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0009811New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-07-24 11:40
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PlatformX64OSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0009811: [Request] Streaming Memory 256 to 2048+

Hello, I ran into the problem of streaming memory, which is set to a maximum of 256 megabytes.
Because of this limitation, I and other players lose texture, observed subsidence fps.
Please increase the amount of streaming memory to 2048 megabytes or more if possible.
In the update of MTA 1.5.4, I saw that you increased the volume, but something does not work, maybe you forgot to fill it?)
Thanks to all.

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2018-03-04 23:33

administrator   ~~0026448

Unable to reproduce.
Do you have local modifications? What is the size of models\gta3.img ?


2018-03-16 21:56

viewer   ~~0026468

Archive standard weight of 896 megabytes.


2018-03-16 22:03

viewer   ~~0026469

In the usual GTA, there are glue scripts to increase the stream of memory, but before they could simply modify gta_sa.exe
But, if you modify it, MTA will not miss the modified gta_sa.exe


2018-03-16 22:24

administrator   ~~0026470

Please show a screen shot of the missing textures from your PC

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