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Summary0009793: Gridlist sorting causes bugs

When you're sorting gridlist with more than one column, you'll bug data in gridlist.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a guiWindow and gridList
  2. guiSetVisible + onClientColShapeHit
    3, sort gridlist
  3. leave colshape
  4. enter colshape

result and script in attachment

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related to 0009007 resolvedTalidan Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Formatting bug when adding rows to a sorted gridlist 



2017-12-31 19:03

reporter   ~~0026372
number: Tells whether the text item is a number value or not (used for sorting)


2018-01-03 17:23

manager   ~~0026384

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This bug has existed since forever, I'm sure it's been reported before. I've always hack fixed it by disabling ordering on grid lists it can happen to.

Sounds like #9007 but that's marked as resolved, what version of MTA client you using?


2018-01-03 19:18

viewer   ~~0026385

v1.5.5-release-11785.6, this happens since 1.4


2018-01-27 09:38

viewer   ~~0026412

use guiGridListAddRow 's optional arguments.

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