were started beforehand (ryden)
0004213: [Client] Custom vehicles and models have pixelated textures (Arc)
0004088: [Client] playSound3D panning left to right is too extreme (Arc)
0004078: [Client] Texts are at the wrong place after changing screen resolution (Talidan)
0004113: [Client] distance is not calculated on z axis when using playSound3D (Arc)
0004127: [Resources] Some global variables missing - a bit of a feature request (Arc)
0004187: [Client] MTA does not save the GTA path on Win Vista (ccw)
0004204: [Client] setPedCameraRotation (lil_Toady)
0004180: [Client] keyBind crashes gta instead of transfering (a) table(s) (Arc)
0004002: [Client] onClientPedDamage - cancelling is messed up (ryden)
0004208: [Client] Setting an object's alpha crashes the game (ryden)
0004200: [Client] Weapon projectiles should be created in the same interior as the creator interior (lil_Toady)
0004192: [Client] Feature request: Close splash screen if errors are outputted (Arc)
0004041: [Server] warpPedIntoVehicle glitch (ccw)
0004119: [Server] Light states of a vehicle's back lights cannot be set separately (Arc)
0004161: [Maps] upgrades="" are delimited by spaces rather than commas. (lil_Toady)
0004070: [Server] CLuaFunctionDefinitions::ExecuteSQLQuery pushes column index instead of colName (Arc)
0004135: [Client] Add setPlayerBlurLevel Clientside (Arc)
0004069: [Server] aclGet and aclGetGroup output error when specifying non-existing ACL or ACL group name (lil_Toady)
0004097: [Client] Make setElementParent work properly with GUI elements (lil_Toady)
0004136: [Server] Network trouble after 'onVehicleStartExit' used removePlayerFromVehicle (Arc)
0004190: [Client] Clothes do not reset after game session (lil_Toady)
0004142: [Server] isObjectInGroup (ACL function req.) (Arc)
0003064: [Scripting] textures dont load for custom objects unless the object already exists and is streamed in for the player (Arc)
0003768: [Scripting] Server crash with onVehicleStartEnter and CancelEvent (lil_Toady)
0003959: [General] Download Error 9 and 10 when starting resources
0003040: [General] Mouse freezing issues (lil_Toady)
0001719: [GUI / Menus / Console] Show taskbar and alt-tab window when minimizing (lil_Toady)
0001158: [General] Spraying gang tags possible (ryden)
0004006: [Server] Command line startup options to bind a server to a specific port and slot amount (Arc)
0003043: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add "connection type" option to Settings window (lil_Toady)
0004116: [GUI / Menus / Console] F11 map always draws blips with a border outline of 255 (lil_Toady)
0004089: [Scripting] Consider the removal or fix for setCameraInterior (lil_Toady)
0003515: [General] When connecting to a server in localhost, the client shouldn't make the download speed check (ryden)
0003020: [General] Server HTML-encodes the download URL specified in the config (IJs)
0004115: [General] Projectiles active between maps crash the client (Arc)
0003953: [Weapons] Projectiles don't sync correctly until player respawns once (Arc)
0004101: [General] Improve the pools search performance (ryden)
0002629: [Synchronization] First two or three bullets of walking weapons don't hit the target after reloading (Arc)
0004086: [Server] attachElementToElement offsets not working for players - returned (ryden)
0004029: [Client] Shooting accuracy (corners) (ryden)
0004039: [Installer] Uninstaller does not remove Start Menu Items (ryden)
0004045: [Server] setElementInterior doesnt work on pickups (ryden)
0004040: [Scripting] Airport garages open in the wrong direction (ryden)
0004055: [General] Setting a pickup's position resets its interior world to 0 (ryden)
0003990: [Synchronization] Unreliable packets can arrive out of order (IJs)
0004032: [Client] Bug that allows shooting without losing ammo (Talidan)
0003975: [Client] Localhost desynch. (ccw)
0003909: [Installer] Server only installation requests GTA SA to be installed (Arc)
0003059: [Vehicles] Trains need their "on track" state synced (lil_Toady)
0004021: [Client] Chat input opens when pressing T or Y, even when the chat is invisible (Arc)
0004012: [GUI / Menus / Console] Clients crash when connecting to another server. (Arc)
0003354: [Scripting] getElementsWithinColShape only supports players and vehicles (lil_Toady)
0004003: [Scripting] Random object rotations on moving objects after join (lil_Toady)
0003989: [Client] Issues with disconnecting/reconnecting concerning community accounts (lil_Toady)
0004001: [GUI / Menus / Console] GUI work elements are clickable when Esc menu is displayed (Talidan)
0003978: [Scripting] client-side xmlCopyFile function (kevuwk)
0003972: [Client] Hunter minigun crash (Arc)
0003922: [Server] aclGroupRemoveObject throws assertion error crashing server (Arc)
0001293: [General] Sync parachutes (Talidan)
0003899: [Installer] Uninstaller should not delete user-created resources (Talidan)
0003958: [Vehicles] Attaching a vehicle to another, then attaching the another to the vehicle freezes server and client. (Arc)
0004004: [Scripting] Friendly fire affects the local player (Arc)
0003412: [Security] change serial bans to usernames (lil_Toady)
0003411: [Scripting] add a possibility to choose how banPlayer bans player (ip or serial) and add a reason arg to banSerial (lil_Toady)
0003981: [Server] Server event onBan refuses to fire. (lil_Toady)
0003983: [Client] guiGetProperty crashes client (lil_Toady)
0003988: [Client] Not automatically logging in on my MTA account. (lil_Toady)
0003970: [Scripting] resetMapInfo should remove headless state (Arc)
0003965: [Client] headless state stays even after serverchange (Arc)
0003971: [General] Player interior remains on reconnect/resetMapInfo (Arc)
0003968: [Scripting] Make onClientLogin/Logout cancelable (Arc)
0003954: [Scripting] onClientPedWasted is called two or more times when you kill one ped
0003956: [GUI / Menus / Console] 'Recently played' tab in Server Browser doesn't work as it should (Arc)
0003343: [Scripting] function to create colshapes of all shapes (lil_Toady)
0002947: [Scripting] getElementData should be able to retrieve JSON strings set in .map (Arc)
0002706: [Scripting] get("resource.") ignores settings set from meta.xml (Arc)
0003947: [Scripting] executeSQLSelect and executeSQLQuery don't return table elements as numbers (Arc)
0003948: [Scripting] executeSQLSelect and executeSQLQuery never return empty tables (Arc)
0003573: [Weapons] Being killed by your own satchels causes a crash (eAi)
0002771: [Admin] The nametag color still ranges from 0-100 even when the max health is bigger than 100 (Arc)
0003750: [General] Changing dimension doesn't hide elements that are in the old dimension (lil_Toady)
0003864: [General] Right clicking "MTA: San Andreas" in the taskbar freezes the game process (ccw)
0003862: [General] Allow Windows to focus on other applications whilst in windowed mode (ccw)
0003941: [Server] mtaserver.conf should enable verifyserials by default (jhxp)
0003940: [Server] Default mtaserver.conf does not correctly document module syntax (jhxp)
0003497: [Maps] Map parsing should be less strict (Arc)
0003869: [GUI / Menus / Console] Have to re-type your pass to re-login to your mta account when logged out. (lil_Toady)
0003173: [Vehicles] Remove the ability to get weapons from vehicles (Arc)
0003668: [Scripting] When call() parses returned values to send them to another resource, it doesn't do proper table depth checks (Arc)
0003868: [Scripting] Make setResourceInfo info changes permanent (lil_Toady)
0003932: [General] Screenshots are saved to the root of the drive (Arc)
0003839: [Scripting] Upon creation of a pickup, the client and server report different interior values (Arc)
0003911: [GUI / Menus / Console] Windowing game doesn't apply "dynamic scene rendering" disabled option (Arc)
0003930: [GUI / Menus / Console] Getting/setting cvars doesn't work while ingame (Arc)
0003447: [Vehicles] Using removePlayerFromVehicle when player is entering or exiting causes player to be unable to enter vehicles (Arc)
0003903: [GUI / Menus / Console] Connecting to a server does not work when already connected. (lil_Toady)
0003825: [General] Stored community password is not put correctly into textbox (lil_Toady)
0001230: [Synchronization] Make different actors voices sound differently (Arc)
0001764: [General] Some natural game interiors (not recreated with map objects) force walking (Arc)
0003924: [GUI / Menus / Console] Allow more than two keys to be bound to a function from the GUI (IJs)
0003755: [Scripting] All animations start from a standing position (lil_Toady)
0003921: [Server] Using "list" command on the console of server make it crash (lil_Toady)
0003914: [General] 'Host Game' Ignores Nick Settings (lil_Toady)
0003920: [Scripting] Add ped voice functions (Arc)
0003646: [Scripting] Server crashes when calling get() or set() from within a coroutine (Arc)
0002950: [Scripting] set() should allow setting of multiple values (Arc)
0003882: [GUI / Menus / Console] In keybinds settings, "binding a primary key" and "secondary key" texts are reversed (Arc)
0003871: [GUI / Menus / Console] Switching to windowed mode with "window" resets the login status label to "not logged in" (lil_Toady)
0003861: [General] If running on windowed mode, allow returning to fullscreen by using the "window" command again (lil_Toady)
0003824: [General] Client randomly kicks you for failed account verification (lil_Toady)
0003916: [General] Community registration window is not active when opened (lil_Toady)
0003438: [GUI / Menus / Console] Binding to lshift/rshift in mta settings doesn't work (IJs)
0003884: [General] Allow easy one-click registration from within community settings tab (lil_Toady)
0003880: [Scripting] addResourceMap and addResourceConfig are broken (lil_Toady)
0003888: [Maps] A ped "interior" attribute is not loaded from .map (lil_Toady)
0003889: [Installer] Uninstaller doesn't delete public sdk files, if they're chosen to be installed (jhxp)
0003898: [Installer] Uninstaller doesn't delete MTA San Andreas directory if it's empty (jhxp)
0003617: [Installer] MTA uninstaller will remove GTASA install if installed within it (jhxp)
0003017: [Installer] Uninstaller needs to detect if it's being run with or without administrator rights and disallow uninstalling when latter (jhxp)
0003114: [Synchronization] Prevent old sync packets from before setElementPosition and spawn commands arriving after the command (ChrML)
0003873: [GUI / Menus / Console] Server browser's Players list does not function (lil_Toady)
0003216: [GUI / Menus / Console] REOPENED: quick connect field entries change with failure to connect & quick connect gui disappears (ChrML)
0003855: [Synchronization] Client script download is broken (download error #0-3) (lil_Toady)
0003854: [GUI / Menus / Console] Chat text is squashed vertically (lil_Toady)
0003847: [General] Shift keys are not accepted as keys on Binds menu (lil_Toady)
0003844: [Scripting] DX drawing functions are broken (lil_Toady)
0001953: [GUI / Menus / Console] Radar blips shown over the GUI (lil_Toady)
0003814: [Scripting] Clients crash when destroying a ped serverside (lil_Toady)
0003823: [Scripting] Serverside cloneElement on a custom element does not send the cloned element to the client (lil_Toady)
0003817: [Maps] Some vehicle attributes in .map are ignored or don't function correctly (lil_Toady)
0003816: [Maps] Attributes use Space delimitation instead of Comma delimitation (lil_Toady)
0003815: [General] Respawning whilst collisionless does not allow restoration of collisionless attribute (lil_Toady)
0003810: [Synchronization] Block ped damage for everyone except the syncer (lil_Toady)
0001324: [Scripting] Radar area fills radar display when you are near it (lil_Toady)
0003486: [GUI / Menus / Console] dxDrawLine with postGUI=true draws the lines also in front of the mouse cursor (ryden)
0003717: [General] Peds and players always face the same way as the local player when in water (ryden)
0003192: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add to favorites by IP (ryden)
0003608: [Map Editor] The main menu "Map editor preview" button doesn't work (ryden)
0003804: [General] createPickup() can't create all available pickup types (ryden)
0003167: [Scripting] addCommandHandler's 'restricted' argument does nothing (ryden)
0003783: [General] Open all garage doors in the world (ryden)
0003436: [Scripting] setVehicleSirensOn() returns true even if the vehicle does not have sirens (ryden)
0003437: [Scripting] setting setVehicleEngineState () to false still allows to drive with bikes and boats (ryden)
0003760: [GUI / Menus / Console] Adding a server to favourites adds the server status to the name (ryden)
0003799: [GUI / Menus / Console] The password reminder of /register shows you the hashed password instead of the password itself (lil_Toady)
0003720: [GUI / Menus / Console] Request: Allow the mtasa://ip:port uri as parameter for console "connect" command (ryden)
0003413: [General] mtasa:// links don't take a password argument (ryden)
0003636: [General] Using "cinema cam" mode, one(?) of the alternating views shows only the sky (Arc)
0003738: [General] Remove "To stop Carl from entering a car" info text (ryden)
0003790: [General] Local player gets streamed out and in when crossing streamer sector boundaries (ryden)
0003359: [Synchronization] Sync shooting players in vehicles (ryden)
0003795: [General] Attached elements get reverted to their creation position when the element they're attached to streams out (ryden)
0003791: [Scripting] createPed always creates peds at (0,0,0) (ryden)
0003793: [General] Respawning while alive can make you invisible to other players (ryden)
0003792: [General] Peds are not streamed in when warping to them/warping them to you (ryden)
0003732: [General] attachElementToElement doesn't stream in the attached element (ryden)
0003785: [General] Clientside scripts are often not downloaded (ryden)
0003693: [Scripting] request: setPedOnFire(ped) (ryden)
0003623: [GUI / Menus / Console] Long entries in up/down console history move field focus; must hit home/end to refocus on shorter ones (lil_Toady)
0003357: [Synchronization] Shooting players at minimal distance ( before elbow butt ) shows damaging locally only (ryden)
0002256: [Weapons] When on passenger and shooting weapon - Drivers camera decides where bullets will go (up-down axis only) (ryden)
       0002842: [Vehicles] Origin when doing drivebies is off (ryden)
0003772: [Synchronization] Markers interior is not sent to the players (ryden)
0003765: [Weapons] While driveby'ing, you need to aim a bit to the right of a player to hit him (ryden)
0003769: [Synchronization] Amount of armor is not synced to the other players after first death, respawning with fr's setskin (lil_Toady)
0003450: [General] request: make the skins have their native sets of anims (aru)
0003630: [Installer] Pricedown font is not included in the installer (IJs)
0003759: [General] Client crash 0x0C5DC0F9 (ryden)
0003387: [Scripting] setPedRotation doesn't work if triggered in the same frame the ped has been created (ryden)
0003767: [General] Infinite resource stopping loop in server (ryden)
0003727: [Scripting] Serverside moveObject sets a seemingly random rotation when called on an object that is moving/has moved before (lil_Toady)
       0003734: [Scripting] Serverside getObjectRotation() returns wrong values for moving objects (lil_Toady)
0003780: [Scripting] Request: make setWeather accept any number, not just <= 19 (lil_Toady)
0003067: [General] Two kick/ban messages are being displayed (lil_Toady)
0003777: [General] Kick messages are still hardcoded (lil_Toady)
0003773: [Scripting] removeCommandHandler puts the server in an infinite loop (lil_Toady)
0003764: [Scripting] Destroying a pickup manually during the onPickupHit event causes a client crash (lil_Toady)
0003763: [Scripting] startResource allows you to start the same resource multiple times (lil_Toady)
0003748: [Synchronization] Gang driveby is no longer synced (lil_Toady)
0003762: [Weapons] setPedDoingGangDriveby(true) makes player do a phone call instead of starting to driveby (lil_Toady)
0003709: [Scripting] Streaming events don't work anymore (lil_Toady)
0003736: [General] Missing vehicles when mass spawned with script using .map data (lil_Toady)
0003706: [General] Gang drivebys cause the camera to snap to the back of the vehicle as driver (lil_Toady)
0003756: [Weapons] Issues introduced with the new weapons system (IJs)
       0003747: [Weapons] Shotguns appear to do less damage than they should (IJs)
       0003749: [Weapons] Sniper rifles do no damage (IJs)
0003758: [Weapons] No driveby by default when entering a vehicle - revert to gang driveby (lil_Toady)
0003753: [GUI / Menus / Console] "Recently played" and "Favourites" in server browser no longer function (lil_Toady)
0003745: [Scripting] setPedRotation doesn't allow negative rotation values (lil_Toady)
0003740: [General] Various issues with peds (lil_Toady)
0003731: [Scripting] Attaching an element to a player in a vehicle doesn't work (Jax)
0003733: [General] makePedUseGun() sets the proper animations on the ped but it actually doesn't shoot any bullet (Jax)
0003728: [Scripting] startResource(res) doesn't start included resources (lil_Toady)
0003297: [General] LAN support (lil_Toady)
0003544: [Scripting] request: getVehicleEngineState (Jax)
0003724: [Scripting] Client-side colshapes no longer work (Jax)
0003716: [GUI / Menus / Console] Hitting server refresh while the "Refreshing..." label is visible will cause it not to disappear again (Jax)
0003718: [Synchronization] Jetpacks aren't created on peds when joining a server (Jax)
0003679: [General] Many animations move the jaw into the head (Jax)
0003696: [Synchronization] If an element data is an element, it's not sent to connecting players (Jax)
0003060: [General] Add peds serverside (ChrML)
0001857: [Vehicles] Holding a melee/misc weapon while driving a bicycle causes the skin arms to shake (Jax)
0003574: [Vehicles] Getting onto a bicycle causes a whiteout within a couple of seconds (Jax)
0003622: [Scripting] custom pickups invisible when they respawn (Jax)
0003715: [Scripting] warpPlayer/PedIntoVehicle doesn't work correctly when called on a ped or player spawned on the same frame as the vehicle (Jax)
0003667: [General] Parameter "persistent" of startResource() doesn't work. (lil_Toady)
0003291: [Scripting] Remote players can effect your alpha (Jax)
0003462: [Vehicles] You can't drive the Brownstreak (vehicle id 538) (Jax)
0003705: [Scripting] dxDrawLine3D no longer works (lil_Toady)
0003533: [Synchronization] Remote players cannot shoot out tyres (Jax)
0003700: [Scripting] getPedAnimation() can return wrong values when the animation was forced to stop (Jax)
0003692: [Scripting] setPedAnimation(ped, false) causes crash (Jax)
0003703: [Scripting] Can't attach event handlers to peds (Jax)
0003704: [Maps] <team> map elements accept as color attributes colorR="" colorG="" colorB="" when they should accept color="#str" (Jax)
0003699: [Scripting] Problems with peds and interiors (Jax)
0003698: [Maps] Peds created by maps (<ped> nodes) spawn dead (Jax)
0003688: [Synchronization] When applying an animation to yourself and respawning, the animation doesn't stop for remote players (Jax)
0003689: [Scripting] Client crash when stopping a resource that created a projectile with a ped as owner (Jax)
0003695: [General] Various (lots) interior issues (Jax)
0003690: [General] Marker elements are not accepted by get/setElementInterior (Jax)
