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0009861New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-05-13 22:54
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Summary0009861: [REQUEST] postGUI argument for dxDrawMaterialLine3D

Materials drawn using dxDrawMaterialLine3D always appear behind dx elements since there is no postGUI argument available for this function. The non-material variant of this function (dxDrawLine3D) does implement this and it works as expected, the lines will appear before any dx elements.

Would it be possible to add this functionality?

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2018-05-13 17:50

viewer   ~~0026523

dx lines, and such are not elements.
In theory, you just need to draw it before the normal dxes, so in onClientPreRender.


2018-05-13 19:50

viewer   ~~0026524

you can use shaders to transform flat image to 3d


2018-05-13 22:54

viewer   ~~0026525

@Pirulax Tested and confirmed not working, there is a seperate drawing queue for 3D material elements. However there only is one while there are two for regular 3D lines, one which allows drawing postGUI (someone helped me find it in the source code of MTA itself).

@CrossRoad I don't think it's as flexible as using dxDrawMaterialLine3D? Also I think it makes sense to add this option since it's already available for dxDrawLine3D, a logical addition if you ask me. ^^

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