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0008999New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0008999: [Request] createWeapon server side

Add the ability to use createWeapon serversided.

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2015-08-16 21:42

viewer   ~~0023952

Can be done through LUA,


2015-08-16 22:04

administrator   ~~0023953

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Lua is not an acronym. It's Lua, not LUA.

Also, no, Myths - I don't think it'll sync correctly.


2015-08-17 00:07

viewer   ~~0023954

I re-created most of custom weapon functions server side using element data, it works pretty good tbh.

I guess as qaisjp said, it might not be the best synchronization out there, but it does the job.


2015-08-17 01:06

administrator   ~~0023955

I was just working on #9000 and I came across...

No idea why it has been disabled, can an MTA dev provide some insight here?


2015-08-17 01:16

administrator   ~~0023956

Check the commit message which disabled them


2015-08-17 01:19

administrator   ~~0023957

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"Removed incomplete server side weapon functions from release build"

Aha, so assuming everything works fine behind the scenes all I need to do is add the rest of the Lua functions?


2015-08-17 02:29

administrator   ~~0023958

Check with Caz. He was working on it.

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