0003691: [General] Setting interiors on an element upon creation returns true but fails (Jax)
0003694: [Maps] posX, posY and posZ attributes of a <ped> element in a map file aren't loaded. (Jax)
0003078: [Scripting] Killing the local player resets the weather. (Jax)
0003024: [Installer] Some people get invalid serial when installing (IJs)
0003352: [Scripting] requesting: getPedAnimation() (Jax)
0003682: [Scripting] removePedFromVehicle doesn't work with peds (Jax)
0003664: [General] Whiteouts when shooting a vehicle from a vehicle (classic driveby) (Jax)
0003073: [Scripting] Add marker hit events clientside too (Jax)
0002968: [General] Markers exist in all interiors (Jax)
0003676: [Scripting] setMarkerColor, setMarkerSize don't work (Jax)
0003122: [Installer] Some people have problems with generating serials (IJs)
0003624: [General] Falling to death results in the player getting back up and doing death animation while respawning (Jax)
0003673: [Scripting] request: A parameter for setPedAnimation to make it update your position (Jax)
0003434: [Scripting] request: A way to get out of animations (Jax)
0003665: [Scripting] resetMapInfo should also reset players' alpha (Jax)
0003632: [Scripting] Request: isVehicle(element?)InWater (Jax)
0003396: [Scripting] fixVehicle(), possibly other functions, reset time to 00:00 (Jax)
0003666: [Scripting] Add setHelicopterRotorSpeed (lil_Toady)
0003261: [Scripting] Setting out of range animation in setPlayerAnimation/setPedAnimation crashes you (Jax)
0001378: [Scripting] Arrow marker bounces like hell (Jax)
0003513: [Scripting] request: A scripting function to enable/disable the automatic arrow marker bouncing (Jax)
0003388: [Scripting] request: getElementColShape, onMarkerHit, onMarkerLeave client side (lil_Toady)
0003663: [Scripting] Add an optional "start included resources" bool to startResource and restartResource (Jax)
0003656: [Scripting] Request: setPedDoingGangDriveby() client-side (Jax)
0003658: [Vehicles] Passengers of bikes get constantly an animation like if trying to get the driver position (Jax)
0003660: [General] Player still in gang driveby animation when it runs out of ammo (Jax)
0003662: [GUI / Menus / Console] When going down the console history, it should also reach your current input (Jax)
0003659: [Scripting] getElementModel for pickups (lil_Toady)
0003657: [Weapons] setPedDoingGangDriveby(true) makes player shoot in bursts when on foot (Jax)
0003635: [Scripting] Server-side setElementPosition() doesn't work for blips (Jax)
0003492: [GUI / Menus / Console] Big debug output text (Jax)
0002217: [Synchronization] Motorbike/quadbike passenger uses driver animations (Jax)
0003634: [General] When you change a blip color client-side, an ugly and big blip appears covering your screen (Jax)
0003490: [General] Changing dimensions causes elements in that dimension not to appear unless the camera is moved (Jax)
0003648: [General] Streamer freezes player if an object is hidden during spawn. (Jax)
0003645: [Scripting] 2 elements attached with attachElementToElement can't be attached differently without detaching first (Jax)
0001856: [Vehicles] Player stuck in driveby animation when finishing a driveby (Jax)
0003428: [Scripting] setElementHealth(player, 0) doesn't make player die (Jax)
0003467: [General] Any knife aim + hit is considered a stealth kill, even if you are in in the back of the victim. (Jax)
0003432: [Scripting] onClientPlayerWasted doesn't work anymore (Jax)
0002890: [Vehicles] Tyre States are not truely accurate (Jax)
0001115: [Scripting] moveObject starting from origional position even after a move (Jax)
0003620: [Scripting] Many serverside element functions are incompatible with peds (Jax)
0003602: [GUI / Menus / Console] setCursorPosition() may move the cursor outside the gta window (lil_Toady)
0003615: [General] Players are sometimes spawning at 0,0,0 under the map, player strobes/warps as falling (Jax)
0003614: [General] Sometimes people sprinting on foot are warped back to previous position constantly (Jax)
0003616: [Scripting] Client-side getMarkerColor() returns the colors reversed (Jax)
0003601: [Scripting] createMarker() RGB arguments are reversed (Jax)
0003440: [General] Crash: 0x****3CC7 (Jax)
0003600: [Scripting] setResourceInfo does not accept nil as a value (Jax)
0003584: [Scripting] Some serverside ped functions don't work (Jax)
0003589: [Scripting] setMarkerType makes cylinder markers loose their alpha values (Jax)
0003485: [GUI / Menus / Console] request: setCursorPosition() (lil_Toady)
0003577: [Scripting] Serverside setPedRotation doesn't work (Jax)
0003576: [General] setMarkerType crashes the client (Jax)
0003579: [Scripting] Make xmlNodeGetAttributes return { key = value } instead of { i = key } (lil_Toady)
0003514: [GUI / Menus / Console] request: postGUI parameter for all dx functions (lil_Toady)
0003444: [Scripting] make loadMapData not take into account the first xml node and saveMapData only save children of the specified parent element (lil_Toady)
0003565: [Scripting] Server side created radar areas are always red if no alpha is specified (Jax)
0003562: [Weapons] Crash: 0x00738B64 (Jax)
0003501: [Scripting] request: setPedRotation serverside (Jax)
0003570: [GUI / Menus / Console] Crash with the server browser (Jax)
0003567: [General] createMarker crashes the client (Jax)
0003569: [Vehicles] Crash just when any explosion happens (Jax)
0003541: [Scripting] Add functions for adjusting the FPS limiter (lil_Toady)
0003558: [Weapons] giveWeapon often has no effect (Jax)
0003557: [Synchronization] Rotation of remote players is 90° to 180° off (Jax)
0003303: [Scripting] request: xmlNodeGetName() / xmlNodeSetName() (lil_Toady)
0003550: [General] Crash if you drown while being on foot (Jax)
0003309: [Scripting] request: xmlNodeGetAttributes() (lil_Toady)
0003553: [General] Instant crash on join (Jax)
0003549: [Vehicles] Players can get stuck and desynced in vehicles if they try to exit them (Jax)
0003547: [General] Client colshapes don't trigger hit/leave events anymore (Jax)
0003546: [Scripting] All client functions are gone (IJs)
0003493: [Scripting] request: add setResourceInfo (lil_Toady)
0003542: [Scripting] Add showChat server-side (lil_Toady)
0003494: [Scripting] request: add get/setRadarAreaColor,get/setRadarAreaSize clientside (lil_Toady)
0003458: [Scripting] request: add clothes funcs client side (lil_Toady)
0003540: [Security] fileDelete is not restricted by ModifyOtherObjects (lil_Toady)
0003530: [Vehicles] Drivers or passengers of a Leviathan may stop synching to others until they get out (Jax)
0003495: [Scripting] request: add a fileDelete (lil_Toady)
0003430: [General] Nametag doesn't update when a player changes his name (lil_Toady)
0003426: [General] Add ability to freeze automatic clock advancement for realtime (lil_Toady)
0003537: [Vehicles] Aborting a car jacking makes the driver unable to get out or being jacked again (Jax)
0003534: [Vehicles] When jacking a passenger while entering a car to get to the driver seat, desync can be caused (Jax)
0003524: [Vehicles] Occupied vehicle damage is not properly synced (Jax)
0003529: [Vehicles] Passengers get thrown out of the vehicle randomly (Jax)
0003491: [Scripting] request: getColorFromString client-side (aru)
0003442: [Synchronization] Remote hydra/hunter rockets fly in opposite direction (lil_Toady)
0003520: [General] Stopping the script responsible for the vehicle you are in desyncs you (Jax)
0003525: [General] make it close the chatbox input when chatbox is being hidden (Jax)
0003518: [Vehicles] Vehicles don't properly explode anymore (Jax)
0003517: [Weapons] Rockets/missiles don't collide with anything locally and go backwards for remote players (Jax)
0003516: [Map Editor] The map editor button in the main menu checks for the existance of a wrong resource (aru)
0003349: [Vehicles] weird vehicle handling (Jax)
0003394: [Scripting] isElementOnScreen doesnt work with pickups (Jax)
0003389: [General] Assert with setCameraTarget(getLocalPlayer()) (Jax)
0003500: [Scripting] Serverside setElementModel does not work with peds (Jax)
0003502: [General] More problems relating recently created elements that don't appear until you move your camera (Jax)
0003503: [General] When you join, existing map objects aren't shown until you change their position (Jax)
0003506: [Scripting] Serverside attachElementToElement does not work for peds (Jax)
0003512: [Scripting] Changing corona markers to another marker type changes their color (Jax)
0003335: [Synchronization] Blowing unoccupied vehicles leaves them non-blackened and burning (Jax)
0003460: [General] Dieing by a car explosion standing on it's hood crashes the client (Jax)
0002770: [Scripting] Passing "nil" as the value for xmlNodeSetAttribute does nothing (Jax)
0003454: [Vehicles] The damage proof attribute of vehicles is not sent to connecting players (Jax)
0003474: [Scripting] Client crash with getElementModel when used with objects (Jax)
0003475: [Scripting] getElementRotation() returns 360-rotZ for players (Jax)
0003477: [Vehicles] Client-side createVehicle doesn't create the vehicle until you move your camera (Jax)
0003479: [Scripting] Serverside getVehiclePlateText crashes on vehicles with random plate (Peter)
0003433: [Scripting] request: getVehicleType (Peter)
0003385: [Scripting] request: textDisplayIsObserver, textDisplayGetObservers (Peter)
0003445: [Scripting] matchingDimension param in onMarkerHit always returns false (Peter)
0003446: [General] Trains cannot enter/exit Los Santos (1st city) (Peter)
0003435: [Scripting] getVehicleLightState() is broken (Peter)
0002913: [GUI / Menus / Console] Script debug inteferes with GUI. (Jax)
0003236: [General] If you respawn while jacking neither you or the guy you been jacking can enter the car (Jax)
0002886: [General] /ceguitext 1 makes nametags very large (Jax)
0003417: [Scripting] setElementData sets data on element's children (Jax)
0002910: [Scripting] setPlayerSkin() points the player camera North (again) (Jax)
0003392: [General] Pickups are not removed in some interiors (Peter)
0002767: [Weapons] Bullets go straight when shooting up with a handgun (when not aiming) (Jax)
0003083: [Synchronization] Interpolation in un-occupied vehicle sync has caused trailers to not be pull-able. (Jax)
0002802: [Synchronization] Streamed in dead players are alive but die about 2-3 seconds after streamin (Jax)
0002861: [General] dead bodies block your path (Jax)
0002803: [Synchronization] Local and Remote player elements that reach 0HP dont get killed untill 2-3 seconds later (Jax)
0002372: [General] setElementVelocity doesn't work for objects (Jax)
0003410: [Scripting] onplayerwasted and onplayerdamage not reporting attacker (Jax)
0003415: [Scripting] Add an event for detecting stealth kills (Jax)
0002809: [Synchronization] Sync instant knife kill (targeting player and slicing from behind with knife) (Jax)
0002687: [Scripting] Add 'clock' parameter for showPlayerHudComponent (Peter)
0003409: [General] You get kicked for cheating getting Enforcer's armour (Peter)
0003110: [Synchronization] Stop the game from creating the death task (ChrML)
0003393: [Scripting] setVehicleGunsEnabled doesn't work (Jax)
0003397: [Scripting] request: xmlNodeGetParent (Jax)
0003395: [Scripting] Server crashes when passing a player element to getAccount() instead of a string (Jax)
0003390: [Scripting] spawnPlayer sets incorrect rotation (Jax)
0003391: [Scripting] Canceling onVehicleStartEnter locks you out of the vehicle even after the event handler is removed (Jax)
0003384: [General] Access denied messages (Jax)
0003308: [Scripting] Add an cancelable onConnect event (kevuwk)
0003113: [Synchronization] Camera focus entities need to be streamed in (ChrML)
0003361: [Scripting] createProjectile constantly shoots rockets when player (the creator arg) is in a vehicle with a passenger (Jax)
0003188: [Maps] Certain elements defined in MAP file are invisible for joiners (Jax)
0003071: [Scripting] setPlayerSkin doesn't unload previous model properly (Jax)
0003355: [GUI / Menus / Console] Remove "MTASA:" prefix from browser for game type (Jax)
0003350: [Scripting] setVehicleIdleRespawnDelay doesnt' work? (Jax)
0001691: [General] Corona markers not appearing (Jax)
0002883: [General] Optimize bandwidth usage with many players / Distance based sync taking camera stuff into account (ChrML)
0002360: [Scripting] setting the camera mode to "fixed" while in a vehicle issue (IJs)
0003334: [General] Camera mode is buggy (server side) (Jax)
0003320: [Scripting] Allow mta controls to be used with bindKey (Jax)
0003312: [Scripting] setPlayerNametagColour/Text for client-side scripts (Jax)
0001427: [Scripting] When onResourceStart triggers a onColShapeHit() while not being in the radius of that ColShape (ChrML)
0001767: [Scripting] Using setElementPosition on a player inside a marker triggers onMarkerHit (ChrML)
0002714: [Scripting] Client and server getVehiclePlateText returns false for vehicles whose plate wasn't set manually (ChrML)
0002724: [Scripting] Certain kinds of functions, like getElementsByType(), don't work from within a coroutine (ChrML)
0002796: [GUI / Menus / Console] Connection problem icon is white on remote players (ChrML)
0003102: [General] kickPlayer does not display the kick reason to the player that was kicked (ChrML)
0003123: [Scripting] toJSON ignores the first argument (ChrML)
0003156: [Scripting] Add a way to hide default text (ChrML)
0003168: [Scripting] fileOpen should return false and continue instead of erroring and aborting execution if the specified file doesn't exist (ChrML)
0003176: [Scripting] hasObjectPermissionTo always returns false if player argument passed (ChrML)
0003183: [Scripting] fileIsEOF only returns true after having read more than file size (ChrML)
0003203: [Scripting] setTimer doesn't work anymore from within a coroutine (ChrML)
0003204: [Scripting] clientside outputChatBox doesn't accept number values (ChrML)
0003215: [Scripting] setCameraLookAt works crappily (ChrML)
0003302: [Scripting] getPlayerTarget doesn't work if target is a ped (ChrML)
0003299: [Scripting] request: xmlGetChildNodes() (Jax)
0003293: [Scripting] Doing attachElementToElement ( objectA, objectB ) then attachElementToElement ( objectB, objectA ) crashes player (Jax)
0002254: [Scripting] setElementVisibleTo does not work on Markers (Jax)
0003158: [Scripting] The way setElementVisibleTo works is strange/confusing (Jax)
0003279: [Scripting] Cylinder markers always get created at (0, 0, 0) regardless of specified coords (Jax)
0003278: [Scripting] removePlayerClothes is broken (Jax)
0003280: [Scripting] setCameraInterior is identical to getCameraInterior (Jax)
0003272: [Scripting] Interior world carries over after a disconnect while the player is "terminated". (Jax)
0003273: [Scripting] Interior world cannot be set on a player who is "terminated" (Jax)
0003268: [General] setPedAnimation() returns false (Jax)
0003267: [General] setPedSkin() will return false / stack overflow (Jax)
0003269: [General] Ped element type is "unknown" rather than "ped" (Jax)
0003249: [General] Arrow markers sometimes invisible (Jax)
0003260: [Scripting] allow getPlayerMoney to work clientside (Jax)
0003262: [GUI / Menus / Console] Quick connect info doesn't get saved (Jax)
0003259: [GUI / Menus / Console] Connecting to a server via browser results in the server/port being put in quick connect (Jax)
0003121: [Installer] Race ACL is not included in default acl.xml (Jax)
0003251: [Scripting] Ped functions whine about a bad argument (Jax)
0003250: [Scripting] setTimer() crashes from within a closure (Jax)
0003241: [Scripting] cannot attach objects to players (Jax)
0003248: [General] vehicle element is passed as the player arg to onVehicleEnter if the player has been warped into the vehicle (Jax)
0003081: [GUI / Menus / Console] Inverted mouse - option needs adding to controls menu (Jax)
0003246: [General] Motion Blur not resetting when changing server (Jax)
0003245: [General] If you die with a jetpack on it remains after respawn (Jax)
0002562: [Scripting] Server lockup when passing tables with function values in them through call() (Jax)
0002922: [Scripting] Calling setTimer() with a table containing function values locks up server/client (Jax)
0003210: [Scripting] bindKey server/client lockup with a table containing functions (Jax)
0003237: [Scripting] Money functions does not support a negative amount (Jax)
0002908: [General] cant click anything till the player spawns at least once (IJs)
0003038: [General] You can't do setCameraPosition and setCameraLookAt in the same frame (Jax)
0003181: [Scripting] calling callRemote while a resource is stopped crashes the server (kevuwk)
0003180: [General] Using ' in player name gives strange results (Jax)
0003172: [Scripting] get/setPickupRespawnTime requested (Jax)
0003205: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiGridListGetSelectedItem returns 0 for column but the index starts from 1 (IJs)
0003161: [Weapons] Crouching and shooting akimbo weaps doesnt work properly (Jax)
0003195: [Scripting] toggleControl reduced functionality (Jax)
0003211: [Scripting] make molotovs in createProjectile aimable. (Jax)
0003165: [Scripting] A func to pick up a pickup is needed (Jax)
0003208: [General] onClientVehicleEnter and onClientPlayerVehicleEnter are not triggered if player has been warped into the vehicle (Jax)
0003199: [Scripting] onVehicleStartExit does not trigger if you're being jacked. (Jax)
0003057: [General] Setting wanted level to 6 makes the army roadblocks appear in the game. (eAi)
0003184: [Scripting] remove isPlayerBetaTester (kevuwk)
0003177: [Scripting] Clientside detachElementFromElement() crashes if not attached to anything (kevuwk)
0003159: [Scripting] After attaching markers or blips server side, can't get a list of them with client side getAttachedElements() (Jax)
0003148: [Scripting] attachElementToElement offsets not working for players. (Jax)
0003134: [General] Modules functions don't return the correct value during RegisterFunction (kevuwk)
0003124: [General] DebugPrintf from module interface prefixes messags with ERROR (kevuwk)
0003115: [General] Download error 9 - Backslashes in URLs (Jax)
0002448: [Maps] Added objects aren't recognized as ground pieces (ryden)
       0001980: [General] Jetpack does not recognize added objects as ground pieces, cant get far off real ground (ryden)
       0002439: [Weapons] Molotovs' snap-to-ground explosions don't work on placed objects (ryden)
0003364: [Scripting] createBlipAttachedTo leaves blip @ 0,0,0 if last player in server leaves and comes back (Jax)
0001373: [Weapons] Looking away from the shooter might sometimes make his shots not work
0003556: [Scripting] onClientGUIClick doesn't trigger on middle mouse button click
0003401: [General] Issues with attaching + dimensions
0003870: [GUI / Menus / Console] The "window" command crashes my game.
0003523: [Vehicles] Ocuppied vehicle's blow twice
0001885: [Synchronization] Unsynced lateral driveby is possible
0003885: [General] Automatic logging in of community (lil_Toady)
0003120: [General] Using certain chars in stuff such as Server names or Player Names causes the string to be cut
0003845: [General] Client assertion fail: CClien...ger.cpp:284 pEntry->pModel->GetRefCount() > 1
0003313: [General] Creating certain elements is quite slow
0003730: [General] Client crash on pickup pick up
0003111: [GUI / Menus / Console] Window alpha setting does not affect controls created after it is changed (lil_Toady)
653 issues View Issues

