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0009365New issuesClientpublic2018-09-05 02:38
ReporterBeaTzZAssigned Tomyonlake 
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 x64 Prof
Summary0009365: Marker dont always appear when created

Markers dont always appear when created, made a brake light script that shows it perfectly:

brake a few times, sometimes the markers get created, sometimes one is missing and sometimes both, cannot reproduce when exactly that happens.

Steps To Reproduce

Load the script i provided and brake a couple of times, seems to be client sided.

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child of 0009393 resolvedlopezloo Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Corona markers has wrong attach offset position 



2016-09-05 22:18

administrator   ~~0025140

Does this occur on a server with just one player (you)?


2016-09-05 23:46

viewer   ~~0025141

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have not tested that, but there shouldnt really be a difference as its all client sided.

oh, and another resource on the community suffers from the same issue, its called "emerlights" or similiar, i forgot it, it uses coronas too.


2016-09-06 00:01

viewer   ~~0025142

Coronas have issues displaying sometimes.

Try using this for the lights.


2016-09-06 00:13

viewer   ~~0025143

@codylewiz you cannot attach those to an object, which makes my script pretty much unusable.


2016-09-06 00:16

manager   ~~0025144

Those steps to reproduce are a bit big, it's better if you can get a tiny snippet of code that reproduces it because there might be a bug in the script.


2016-09-06 00:20

administrator   ~~0025145

BeaTzZ, I'm asking because the on-screen marker limit may have been reached. Although that will usually cause flickering instead.


2016-09-06 00:31

viewer   ~~0025146

1) arranTuna, create a resource and copy the source in there, launch it, and i didnt find any bugs when checking trough it, and a friend who helped didnt either

2) qaisjp I'm not sure, my server doesnt use many coronas, but it could be


2016-09-06 00:45

viewer   ~~0025147

Update: Im using custom_coronas resource now, but the bug itself still exists.


2016-09-06 02:05

viewer   ~~0025148

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-- First of all, use onClientRender or setTimer to set their positions --

Does the bug appear when using custom coronas or not?

If so; it's a bug with your code

If not it's due to the regular coronas being really glitchy
(I've had similar issues)


2016-09-06 09:28

viewer   ~~0025149

Last edited: 2016-09-06 10:36

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yes, custom_coronas work fine, the issue seem to appear when normal coronas are "near eachother" if that makes sense that some dont appear, atleast thats the only way i can reproduce it


2016-09-06 12:10

viewer   ~~0025150

Normal coronas are extremely glitchy, this bug has been around for a while


2016-12-27 16:44

manager   ~~0025567

Need new steps to reproduce.


2016-12-27 23:38

viewer   ~~0025579

Same issue


2017-04-28 01:40

developer   ~~0025852

This may be same issue as #9393 which got fixed. Needs testing & feedback.

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