Second public release. This version has been released publicly on 10th of January, 2008.

<b>Bugs fixed since the last release:</b>

0003101: [Installer] Uninstaller might tend to remove whole GTA SA folder, when mtasa is installed in it (ChrML)
0002314: [Scripting] Blip priorities (Jax)
0003108: [Synchronization] Elements interiors are not synced on join (Jax)
0003107: [General] Blips rendered above objective markers (Jax)
0003087: [General] Support mice with more than 3 buttons. (Jax)
0002849: [Scripting] Request for "getControlKeys" (Jax)
0003065: [Admin] banSerial crashes the server (kevuwk)
0003025: [Admin] banPlayer crashes the server? (Oli)
0003029: [GUI / Menus / Console] Have total players/servers count on server browser (Jax)
9 issues View Issues

Initial public release. This version has been released publicly on 2nd of January, 2008.

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0002733: [Vehicles] trying to enter boats or skimmer causes a glitch (Jax)
0002953: [General] Download error 9 with subdirectories. (eAi)
0003000: [Scripting] xmlLoadFile can't load files from a zipped resource (Arc)
0001610: [Scripting] Static arrow-marker type
0002050: [Vehicles] Attempt to increase vehicle type limit (IJs)
0001135: [Synchronization] Crouching syncs slowly (eAi)
0001450: [GUI / Menus / Console] 'Connect timed out' message (Oli)
0002108: [Vehicles] Vehicles created in .map respawn as soon as you exit them (Jax)
0001634: [General] Long pause from taking first screenshot (Jax)
0003068: [Synchronization] Slidey vehicles (Jax)
0002998: [General] Crash when clicking on the 'About' button when animated menu is enabled
0002987: [Scripting] Element data set on players client side is not received by joining players (Jax)
0002992: [Vehicles] Vehicle can get locked in an unusable state when driver of the hijacked vehicle disconnects while hijacking (Jax)
0002971: [General] Jetpack doesn't get removed after player respawns (Jax)
0002920: [Scripting] Glued objects are desynced for joining players (Jax)
0002927: [General] Remote player spawns affect local interior (Jax)
0002951: [Scripting] Client streamer events are not working correctly (Jax)
0002918: [Scripting] Clientside setMarkerTarget crashes the client (Jax)
0002948: [Scripting] Object rotations in .map are in radians (Jax)
0002942: [Scripting] Need a function to lock players to vehicles so they dont fall off bikes. (Jax)
0002946: [Scripting] createColCircle always returns false client side (Jax)
0002943: [Scripting] setMarkerTarget and setMarkerIcon do not work properly (Jax)
0002928: [General] Kicking/Banning when resources are downloading causes download error instead of kick message (kevuwk)
0002879: [Scripting] setPlayerSkin() resets camera mode to player (Jax)
0002914: [Scripting] Clientside getObjectModel() needed (Jax)
0002906: [Scripting] Serverside bindKey doesn't work with control names (Jax)
0002892: [General] Crash while clicking cancel on a non-responsive server connection (Jax)
0002818: [Scripting] When calling clientside/serverside triggerEvent from an event handler, its client/source variables are set to false (Jax)
0002487: [Security] debugfile path is not restricted (kevuwk)
0002772: [Scripting] restartResource lacks params from startResource (kevuwk)
0002751: [Weapons] Goggles (if equipped) effect get removed whenever a remote player spawns (Jax)
0002760: [General] Crash on join [0x533706] - "C++ error" (eAi)
0002766: [General] first person aim weapons not removed when out of ammo (Jax)
0002764: [Vehicles] Some vehicles slide to the right when entering (Jax)
0002763: [Scripting] Add clientside setPlayerRotation() (Jax)
0002669: [Weapons] Able to pretend shoot any weapon from any vehicle (read description) (ChrML)
0002737: [General] Sometimes after restarting (a mode?) it gives a fatal 6 (ChrML)
0002757: [Scripting] getAccount - doesn't exist when it should (Jax)
0002756: [Synchronization] When a player spawns, any attached elements to your local player fall off, but remain attached to the view of remote players (Jax)
0002755: [Vehicles] When a player spawns, all other players are thrown out of their vehicle, causes bad de-sync (Jax)
0002752: [Synchronization] Remotely driven vehicles behave strangely when a FPS lag/net lag occours (Jax)
0002753: [Scripting] Client debug assertion failure when downloading clientside scripts (ChrML)
0002717: [Scripting] Clientside getPickupWeapon always returns 1 on valid weapon pickups (Jax)
0002716: [Scripting] Clientside getPickupType always returns 2 on valid pickups (Jax)
0002746: [Scripting] Running getResourceInfo to get a non-set info tag attribute returns the attribute's name (Jax)
0002742: [Vehicles] Tank shots not synchronized (Jax)
0002731: [Scripting] controls lock up on skin change (Jax)
0002735: [General] line after \n is not considered as a new line in outputChatBox() (Jax)
0001584: [Scripting] Changing dimensions does not change player visiblity (Jax)
0002582: [General] isVehicleOnGround always returns true for unoccupied vehicle (Jax)
0002723: [Admin] Request: getTime/Date, Events for pickups client side (Jax)
0002713: [Scripting] player skins not updating for remote players (Jax)
0002686: [Scripting] Creating a GUI scrollbar or GUI scrollpane crashes the client (IJs)
0001876: [General] Satchel crash [Crash ID: 27892 Address: 0x42480000] (IJs)
0002701: [Weapons] In driveby mode, when all ammo is lost player still preforms shooting animation (Jax)
0002534: [Scripting] Camera position resets on setPlayerSkin (Jax)
0002695: [General] Remote player's vehicle explosions do not have sound (Jax)
0002705: [Scripting] Restarting a resource that contains resource settings and has been updated crashes the server (kevuwk)
0002550: [Scripting] Restarting a resource that contains resource configs and has been updated crashes the server (kevuwk)
0002528: [Vehicles] No front hood in some vehicles (Jax)
0002697: [Scripting] Client freezes when being passed nested tables through triggerClientEvent (eAi)
0002696: [Scripting] setBlipSize sets the icon of the blip, rather than the size (kevuwk)
0002694: [Vehicles] Vortex has invisible doors (eAi)
0002275: [General] A player glued to a vehicle hears the radio playing (eAi)
0001193: [General] Glitch to potentially warp you back to car or give you infinite ammo (ChrML)
0002691: [General] Serverside scripts are not unloaded if a resource is updated via refresh (eAi)
0002569: [Maps] Dimension tags in elements do not work (kevuwk)
0002690: [Maps] Interior tags in elements do not work (kevuwk)
0002557: [General] Fatal error 8 on join (kevuwk)
0002660: [General] Certain gamemodes or resources can cause crashes or assertions/c++ errors for people who want to connect to a server (kevuwk)
0001624: [Scripting] removeEventHandler related server crash (eAi)
0002677: [General] Serverside getResourceConfig returns an invalid xmlnode pointer for stopped resources (kevuwk)
0002291: [Scripting] setVehicleDoorsUndamageable parameter is incorrectly interpreted (eAi)
0002551: [Scripting] Clientside event handlers are not always added after restarting (eAi)
0002533: [Scripting] Returning Lua functions or coroutines from a http exported function crashes the server (eAi)
0001483: [Vehicles] Getting sucked through Combine Harvester causes desync (eAi)
0001795: [General] Radio reports all bridges have been opened (eAi)
0002672: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiCreateMemo crashes the game (IJs)
0002575: [GUI / Menus / Console] Using a table with self-references as element data or a call() parameter causes a crash (eAi)
0002553: [Scripting] MAX_HEALTH stat can only be set on the CJ skin (Cray)
0001765: [Synchronization] Vehicles randomly desync (ChrML)
0002667: [Scripting] addPlayerToTeam and removePlayerFromTeam names are misunderstandable (Jax)
0002661: [Maps] comments in .map files crashes the server. (kevuwk)
0002662: [Scripting] warpPlayerIntoVehicle crashes the server. (Jax)
0002606: [Scripting] wasEventCanceled() always returns false (Jax)
0002649: [General] Using warpPlayerIntoVehicle while in passenger seat to a driver seat causes desync (Jax)
0002646: [Vehicles] Getting out of a vehicle centers the player under the vehicle (Jax)
0002659: [Scripting] resetMapInfo() changes skin to CJ while server is not aware of this. (Jax)
0002655: [Scripting] xmlCreateFile + xmlSaveFile doesn't save xml in local resource directory (kevuwk)
0002279: [General] FPS Drop Bug (Cray)
0002172: [General] Boats invisible when moved with client-side setElementPosition (Jax)
0002567: [Synchronization] Players can get desynced (Jax)
0002640: [Scripting] killing player in car causes PE34 (Jax)
0002549: [Scripting] createElement ID argument is ignored (ChrML)
0002555: [General] Entering multilanguage messages in chatbox is not possible (Jax)
0002610: [Synchronization] unloading a resource desyncs players that were in vehicles related to the resource (Jax)
0002637: [General] Client gamespeed starts ultra fast, world gravity is low (Jax)
0002635: [Scripting] Serverside setSkyGradient does not sync for joining players. (Jax)
0002636: [Scripting] Sky gradients carry over upon disconnect (Jax)
0002556: [General] Ctrl + k adds a wierd code to chatbox messages (Jax)
0002628: [Scripting] warpPlayerIntoVehicle does not work correctly for streamed out vehicles. (Jax)
0002594: [Scripting] createObject clientside rotations are not in degrees, serverside is (Jax)
0002631: [General] Crash upon car collisions of two drivers (Jax)
0002630: [General] Crash upon vehicle jacking (Jax)
0002627: [Scripting] toggleControl "enter_exit" working sporadically (Jax)
0002633: [Scripting] Clientside vehicles "platetext" arg doesnt work (Jax)
0002475: [Scripting] When changing a player's vehicle using warpPlayerIntoVehicle, camera stays on the old vehicle (Jax)
0002535: [Scripting] Crash when element camera is set to be watching is destroyed (Jax)
0002622: [General] Aiming using a single handed weapon crashes all players currently connected (Jax)
0002593: [Scripting] killing a player (killPlayer()) with armor needs to be triggered twice (and another bug) (Jax)
0002623: [General] banIP issues (kevuwk)
0002616: [Scripting] banIP doesn't save the banner name (kevuwk)
0002615: [Scripting] onVehicleDamage gets triggered with a negative loss (kevuwk)
0002609: [Vehicles] Radio disappears permanently from a certain vehicle (eAi)
0002604: [Scripting] getBansXML and unbanIP broken (kevuwk)
0002608: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiLabelGetTextExtent always returns 16 (kevuwk)
0002597: [General] getBansXML(), unbanIP() (kevuwk)
0002330: [Scripting] money functions set bad values (Jax)
0002525: [Scripting] Remote players Interior, Dimension, Armour values are not synced (kevuwk)
0002602: [General] Reset/remove fall damage on spawn (Jax)
0001545: [General] Death caused by eating stat after certain amount of time (eAi)
0001129: [Synchronization] Melee rotation goes weird when blocking (jitters from one rotation to the other) (eAi)
0002438: [Synchronization] Remote players turn toward the local player when punching (eAi)
0002592: [Scripting] killing a player attached to an element, and then respawning him somewhere else doesnt deattach the player on remote screens (Jax)
0002541: [Vehicles] Paintjob 4 applies random textures to cars (Jax)
0002558: [Scripting] triggerClientEvent always returns false (Jax)
0002434: [GUI / Menus / Console] Client crashes if you pass an invalid gui element to a function. (IJs)
0002586: [GUI / Menus / Console] Team chat messages should not be colored, (team) denotes them fine (Jax)
0002519: [GUI / Menus / Console] F11 Map does not show serverside blips of ID other than 0 anymore (Jax)
0002583: [General] Lag compensation is turned off (Jax)
0001832: [General] 'Network trouble' text disappears from lagged people nametags after carjacking them (Jax)
0002570: [Scripting] onClientPlayerJoin not triggering (Jax)
0002510: [Scripting] Elements created from a script aren't correctly placed on the clientside root (kevuwk)
0002560: [Scripting] onClientResourceStart's source is the global root instead of the resource's root element (kevuwk)
0002573: [General] startResource() and restartResource() only update modified client files one out of two times (kevuwk)
0002086: [Scripting] engineImportCOL crashes the client (IJs)
0002548: [General] Regular chat messages are appended an unparsed color code before the message (IJs)
0002572: [Scripting] onColShapeHit / onElementColShapeHit don't detect empty vehicles (Jax)
0001200: [General] Stuck on back after being jacked from a vehicle (Jax)
0002563: [Scripting] xmlNodeSetAttribute: Value can only be a string, fails on integer (kevuwk)
0002565: [Scripting] stopObject() doesnt really stop the moving object. (Jax)
0002559: [Scripting] Restarting a resource that contains includes and has been updated crashes the server (kevuwk)
0002515: [Scripting] set returns false when the setting's value was set successfully (kevuwk)
0002327: [Scripting] Clientside resource root element may overlap the global root (kevuwk)
0002536: [Scripting] createExplosion new parameters don't work (Jax)
0002482: [General] Resource root elements aren't destroyed on failed resource start (kevuwk)
0002509: [Scripting] onClientClick only works if you enable the cursor from the server
0002503: [GUI / Menus / Console] Removing a non-existing GUI row causes a c++ error (Oli)
0002486: [Security] xmlLoadFile is not restricted to relative paths. (kevuwk)
0002507: [Scripting] Cancelling onPlayerChat doesn't have effect if the cancelEvent() call isn't on the last added handler (Jax)
0002494: [Scripting] objects detaching on death (Jax)
0002505: [Scripting] setElementHealth on a vehicle breaks onVehicleDamage (Jax)
0002500: [Scripting] xmlCreateFile doesn't work (kevuwk)
0002504: [Scripting] getElementsWithinColshape on a recently created colshape always returns 0 elements (Jax)
0002492: [General] Crash on start 0x007462A7 (Jax)
0002493: [General] 0x04E174A0 crash on stopping gamemodes (IJs)
0002408: [Scripting] unbindKey interferes with other scripts binds. (Jax)
0002499: [General] Crash on disconnect (Jax)
0001407: [Vehicles] You can't enter Skimmer or Seasparrow while they are on water (Jax)
0002498: [Scripting] Binding the same key two times clientside causes the bind to trigger four times on press (Jax)
0002497: [Scripting] Crash when setting skin #18 starting from 0 with settimer @ 1.5 second intervals (Jax)
0001429: [General] Weapon visible locally after respawn/reconnecting (eAi)
0001663: [Scripting] Passing erroneous sound id to playSound crashes client (eAi)
0001783: [Scripting] onPlayerDamage triggered when using setPlayerHealth/setPlayerArmor (Jax)
0002445: [Scripting] Cannot use tattoos on player (addPlayerClothes function) (Jax)
0002489: [Scripting] setplayerskin has same effects of respawning (Jax)
0002491: [General] No keys work at all. (Jax)
0002490: [Scripting] Cancelling player damage from a client script shows MTA debug output in console (Jax)
0001777: [Scripting] Server crash (from createElement)
0002343: [General] unbindKey crash: 0x0223F568 (Jax)
0002049: [Synchronization] Jetpack desynced (Jax)
0002484: [Scripting] Getting a non-spawned player's task crashes the client (Jax)
0002382: [Synchronization] Legs go through vehicles (erorr404)
0002122: [General] Driveby can't get out of vehicle bug (Jax)
0002392: [Synchronization] Vehicles don't blow up when yer not the one closest to them. Desync, etc. (Jax)
0002483: [Scripting] Clientside showPlayerHudComponent takes a player argument (Jax)
0002224: [Vehicles] Completely blown up planes are still enterable (Jax)
0002319: [General] Problem with vehicles getting stuck (Jax)
0002381: [Scripting] Serverside showCursor returns false if specified cursor state is already set (Jax)
0002473: [Scripting] colshapes created serverside can't be handled clientside (Jax)
0002257: [Weapons] Current held weapon does not get set when player enters a vehicle (remote client issue)
0002476: [Scripting] Pickups don't respawn using default syntax (kevuwk)
0002384: [Scripting] client scripts not stopping (kevuwk)
0001141: [Vehicles] Driver is warped back into vehicle if jacking is aborted (Jax)
0001514: [Scripting] Make collision shape event(s) detect any elements (not just players)
0001635: [Scripting] Allow scripts to attach arrow markers above players heads
0001940: [Scripting] Cursor stays after resource stops (Jax)
0002262: [Scripting] getCameraRotation gives non-useable values. (Jax)
0002344: [Synchronization] Player gets desynched after his car is jacked by other player (Jax)
0002318: [Scripting] Creating text displays with a alpha that is lower than 255 causes random text to appear at X:0 Y:0
0001045: [General] Possibility to allow using coloured text in chat and coloured nicknames (Jax)
0002469: [Scripting] more Keybinds not working issues (Jax)
0002459: [Weapons] Mousewheel zooming issue with snipers or camera (Jax)
0002369: [Scripting] Client side script is not updated if a previous version is already downloaded (kevuwk)
0002467: [Scripting] keyBinds aint working, gives 'bad argument' (Jax)
0002465: [GUI / Menus / Console] chat box default settings (Jax)
0002466: [Scripting] colshapes not passed correctly clientside (Jax)
0002269: [Synchronization] Attached objects are not re-attached when the object is streamed back in after stream out (Cray)
0002460: [Scripting] getElementType returns "unknown" on all GUI elements (Jax)
0001371: [Vehicles] VERY strange idle vehicle behavior (Jax)
0002458: [GUI / Menus / Console] A server can be added to favourites multiple times (Cray)
0002457: [Scripting] getVehiclePlateText causes crashes (Jax)
0002456: [Scripting] setTeamName doesn't work (Jax)
0002353: [Scripting] Extra vehicle seats don't work correctly (Jax)
0001403: [Weapons] Players become immune to bullets (IJs)
0002454: [Weapons] toggling fire control should also toggle satchel detonation (Oli)
0002418: [Scripting] IDs are not synced between server and client (Talidan)
0002440: [Scripting] GUI&world click event merging issues (Jax)
0002376: [Synchronization] Bike desync bug (passenger related) (Jax)
0002420: [Scripting] getVehicleWheelStates issue (Jax)
0002437: [General] lasersight (Jax)
0001304: [General] Health Pickups Not Working - Sense of Full Health Lost (eAi)
0001773: [Scripting] setObjectRotation & moveObject cannot work in unison (Jax)
0001828: [Scripting] Passing negative values into colshape sizes breaks them (Jax)
0002435: [Scripting] triggerServerEvent aint working (Jax)
0002433: [Scripting] isInsideRadarArea doesn't return the right values (Cray)
0002432: [Scripting] createRadarArea Y sizing is inconsistent (Cray)
0002430: [Scripting] getPlayerOccupiedVehicle clientside doesnt take a player argument (kevuwk)
0002416: [GUI / Menus / Console] Cmd "reconnect" doesn't work propely (Jax)
0002427: [Vehicles] Vehicles spawned by .map are spawned with invisible doors (Jax)
0002426: [Weapons] No weapon damage when standing on a custom made element (vehicles & objects) (Jax)
0001178: [General] Hydra getting stuck in the air after a player disconnecting (Jax)
0002424: [Scripting] isInsideRadarArea always returns true (Jax)
0002271: [Vehicles] Parked/slow vehicle collisions (Jax)
0002324: [Vehicles] Vehicles fall through the ground on spawn (Jax)
0002422: [Scripting] setWeatherBlended doesn't work properly clientside (kevuwk)
0002417: [Scripting] getPlayerContactElement crashes the game if no contact element exists, or in vehicle (Jax)
0002187: [Vehicles] fixVehicle/respawnVehicle on a blown up vehicle sets it as frozen (Jax)
0002414: [General] Relative positioning to interpolation crashes when remote player falls off vehicle (Jax)
0002402: [Weapons] projectile weapons bugs (Jax)
0002216: [Scripting] Not all controls should be disabled with toggleAllControls (Jax)
0002308: [Synchronization] Enter vehicle sync (Jax)
0002311: [Synchronization] Vehicle Sync Bug (IJs)
0002325: [Scripting] getPlayerTotalAmmo returns 0 if that weapon wasnt equiped (Jax)
0002044: [Synchronization] Remote players momentarily pause in place, then warp to their true position (Jax)
0002374: [Scripting] getPlayerOccupiedVehicleSeat returns wrong values (Jax)
0001942: [GUI / Menus / Console] Controls setup wont work (IJs)
0002380: [GUI / Menus / Console] Clicking twice on a server in server browser doesn't connect to it if clicked twice on one earlier (IJs)
0002400: [Synchronization] new Spawnplayer skin bug (Jax)
0002398: [General] All car windows are black (Jax)
0001922: [Scripting] Clientside getTeamFriendlyFire return values are wrong (kevuwk)
0002388: [Scripting] isPlayerOnGround() is not working correctly/misunderstandable (Jax)
0002390: [Scripting] isPlayerUnderWater() isn't working correclty/misunderstandable (Jax)
0002391: [Scripting] isInsideRadarArea doesn't work (Jax)
0002387: [General] Using a disconnect option crashes other people on the server (Jax)
0002389: [Scripting] isPlayerMuted() obselete until there is a mutePlayer() function (kevuwk)
0002386: [Scripting] skins not changing properly with spawnplayer. (Cray)
0002346: [Scripting] Object rotations are reset when reconnecting. (Jax)
0002313: [Vehicles] Improper enter animations for Baggage (Jax)
0002373: [Vehicles] Entering clientside vehicle doesn't work (Jax)
0002367: [Scripting] setVehicleDamageProof severside? (Jax)
0002338: [General] Detached objects are placed in the wrong position (Jax)
0002371: [General] Protocol Error 46 (Cray)
0002361: [Scripting] onClientColShapeHit is not triggered by a server-side created colshape (Jax)
0002315: [Synchronization] low hp desync (Jax)
0002352: [Weapons] satchels prematurely exploding (Jax)
0002337: [Scripting] Clientside detachElementFromElement doesn't work (Jax)
0002234: [General] Changing settings such as quick connect, name change, control config, etc. will not save if MTA crashes (Cray)
0002357: [General] Last character of player's nickname stripped when joining a server (Cray)
0002238: [Scripting] Manipulating clientside elements serverside crashes it (Talidan)
0002329: [Scripting] onClientPlayerChangeNick is triggered before the nick is changed (Cray)
0002198: [General] crash 0x00343CA8 (Cray)
0001577: [Installer] Error: missing "msvcp71.dll" on certain systems (eAi)
0001809: [General] Crash: 0x6567696C (IJs)
0002196: [General] Crash: 0x7C911E58 (IJs)
0001221: [Vehicles] Make it possible to flat tires synced
0001926: [Scripting] Clientside getPlayerStat returns a boolean for valid stat IDs (kevuwk)
0002253: [Vehicles] Vehicles spawned and set to an interior do not set to same interior after re-join (Cray)
0002237: [Vehicles] Cars stop respawning if you destroy them when they're created. (Cray)
0002280: [Scripting] getResourceRootElement doesn't exist clientside (kevuwk)
0002266: [General] Clientside scripts aren't always downloaded (Cray)
0002277: [Scripting] triggerClientEvent() and other functions that take arbitrary arguments crash the server (eAi)
0002274: [Scripting] addEvent syntax is obsolete (eAi)
0002273: [Scripting] createRadarArea syntax is inconsistent (eAi)
0002272: [Scripting] getResourceConfig outputs a bad argument warning if no config with the given name exists (eAi)
0002267: [Scripting] Can't bind GTA controls anymore (Jax)
0002264: [Synchronization] Objects attached (glued) to a vehicle will stream out from their orignal createObject XYZ location (Cray)
0002024: [General] Using a /help command in console causes a crash (IJs)
0002261: [General] setRuleValue(s) should be removed when a resource that uses them unload (kevuwk)
0002265: [Scripting] getColorFromString crashes the server (Jax)
0002258: [Scripting] Client scripts don't work (eAi)
0002248: [Scripting] onClientResourceStart() gets called only once (kevuwk)
0002245: [General] once you logout you can not login anymore (kevuwk)
0002205: [General] Crash 0x003C3CA8 (IJs)
0002043: [Synchronization] vehicle warping
0001730: [Scripting] Element attachment functions should support relative positioning
0002228: [Scripting] Client-side getResourceConfig always returns false (kevuwk)
0002215: [Vehicles] Remote vehicles underground (Jax)
0002213: [GUI / Menus / Console] "Settings" windows appears under the "Main menu" window (Jax)
0002174: [Scripting] Downloading Resources doesnt get new files defined in meta.xml (eAi)
0001871: [Scripting] Issues with clientside debug output (eAi)
0002078: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiGridListSetSelectedItem required (Cray)
0002085: [GUI / Menus / Console] Changing a gridlist cell's text from the first column for the second time removes the left padding (Cray)
0002206: [GUI / Menus / Console] Fix white spacing after clearing a gridlist (Cray)
0002123: [Scripting] MTA functions and events don't support Lua tables (eAi)
0002188: [Scripting] destroyElement(getRootElement()) destroys resource/map root elements (kevuwk)
0002181: [Scripting] clientside call() returns lots of junk alongside real value (kevuwk)
0001742: [General] Exitting map causes crash [0x074296A0 - 20815, 20816, 20817]
0002183: [Vehicles] Improper enter animations for Bandito (Jax)
0002166: [GUI / Menus / Console] Passing an invalid path/filename to image function crashes the client (Cray)
0002177: [GUI / Menus / Console] Chat lines are drawn behind the chatbox (Jax)
0002175: [General] Remove fade when starting a resource (Jax)
0001801: [General] Crash 0x007F190F (eAi)
0001819: [General] Crash: 0x07F175DC (eAi)
0002063: [General] Crash: 0x007F18CF (eAi)
0002157: [General] crash: 0x007F18CF (eAi)
0001598: [GUI / Menus / Console] Radar area displayed incorrectly on F11 map (Cray)
0001603: [GUI / Menus / Console] Radar areas don't flash on full screen map (Cray)
0002167: [Scripting] Setting of CLIENTSIDE SetElementInterior does not work properly (Jax)
0002112: [Scripting] 'False' is passed to command handlers as last parameter for commands without arguments (Jax)
0002114: [General] Stopping a resource while in a car desyncs you (Jax)
0002143: [Synchronization] removing jetpack (Jax)
0002169: [GUI / Menus / Console] Network trouble icon stuck on screen (Jax)
0002148: [GUI / Menus / Console] Radar areas don't appear on mini-map (only on full-screen map) (eAi)
0002110: [Scripting] Arrow markers don't appear until you reconnect (Jax)
0002145: [GUI / Menus / Console] Once a clientside resource is loaded then stopped, MTA downloads the files for that resource even after it has been stopped (BrophY)
0002153: [Scripting] Passing marker to client issue (Jax)
0002162: [General] Camera rotation gets focused on local player with CPed::Respawn (eAi)
0002158: [Scripting] Destroying an element with player elements as children destroys those (Jax)
0002163: [Scripting] Removing a clientside command handler within its code crashes the client (Jax)
0002115: [General] Player skin not changing after first set in a resource (Jax)
0002161: [Scripting] Client-side getElementsByType doesn't get markers (Jax)
0002119: [GUI / Menus / Console] nametags stays on the screen if you turn away from a player (Jax)
0001561: [Synchronization] Clothes/stats desync (Jax)
0002139: [General] Shooting under a police helicopter light gives you a warning star (eAi)
0002146: [Maps] Colours are setting incorrectly when a vehicle is created in .map (Jax)
0001442: [Vehicles] Improper enter animations for some vehicles (Jax)
0002149: [GUI / Menus / Console] Mouse moves camera when console or menu is open (Jax)
0002137: [Scripting] removeEventHandler removes all identical handlers (kevuwk)
0002113: [Scripting] Add clientside addCommandHandler (Jax)
0002107: [GUI / Menus / Console] Pressing alt gr in console leaves ctrl locked (Jax)
0002002: [Scripting] Client-side getCameraRotation() return issues (Jax)
0002084: [Scripting] setVehicleFrozen - vehicles don't unfreeze until streamed in (Jax)
0001491: [Scripting] setElementPosition doesn't update blips' and radarareas' positions for connected players (Jax)
0001220: [General] Invisible player (Jax)
0002042: [Synchronization] network trouble on cars (Jax)
0001648: [Synchronization] Second-Siren and Horn on Vehicles with Sirens (Jax)
0002000: [Synchronization] Skin gets set to CJ locally after changing the skin two times (IJs)
0002077: [General] Clientside attachElementToElement doesn't work (Jax)
0002066: [General] Markers are not showing, however they still work if u touch them (Jax)
0002065: [General] Able to control hydra on death (Jax)
0001585: [General] When you die in a vehicle, you can drive it after it respawns (Jax)
0001855: [Weapons] driveby innacuracy (Jax)
0001486: [General] Stats accumilate like SP (Jax)
0002054: [Scripting] Issue With onVehicleExit Event (Oli)
0002035: [Weapons] Players in first person view mode slide remotely (eAi)
0002016: [General] Remote players getting pickups makes a sound (Jax)
0002045: [Scripting] getCursorPosition returns wrong values (Jax)
0002051: [Scripting] getPlayerMoney does not retrieve the players actual money (Jax)
0002047: [Scripting] Players Money goes back to $0 after death (Jax)
0002040: [Weapons] remote sniper shots don't affect you if you're aiming (Jax)
0002041: [Scripting] Setting player's dimension causes crash (Jax)
0002030: [Scripting] getPlayerContactVehicle doesn't work (Jax)
0001906: [Scripting] client getCameraRotation always returns 0, 0, 0 (Jax)
0001984: [Scripting] getPlayerTargetStart, getPlayerTargetEnd, getPlayerTargetRange, getPlayerTargetCollision return wrong values (Jax)
0001985: [Security] OS library functions should be disabled (kevuwk)
0001736: [General] Pickups desyncing (kevuwk)
0001973: [Weapons] Satchel explosions have no owner (Jax)
0001978: [Scripting] Serverside col objects arent synced to clientside (Jax)
0001982: [Scripting] Clientside bindKey crashes the client if functions are bound to controls (Jax)
0001977: [Scripting] Gravity unsyncs on client relaunched (Jax)
0001972: [GUI / Menus / Console] download window stucks on your screen if you disconnect while it's downloading (kevuwk)
0001970: [General] New console commands should be under 'help' command (Jax)
0001966: [Scripting] setVehicleDamageProof flags inverted (Jax)
0001967: [Scripting] Clientside setVehicleEngineState does not work (Jax)
0001961: [Scripting] Gridlist isn't redrawn when item text is updated (IJs)
0001965: [Scripting] Crash when moving element out too far from player/camera [0x07B39FB1] (Jax)
0001962: [GUI / Menus / Console] New chatbox is out of scale (Jax)
0001959: [Scripting] Client getElementsByType doesn't work (Jax)
0001938: [Scripting] Clientside playSoundFrontEnd syntax is wrong (Jax)
0001937: [Scripting] getVehicleFromID issues for nonexistant indexes (Jax)
0001935: [Scripting] Clientside setBlipSize changes the icon instead of the size (Jax)
0001934: [Scripting] Clientside destroyBlipsAttachedTo doesn't work (Jax)
0001933: [Scripting] getResources returns a table of resource names (Jax)
0001920: [Scripting] onConsole/onClientConsole append a space to the text parameter (Jax)
0001921: [General] Setting custom data clientside crashes the server (Jax)
0001931: [Scripting] Clientside removeEventHandler always returns false (Jax)
0001929: [Scripting] Clientside getVehiclePlateText causes a crash (jbeta)
0001924: [Scripting] Clientside setPlayerWeaponSlot doesn't work (kevuwk)
0001928: [Scripting] getVehicleSirensOn outputs to debugbox if the vehicle doesn't have sirens (kevuwk)
0001927: [Scripting] getPlayerAmmoInClip/getPlayerTotalAmmo crash the client (kevuwk)
0001925: [Scripting] Serverside getPlayerWeaponSlot returns -1 if bad player pointer's passed (kevuwk)
0001923: [Scripting] getPlayerWeaponSlot syntax is wrong (kevuwk)
0001914: [Scripting] setCameraLookAt does not work (kevuwk)
0001888: [Scripting] Client functions rotateCameraUp and rotateCameraRight don't do anything (eAi)
0001919: [General] Jetpack stays equipped after disconnecting (Jax)
0001893: [General] Fighting style remains after disconnect. (Jax)
0001916: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiGetAlpha always returns false (eAi)
0001897: [Scripting] Crash using killTimer on a finished timer (Jax)
0001896: [General] Resource load crash [0x07BC850E] (kevuwk)
0001915: [Scripting] respawnVehicle respawns vehicle with doors/bonnet/boot missing (Jax)
0001913: [Scripting] Boolean event parameters sent between the server and the client are always false (Jax)
0001912: [Scripting] Clientside keybinds bound to both keystates crash the client (Jax)
0001878: [Scripting] Client-side keybinds crash [Crash ID: 27900 Address: 0x07B671D1] (Jax)
0001907: [Scripting] client getVehicleName causes crash [Crash ID: 29031 Address: 0x08EC80D0] (Jax)
0001470: [Weapons] Crash on head chop using Katana [0x02A1D3CA & 0x0582DED6] (eAi)
0001123: [Vehicles] Passengers trying to get onto bikes will knock off the driver. (eAi)
0001744: [Vehicles] Locked Vehicles Able To Be Unlocked By Punching. (Jax)
0001408: [Synchronization] Stuntplane smoke isn't showing for remote player(s) (Jax)
0001886: [Scripting] getResourceConfig doesn't return a valid xmlnode (kevuwk)
0001883: [General] MTA crashes when pressing disconnecting (Jax)
0001654: [Scripting] createBlipAttachedTo visibility doesn't work (Jax)
0001803: [General] You can kill yourself when you have network trouble (Jax)
0001811: [GUI / Menus / Console] Console in GTA splash screen (Jax)
0001842: [General] Can't change alpha on checkpoint makers (Jax)
0001406: [Weapons] Detonator icon not visible in HUD after satchel charge is thrown (Jax)
0001864: [Scripting] getElementPosition returns 0,0,0 for non-hardcoded element types (Jax)
0001868: [General] Unwanted marker produced at 0,0,0 with marker creation in close proximity (Jax)
0001752: [Scripting] Cursor doesn't disappear on reconnect (Jax)
0001840: [Scripting] Debug output for clientside scripts (kevuwk)
0001867: [General] Game speed resets to 1 (Jax)
0001769: [Scripting] onPlayerTarget isn't always triggered when aiming at an element (Jax)
0001863: [Scripting] getColorFromString returns only the first integer (Jax)
0001678: [Weapons] Satchel remote detonates all satchels (eAi)
0001849: [Scripting] Add createSpawnpoint (jbeta)
0001033: [Weapons] Sync projectiles (eAi)
0001775: [General] Include resources are loaded BEFORE map elements (kevuwk)
0001194: [Synchronization] Sync alternative attacks (eAi)
0001847: [Scripting] get/setVehicleLandingGearDown issues (kevuwk)
0001684: [Scripting] Lot's of output at the same time crashes the server (IJs)
0001833: [Scripting] createElement doesn't return a handle (Jax)
0001658: [Vehicles] setElementInterior doesn't work for vehicles (Jax)
0001457: [Vehicles] AT-400 entry does not work (Jax)
0001845: [General] Ring marker gets created with full alpha (Jax)
0001843: [General] "Closest door" text on screen when near vehicle (Jax)
0001794: [Vehicles] Warping Player into Vehicle makes vehicle immune (Jax)
0001761: [Vehicles] warpPlayerIntoVehicle, streamed out players not seen (Jax)
0001808: [GUI / Menus / Console] Connection "cancel" button doesn't work (kevuwk)
0001753: [General] Nametag/desync bug (Jax)
0001431: [General] Your skin stays the same (locally) after connecting to a different server (or to the same, but after a map change) (Jax)
0001804: [GUI / Menus / Console] Remove spectator from controls menu (Jax)
0001130: [Vehicles] Water from the firetruck hose only works when you're passenger or driver (ChrML)
0001740: [Scripting] xmlNodeGetAttribute ignores spaces in attribute string (IJs)
0001772: [GUI / Menus / Console] in chat "/me" not working (Jax)
0001768: [Scripting] Cloned custom elements' type can't be retrieved (Jax)
0001735: [Weapons] weird screen while aiming (Jax)
0001729: [Weapons] Shooting weapons warps remote players (Jax)
0001516: [Weapons] Minigun able to freeze another player (Jax)
0001728: [Weapons] punching instead of shooting (Jax)
0001713: [General] You can't bind 4th and 5th mouse button (Jax)
0001722: [Scripting] isElementWithinColShape and getElementsWithinColShape don't recognize vehicles (Jax)
0001637: [Scripting] Attaching camera to a player doesn't stream them in (Jax)
0001717: [GUI / Menus / Console] Use windows directory variables rather than absolute paths (IJs)
0001711: [General] First few shots don't damage armor (Jax)
0001712: [Vehicles] cannot warp to inside car (Jax)
0001700: [General] Teamchat doesn't work (Jax)
0001708: [General] All cars locked by default (Jax)
0001707: [GUI / Menus / Console] Error: Connect timed out --> Error: Connection timed out (Jax)
0001706: [Synchronization] Locked cars not locked for newly joined players (Jax)
0001705: [GUI / Menus / Console] Stuck scoreboard on failed join (Jax)
0001698: [Scripting] text displays disappear right after they appeared (Jax)
0001703: [Scripting] Text displays broken (Jax)
0001613: [General] Giving a knuckle duster causes weapon switching to be disabled (eAi)
0001699: [General] Crash when spectating (0x0ADEA7BC ID: 19969-19980) (Jax)
0001696: [Scripting] isPlayerScoreboardForced ( player ) doesn't work (Jax)
0001697: [Scripting] setClientName doesn't work (Jax)
0001679: [General] Weapon skills not assigning sometimes on playerjoin (Jax)
0001668: [GUI / Menus / Console] Abnormally long health bar (Jax)
0001677: [General] automatic weapon switch toggle? (Jax)
0001554: [General] Military installations act as they do in single player (eAi)
0001688: [Scripting] Nametag color carries over map changes (Jax)
0001682: [General] Quit messages not working correctly (Jax)
0001490: [Vehicles] Cars sometimes don't explode (Jax)
0001642: [Scripting] setTeamFriendlyFire ( team, bool ) doesn't work (Jax)
0001673: [General] LUA ms vs. map file seconds (Jax)
0001670: [General] Stats menu appearing (Jax)
0001661: [GUI / Menus / Console] Can't type while chat is hidden (Jax)
0001108: [GUI / Menus / Console] Tab-character insertion when viewing Player-list while typing. (IJs)
0001653: [Weapons] Nightstick spelt wrong (spelt as 'Nitestick') (Jax)
0001656: [Scripting] "onTrailerDetach" event should be attached to the trailer, not the tower (Jax)
0001646: [Vehicles] Vehicle light state not synced for players on server join (Jax)
0001647: [Scripting] Server crash from getWeaponIDFromName (Jax)
0001645: [Vehicles] desync while car jacking and laggy movement (Jax)
0001591: [Synchronization] Sirens and Horns on vehicles with Sirens (Jax)
0001569: [Vehicles] Cars respawn dead (Jax)
0001639: [Scripting] setFriendlyFire doesn't work (Jax)
0001631: [GUI / Menus / Console] map blocks options menu (Jax)
0001627: [General] Blips on entering a server (Jax)
0001633: [Scripting] getMarkerType returns bool on "corona" marker type (Jax)
0001628: [General] Defining an unbound secondary key does not work in settings menu (Jax)
0001629: [Scripting] Event handler related server crash (Jax)
0001533: [Vehicles] custom plated dont work immediatly (Jax)
0001625: [Scripting] Another server crash (Jax)
0001477: [GUI / Menus / Console] Make the rest of the radar icons work (JonChappell)
0001588: [Installer] Put Jon's radar icons into the installer package (IJs)
0001575: [Scripting] Blips with icons over the ID of 6 cause a crash (JonChappell)
0001617: [Synchronization] Vertical angle incorrect when firing without aiming (Jax)
0001615: [Synchronization] Incorrect positions for remote players (Jax)
0001600: [Vehicles] Hydra spawns with jets up (Jax)
0001607: [GUI / Menus / Console] Radar map appears when using full screen map when camera is in "fixed" mode (Jax)
0001609: [Scripting] setElementPosition doesn't work for arrow-marker. (Jax)
0001605: [Scripting] Map change doesn't fully reset camera functions (Jax)
0001616: [GUI / Menus / Console] Healthbar health going out of bounds (Jax)
0001394: [Scripting] "Corona" marker types not disappearing (gtasa problem) (eAi)
0001219: [General] Strange player warping (Jax)
0001612: [Scripting] Col objects exist in all dimensions (Jax)
0001608: [Scripting] Stuck controls (Jax)
0001604: [Scripting] player tags not showing on people in cars (Jax)
0001606: [Scripting] Three keybinds in particular don't work, or are missing. (Jax)
0001597: [Scripting] Make team argument optional for spawnpoints
0001596: [Scripting] getPlayerTeam() broke within onColShapeHit (Jax)
0001599: [Scripting] Script crashes server (Jax)
0001593: [Scripting] A12 1011/1010/1009 problems... (Jax)
0001594: [Scripting] Don't see interior on spawn (Jax)
0001260: [General] Put in interiors (Jax)
0001297: [GUI / Menus / Console] Scrolling down in the console using the mouse wheel is impossible (eAi)
0001590: [Scripting] getElementsByType doesn't work with "radararea" (Jax)
0001551: [General] MTA crashes, instead of exitting (Jax)
0001556: [General] Unable to bind some keys / keybinds not working properly (Jax)
0001586: [Scripting] Debug box remains after server change (Jax)
0001587: [GUI / Menus / Console] Double Clicking '+' icons in Settings->Controls menu causes crash. (Jax)
0001555: [Scripting] getWeaponNameFromID deadlocks script if you pass 255 to it (Jax)
0001558: [Scripting] Fading a camera to a colour is permanent (Jax)
0001572: [General] Can't skip intro movie (Jax)
0001582: [Scripting] createTeam() broke (Jax)
0001579: [Scripting] destroyElement() doesn't remove Object ingame (Jax)
0001307: [GUI / Menus / Console] 'say' command in console does not work properly (ChrML)
0001549: [GUI / Menus / Console] Freeze when clicking Settings (IJs)
0001438: [Weapons] crash : Offset = 0x0072F4DE (IJs)
0002749: [Scripting] Events are only cancelled if done from the same resource as they were triggered (Jax)
0002350: [Scripting] Detachment crash 0x00544403
0001126: [Vehicles] Impossible to enter boats (eAi)
0002412: [Synchronization] Big desyncs and broken stuff
0002365: [Scripting] Issues with createBlipAttachedTo()
0001877: [Scripting] Textures don't load properly for client-side camera
0002304: [General] Download Error #9
0002052: [Scripting] setElementPosition has no effect if in vehicle
0002068: [Scripting] setElementVisibleTo does not work
0002033: [General] Grouping many resources into one causes un/loading problems.
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This version was released 2006-09-17 01:04 GMT+1

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001810: [General] Using "vid" command ingame doesn't disconnect the player (kevuwk)
0001474: [GUI / Menus / Console] Control functions (copy, paste, and select all) don't work in the console and it only scrolls up with the mouse wheel (IJs)
0001458: [Scripting] warpPlayerintoVehicle function does not work (Jax)
0001574: [Scripting] Can't set element parents on map load (Jax)
0001283: [General] Raise or disable frame limiter (eAi)
0001032: [Weapons] Goggle items affects all players (eAi)
0001257: [General] Cannot jump down after grasping an object (eAi)
0001252: [GUI / Menus / Console] Fix the Quick Connect dialog (Jax)
0001547: [General] Colshapes partially remain over map changes (eAi)
0000952: [General] Requested: Dedicated spectator mode (ChrML)
0001360: [General] Typing in chatbox as passenger causes player to exit (eAi)
0001473: [GUI / Menus / Console] Pressing the "Settings" button makes the main menu dissappear (IJs)
0001505: [General] Change ASE Announce settings (eAi)
0001476: [GUI / Menus / Console] Make radar areas work on full screen radar map (Oli)
0001475: [General] Strange crash on server join (ChrML)
0001506: [Scripting] getPlayerName doesnt work at all (Jax)
0001493: [Scripting] Server crashes from "removePlayerFromTeam" function (?) (Jax)
0001492: [Scripting] HUD disabling functions carry over to the next map (Jax)
0001488: [General] When having a trailer, you must syncronize the trailer and not someone else. (Jax)
0001480: [Vehicles] It is possible to enter trailers (Jax)
0001472: [General] Nearly every key bound to "num_sep" in keybinds.xml (Jax)
0001471: [General] Lots of keys not working in keybinds (Jax)
0001466: [GUI / Menus / Console] Opening console or chatbox when key is pressed gets it stuck (Jax)
0001366: [General] protocol error 150
24 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-07-11 03:00 GMT


  • Added 'copygtacontrols' console function and existing GTA controls are now loaded as default binds
  • Moved keybinds config to the mod's root

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001299: [General] Starting a non-existant map bug (ChrML)
1 issue View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-07-10 22:00 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001030: [Vehicles] Respawn dead vehicles (Jax)
0001374: [Weapons] Allow dual weapons to be single-handed (Jax)
0001266: [GUI / Menus / Console] Give the mod access to GUI functions (IJs)
0001185: [General] Maps with <respawn>none</respawn> should not spawn players when map starts (ChrML)
0001448: [GUI / Menus / Console] Make radar map ingame (Oli)
0001159: [General] Head still off after spawning (eAi)
0001233: [Synchronization] Players show up with AK47 even when they don't have a weapon (eAi)
0001453: [Weapons] Brass knuckles model remains after map change (eAi)
0001165: [Synchronization] Knocking off motorcycle causes desync (eAi)
0001449: [GUI / Menus / Console] Useless dialog window after connecting to a non-existant server (Oli)
0001262: [Weapons] Knife combo screws up credits (Jax)
0001242: [General] Kill message bug (Jax)
0001095: [Admin] Integrate the rcon system into the scripting system (Oli)
0001437: [GUI / Menus / Console] Screenshots overwrite eachother (Oli)
0001223: [Scripting] textDisplayRemoveText ( textdisplay, textitem ) --> Requesting (Oli)
0001222: [Scripting] textDisplayRemoveObserver ( textdisplay, player ) -> Requesting (Oli)
0001415: [General] Skinny CJ (Jax)
0001436: [Vehicles] Crash related to walking into a vehicle (busses I think) (ChrML)
18 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-06-11 14:00 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001330: [Weapons] Remote player aiming with sniper causes your weapon to go into first person if aiming (eAi)
0001430: [General] Crash: 0x07878DBE (ChrML)
0001433: [General] Crash: 0x02D38DBE (ChrML)
0001432: [General] Crash: 0x06FB8DBE (ChrML)
0001425: [General] Crash everytime I hit a marker in my map (but only when there's another person in the server) (ChrML)
5 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-06-11 00:10 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001419: [General] Protocol Error 39 (ChrML)
0001420: [Maps] Client crash related to marker destroying (especially coronas) (ChrML)
0001382: [General] To much markers close to a player will crash (ChrML)
3 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-06-10 20:00 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001384: [General] Players have sometimes different skins instead of those which they should have (ChrML)
0001312: [Synchronization] Add Train support (eAi)
0001234: [Synchronization] Skin stays the same after other player respawn (ChrML)
0001414: [General] Crash while entering server (chrml 03) while its empty (ChrML)
0001412: [GUI / Menus / Console] Say problem. when you just say nothing (Jax)
5 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-06-07 22:15 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001346: [Vehicles] Standing in car bug (ChrML)
0001236: [General] Standing in water on skin change (ChrML)
0001189: [General] Changing skin while crouching gets player stuck (ChrML)
0001409: [General] Once again Protocol Error 18 (ChrML)
0001395: [General] Protocol Error 18 (ChrML)
0001356: [General] Screenshots don't always hide chat (ChrML)
0001204: [Synchronization] Exploded vehicles are drivable in some cases (ChrML)
0001179: [Weapons] Wrong number of ammo when you pick up a flamethrower (ChrML)
0001249: [GUI / Menus / Console] The ping on the scoreboard shouldn't refresh so often (ChrML)
0001388: [General] Chaning skins when entering car gets you stuck (ChrML)
10 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-06-05 21:20 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001037: [Vehicles] Turn off engines on cars that recently has been active and respawned (ChrML)
1 issue View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-06-05 20:00 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001401: [General] CJ is running around half-naked (ChrML)
0001400: [General] Crash on standing up after crouching (ChrML)
2 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-06-05 17:00 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001340: [Synchronization] Passenger aim does not sync properly in driveby mode (IJs)
0001353: [GUI / Menus / Console] Alternate way to show health bars and names (ChrML)
0001313: [Synchronization] Add Parts Syncronization (ChrML)
0001203: [Scripting] void onMarkerHit ( marker marker, player hitplayer ) -> Should only be trigger if coming from outside the marker into the marker (ChrML)
0001399: [Scripting] Add support for collision primitives usable for scripts for player collision detecting (ChrML)
0001398: [Synchronization] Implement vehicle damage sync (ChrML)
0001397: [Synchronization] Implement explosion sync (ChrML)
0001094: [Admin] Integrate the RCON system from the ingame console (Oli)
0001097: [Admin] Create a remote admin client (Oli)
0001177: [General] Sometimes the server doesn't detect you as dead (ChrML)
0001386: [Scripting] getElementParent ( element child ) doesn't work (ChrML)
0001387: [Vehicles] Spawning kart is impossible (ChrML)
0001385: [Scripting] Destroying a health/armor/weapon pickup from inside an onPickupHit event when the player can pick it up causes PE 52 (ChrML)
0001044: [Vehicles] Wrecked planes aren't detectable as their health can still be non-zero (ChrML)
0001355: [General] Trying to connect to port out of range will result in client connecting to random ports. (ChrML)
0001376: [Scripting] function onPickupHit ( player ) event initiates tons of times (ChrML)
0001379: [GUI / Menus / Console] Random characters attached to scoreboard. (ChrML)
17 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-05-19 16:00 GMT


  • Updated Raknet system (possibly fixes timeout issues and improves bandwidth performance)
0001286: [General] 'Connection timed out' (ChrML)
1 issue View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-05-18 23:00 GMT


  • Improved automatic/repeated weapons aiming
  • Added support for coronas (light points)
  • Added support for custom pickups
0001043: [Vehicles] Players can potentially get locked inside vehicles if the client who jacks disconnects while jacking or cheats (ChrML)
0001153: [Scripting] Prevent scripts from deadlocking the server (ChrML)
2 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-05-17 18:30 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001277: [Scripting] Requesting arrow-marker type (Object #1318) (ChrML)
0001359: [General] PE 31 (ChrML)
0001365: [Weapons] Taking a picture with the camera causes other players to take pictures (ChrML)
0001319: [Scripting] More marker types (ChrML)
4 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-05-14 22:00 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001301: [Synchronization] Sprinting causes warpy motion (ChrML)
0001161: [Vehicles] If someone tries to jack you but aborts, the jacked player will get stuck inside the vehicle (ChrML)
2 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-05-06 22:00 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001311: [Scripting] Destroying "source" or "this" inside an event handler using destroyAll* will cause a crash (Jax)
0001170: [General] Cursor gets offset when aiming (eAi)
0001339: [Scripting] getVehicleOccupant function doesn't work (ChrML)
0001336: [General] Protocol error 55 (ChrML)
4 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-05-05 22:15 GMT


  • Added all of the planned features for a8 - see the Road Map @ dev wiki for more info.

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001306: [Weapons] Having an uzi (or other weapon of that type) allows player to use ANY weapon in drivebys (eAi)
0001176: [General] Implement a scoring system (ChrML)
0001338: [Scripting] getVehicleMaxPassengers function doesn't work (ChrML)
0001331: [Scripting] RGB arguments in createRadarArea are in the wrong order (ChrML)
0001316: [Scripting] source argument in onMarkerHit doesn't work (ChrML)
0001326: [Admin] ServerChat messages no longer appear in logs (ChrML)
0001321: [Scripting] triggerEvent(...) should not work for custom events unless addEvent(...) has been called for that event (ChrML)
0001322: [General] Screenshots show the chat box though generally you do not want this. (eAi)
0001308: [Vehicles] Being in driveby mode on a bike causes no fall off (eAi)
9 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-04-26 20:00 GMT


  • Improved shooting code

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001273: [Scripting] bool setPickupName ( string name ) --> Where to specify pickup? (ChrML)
1 issue View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-04-25 17:45 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001298: [Weapons] Improve shooting code (Kent)
1 issue View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-04-24 23:25 GMT


  • Made some small improvements for speed (eAi)

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001106: [Synchronization] Sync drive-bys (eAi)
0001292: [Scripting] onPlayerWasted event doesn't work (ChrML)
0001263: [General] Make player killed event report killer and killed. (ChrML)
0001207: [Scripting] textCreateTextItem ( ) -> If text is shorten then 7 characters, random characters appear attached to the text (ChrML)
0001253: [General] The 'maps' command doesn't work (ChrML)
0001269: [Scripting] onPickupHit event doesn't work (ChrML)
0001264: [GUI / Menus / Console] Nametags invisible for players in vehicles (ChrML)
0001281: [Scripting] New event system (ChrML)
0001031: [Weapons] Fix sniper (eAi)
0001241: [GUI / Menus / Console] Chat cuts off last 9chars when filled (ChrML)
0001256: [General] Screenshots don't work (ChrML)
11 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-04-17 00:26 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001173: [Synchronization] Horn not synced (ChrML)
0001211: [GUI / Menus / Console] Make console commands usable in chat by prefixing them with / (ChrML)
0001205: [Synchronization] Vehicle Sync radius cannot be larger than the car-lock radius used to confirm world-collision models loaded. (ChrML)
0001162: [General] Change 'nick2 died' into 'nick1 killed nick2 (weapon)' (ChrML)
4 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-04-14 01:30 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001239: [Synchronization] Smooth out the shooting on run (Kent)
0001235: [General] Add screenshots to DM (Oli)
0001225: [Synchronization] Increase ping accuracy (Oli)
0001224: [Admin] Make telnet admin connection ask for username (Oli)
0001181: [General] Change the sound of weapon pickups to the GTASA's single player one (ChrML)
0001188: [General] Implement spectator (ChrML)
0001195: [Scripting] bool destroyBlipAttachedTo ( entity ) -> Not working (ChrML)
7 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-04-09 20:30 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001206: [Scripting] textitem textCreateTextItem ( [text, x, y, priority, red, green, blue, alpha, scale] ) -> green and blue ar swapped (ChrML)
0001210: [Scripting] string textItemGetText ( textitem ) -> Not working (ChrML)
0001212: [Scripting] TextItems not destroyed on map change (ChrML)
0001209: [Scripting] void textItemSetText ( textitem, text ) -> Not working (ChrML)
0001042: [Weapons] Spawn weapon pickups where players die and make them disappear after a specified time (ChrML)
0001138: [Scripting] functions that use 'false' as a viable non-error return value should return 'nil' for errors. (ChrML)
0001157: [Weapons] Weapons stay after dying (ChrML)
0001184: [General] Allow players to pickup weapons from a killed enemy (ChrML)
0001190: [Scripting] spawnPlayer ( player, x, y, z, rotation, model ) -> rotation not working (ChrML)
9 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-04-09 14:10 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001139: [Scripting] onLoad () doesn't appear to work (ChrML)
0001191: [Scripting] blip createBlipAttachedTo ( entity, r, g, b, a ) -> Does the old blip gets destroyed? (ChrML)
0001147: [Scripting] Make it possible to lock vehicles from scripts using setVehicleLocked and isVehicleLocked (ChrML)
0001180: [Weapons] You can take hp/armor pickups even when you're on full hp/armor (ChrML)
0001136: [Weapons] Remote weapons are invisible (ChrML)
5 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-04-08 19:00 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001149: [General] Make <skin> tags working (ChrML)
0001168: [General] The server will not allow to connect again and kick you out with protocol error 33 when some objects r created. (ChrML)
2 issues View Issues

This version was released for QA - 2006-04-07 01:00 GMT

<b>Fixed bugs:</b>

0001154: [General] Prevent players from getting tired
0001035: [Synchronization] Smooth out the player sync (Kent)
0001112: [Synchronization] Fix the "walking issue" with 3 or more players (ChrML)
0001119: [Vehicles] Vehicles can spawn as randomly locked (eAi)
0001144: [Vehicles] Crash around vehicle in/out [0x0302C585] (ChrML)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2015-06-01

Goal: Fix obscure issues that are caused by GTASA or design flaws in MTASA.

0007452: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Add account name and players count in head to resourcebrowser
0008734: [Client] Patch - Nick auto complete (qaisjp)
0008737: [Client] PointLight Creation (ccw)
0008833: [Resources] [freeroam] Warp to player with hex code doesn't work (sbx320)
0008750: [General] Guest account data is saved to database (ccw)
0008646: [Client] Patch for a compile warning + getPedTotalAmmo improvement (Cazomino05)
0008638: [Client] Patch for #5715 (giveWeapon for clientside peds) + #7970 (Peds with weapons malfunction) (Cazomino05)
0008542: [Server] utfChar always returning false on server (sbx320)
0008441: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #8424 (Clientside fromJSON is broken for 1.4) (Cazomino05)
0008406: [Client] Corrected CBaseModelInfo flags (ccw)
0006192: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] [Tweak] A fix for drive-by orientation on some vehicles (like planes.) (ccw)
0008274: [Multi Theft Auto : Editor] Some editor bugfixes (Jusonex)
0008233: [Server] Patch: Linux: Check if stdout is a TTY to determine whether to use a simple console (ccw)
0008168: [Server] Patch to add more ban functions (fixes 8111) (ccw)
0008162: [Server] Patch for vehicle model change memory leak (ccw)
0007878: [Client] Added "Pickup", "Team", "Projectile", "ColShape" and "Object" element functions to OOP (ccw)
0007805: [Server] 64-bit: Compile fixes, crash fix (ccw)
0007621: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #0007608 (setVehicleLandingGearDown - doesnt always work) (ccw)
0007626: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch: Server Argstreaming (sbx320)
0007519: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #0007512 and #0007511 (Fixes possibilities of more than 8 peds in a vehicle) (sbx320)
0007069: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for bug id 7064 (x86)
0005324: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] setElementInterior should return false when used with interiors above 255 (kevuwk)
0007935: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch: More ped skin IDs
23 issues View Issues
Released 2013-05-10
0007569: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for 0006495 (onPlayerDamage has wrong parameters if source on vehicle) (sbx320)
0007610: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for 0007609 (getVehicleSirens on a sandking (495) crashes the server immediately) (ccw)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2013-02-06
0007493: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #0007378: outputChatBox: visibleTo is not checked for errors (Kenix)
0007567: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Enhance quality on usage of non-power of two image sizes for dxDrawImage (Patch for #0006943) (ccw)
0007566: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] xmlFindChild after xmlSetNodeValue can cause a crash (Including Patch) (sbx320)
0007516: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #0005888 (radararea not functioning when using negative numbers for dimensions) (sbx320)
0007508: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] patch for engineSetModelAlphaTransparencyEnabled, engineIsModelAlphaTransparencyEnabled (x0rh4x)
0007080: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] setSoundPan, getSoundPan (for 2D sounds) (Kenix)
0007495: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for requested functions get/setAircraftMaxVelocity (Kenix)
0007462: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for issue 4893: Implement events and functions for the manipulation of breakable objects (ryden)
0007474: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] guiGridListSetColumnTitle/guiGridListGetColumnTitle (ccw)
0007491: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #0006216: Add "shared" script type in meta.xml (Kenix)
0007498: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Nitro functions (Kenix)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2012-02-02
0007296: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for: getPlayerOxygenLevel, setPlayerOxygenLevel (ccw)
0007369: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] PATCH: regression from r4741 - elements cannot be destroyed in event handlers attached to them (ccw)
0007090: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] function guiLabelGetColor (ccw)
0006936: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for deleteResource() and probably copyResource() (ccw)
0006905: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #0006901 (playSound3D wrong 3D effect) (kevuwk)
0005486: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] onClientSoundStart & onClientSoundStop (kevuwk)
0005319: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] reloadBans(), /reloadbans (kevuwk)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2010-02-02

Goal: Extend 1.2 and eliminate bugs and introduce features that did not make 1.2.

0006774: [Multi Theft Auto : Editor] Patch for browser.lua (arranTuna)
0006790: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] bug or still cheat trainer AC # 4 O6IL.ncD2 ?
2 issues View Issues
Released 2010-02-02

Goal: Fix more obscure issues and implement features that have large applications but not high-priority demand.

0006388: [Client] Patch: Added 'serial' command for client (ccw)
0006718: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] [Admin] Added the possibility to remove a player from a team (arranTuna)
0006628: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] New event 'onElementModelChanged' (ccw)
0006641: [Server] patch: CZoneNames speedup - from O(n) to O(n^c), 0<c<1 (ccw)
0006590: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] patch for 0006460: autologin allows login if the account is already in use (Cazomino05)
0006528: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Access denied when use exports.voice:setPlayerMuted ( player playerToMute, bool muted ) (ccw)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2010-02-02

Goal: Relatively large bugfixes that affect the gameplay and usability of 1.0.

Introduction of features that were in development for, but did not ship with 1.0.

0006419: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Minor fix for admin resource (debug error) (arranTuna)
0006420: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] votemanager: Added messages that mapmanager isn't running (arranTuna)
0006409: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] AMX errors (arranTuna)
0006385: [Multi Theft Auto : Editor] Precise Moving and Rotating (ccw)
0006330: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for 0006314: The browser where you type for find a server doesn't work (ccw)
0006158: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #0006059: Exported functions break if the owner resource is restarted (x86)
0005376: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] DirectInput mouse device recreation randomly fails (CMenuManager) - patch (Flobu)
0004554: [Map Editor] OnClientDoubleClick event. Just a really minor feature. (Flobu)
0005434: [Multi Theft Auto : Editor] [Patch] Editor: Added Weapon Models to Object Browser (Dragon)
0005714: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #0005703 (client-side setElementID) (ccw)
0005721: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Patch for #0005720 ([admin] "Give weapon" button doesn't disabled if player has no right to command "giveweapon") (ccw)
0005726: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Killmessages debug messages at 36 and 50 (ccw)
0005731: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #0005727 (Anti-aliasing setting) (ryden)
0005736: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] [killmessages] No kill icon + large debug spam when killerweapon is 50 (ccw)
0006171: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #0006170: New exports[resourcePointer]:someFunction(...) syntax for client and server (x86)
0005842: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] [Interiors] Bad element pointer fixes (ccw)
0005877: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Debug message for setWindVelocity is wrong (ccw)
0005904: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Fix for #5894 (Freeroam getpos and setpos are different formats) (arranTuna)
0005905: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Freeroam: Fix for warpto command will show a window but no cursor (arranTuna)
0005908: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Admin & Admin2: Patch for #5907 (arranTuna)
0005909: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Admin & Admin2: Patch adding new skins (arranTuna)
0005910: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Admin & Admin2: Patch for debug messages in vehicle commands (arranTuna)
0005911: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Admin & Admin2: Patch for vehicle customize debug (arranTuna)
0005912: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Admin & Admin2: Patch fixing upgrades typo (arranTuna)
0005914: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Admin & Admin2: Patch fixing revoke admin button (arranTuna)
0005918: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] resourcemanager: Patch for #5915 (arranTuna)
0005980: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] [patch] freeroam: Ability to avoid "vehicles.maxperplayer" option by typing in command not correct model IDs (arranTuna)
0005995: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] 'hud' -> 'showhud' (Talidan)
0006025: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Normal date in resource manager (arranTuna)
0006030: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for 0006027: new fileRename function (server- and client-side) (ccw)
0006035: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for #5987 (takeWeapon / takeWeaponAmmo can result in having negative ammo) (ccw)
0006051: [Client] [freeroam] Patch for 0005963: Right click on set position window to close (ccw)
0006130: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for 0006128: Impossible to create directories (ccw)
0006167: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] New messagebox icons (ccw)
0004953: [Resources] [Parachute patch] fix for being stuck skydiving while on boats in deep water
0006177: [Multi Theft Auto : Editor] editor_gui: element menu not showing in MTA 1.1
0006273: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Patch: runcode http interface (Gamesnert)
0005565: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] Patch for #5564 ([Freeroam] Add special skins in Freeroam) (arranTuna)
0006250: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Patch for 0006249: s/getElementAttachedOffsets don't use degrees (Mr.Hankey)
0006197: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Fix for CLimitsSA may crash (ccw)
0006067: [Multi Theft Auto : Resources] [Patch] defaultstats: fixed stats reset every time you spawn (ccw)
0006110: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] getWeaponNameFromID returns wrong name (ccw)
42 issues View Issues
Released 2010-02-02
0006558: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Fix for crash on adding a Tab to a non-TabPanel (tvc)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2008-01-09

First stable build of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, released on Saturday, 22. August, 2009.

0004237: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] SetPedFootBlood Patch (Flobu)
1 issue View Issues

Second major release of Map Editor.

0008535: [Map Editor] Map Editor does not always increase object IDs after creation (arranTuna)
0008494: [Map Editor] Map Editor does not apply object rotations defined in an .edf file (Jusonex)
0008414: [Map Editor] [Request] Brown streak carriage in map editor (arranTuna)
0007288: [Map Editor] Editor support for hardcoded fileCopy function (arranTuna)
0007693: [Map Editor] Add object breakable option (sbx320)
0007550: [Map Editor] Map Editor shouldn't overwrite script lines in meta.xml (arranTuna)
0007425: [Map Editor] Make objects, created by editor, have LOD model preinstalled (arranTuna)
0004767: [Map Editor] Race EDF - Can't enter pickup properties GUI (arranTuna)
0007311: [Map Editor] Map editor doesn't load object properly but race gamemode does. (arranTuna)
0007509: [Map Editor] Weapon model changes to 1337 after saving/loading some times (arranTuna)
0007405: [Map Editor] Some settings aren't reset when you start a new map after working in another (arranTuna)
0007275: [Map Editor] Gamemode Settings are not in Test When no Save Before Test (arranTuna)
0007300: [Map Editor] Copying a scaled object resets the object scale back to 1 (arranTuna)
0007277: [General] Add object collisions option (arranTuna)
0005791: [Map Editor] Placing peds (arranTuna)
0006612: [Map Editor] cannot save data "Invert Mouse Look" (arranTuna)
0006704: [Map Editor] Add a scale option for the map editor (arranTuna)
0007091: [Map Editor] Map settings change to default after map testing. (arranTuna)
0006723: [General] RGB Color Picker For Vehicles (arranTuna)
0006324: [Map Editor] duplicating race checkpoints in editor (ccw)
0004059: [Map Editor] Make test mode only start for the player who pressed F5 or the test button. (arranTuna)
0006292: [GUI] Progress indicator for loading procedures (arranTuna)
0004381: [General] Can't change the position of an object any longer. (arranTuna)
0004793: [Map Editor] You cannot select trains in the map editor (arranTuna)
0005590: [Map Editor] map settings ignored in test mode (arranTuna)
0006255: [Multi Theft Auto : Editor] Saving, loading, problems (arranTuna)
0006090: [General] Cloned objects don't keep the doublesided attribute (arranTuna)
0004855: [Map Editor] briefcaserace edf - player spawnpoint looks weird (arranTuna)
0005643: [Map Editor] I can't open any map (arranTuna)
0006073: [Map Editor] Create vehicle error (Talidan)
0006009: [General] Editor Cannot Delete Objects (arranTuna)
0005246: [General] Race always ends on the first checkpoint when in testing mode (Flobu)
0005882: [Map Editor] editor_main: Too long execution error when saving maps (arranTuna)
0005406: [Map Editor] Error in MapEditor, Cant start edit mode anymore.
0005398: [Map Editor] Mouse messed up on stopping test-mode while in a vehicle (Gamesnert)
0005463: [Map Editor] Huge maps in the mapeditor don't load completely (Gamesnert)
0005405: [Map Editor] Joining in the map editor sometimes spawns you in the wrong dimension (Gamesnert)
0005478: [Map Editor] Slightly oversized patch for the map editor (Gamesnert)
0005214: [General] Random bug causing Map Editor to delete huge ammounts of your objects in a map (ccw)
0005237: [General] [EDITOR] Cloned EDF elements are always in interior 0 (Flobu)
0005238: [EDF] [EDITOR] Client-side EDF scripts aren't loaded on join (Flobu)
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First stable build of the Editor, released to the public along with MTA:SA 1.0.

0004065: [Movement] Implement real bounding boxes into gridlines
0004265: [EDF] Loading gamemode edf definitions in the editor starts that gamemode resource (Talidan)
0004721: [Map Editor] Race EDF - Can't change Position of a Checkpoint (Arc)
0004663: [Map Editor] Resource "editor_test" is doesn't appear to exist. (r273) (Arc)
0003938: [General] Add change handlers to Map settings (Talidan)
0003894: [GUI] Remove any debug code (Talidan)
0003820: [General] Redo doesn't restore attributes of elements (Talidan)
0004318: [Map Editor] Pressing cancel in object browser places an object. (Talidan)
0004274: [Map Editor] Late joining clients do not get their dimension set to the editor's working dimension (Talidan)
0004093: [EDF] Add car paintjobs in the Object Properties of a car in Map Editor (Talidan)
0004266: [General] editor and runcode clientside run conflict (Talidan)
0004163: [Map Editor] Marker Positioning is off by Z -1.0 (Talidan)
0004124: [General] Many object IDs in the editor are not creatable (Talidan)
0004084: [General] Improve double click for properties box (Talidan)
0004075: [Movement] Object should not being dropped after placement. (Talidan)
0004058: [General] Glitches in editor test mode with multiple players on server (Talidan)
0003895: [General] Remote players cannot connect when a test is in progress (Talidan)
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0009835: [Client] [scoreboard] dxscoreboard_countries.lua throws two server-side errors if admin resource is not running (myonlake)
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Release date: 05. November 2015
Goal: Improve 1.5 release.

0009056: [General] Resource admin uruguay flag dosn't exists (Dutchman101)
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Release date: 15. July 2015
Goal: Introduction of Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) elements

0008938: [Client] guest account is unable to use admin commands properly (Jusonex)
0008837: [Resources] [Freeroam] Removing clothes does not work (Du