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0008889New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0008889: [Request] More parameters for "onVehicleDamage"

Currently there is only a "loss" parameter for "onVehicleDamage".
It would be nice to have more parameters (like the Client-sided version "onClientVehicleDamage"):

-Weapon (at least this one would be useful)
-damage position X/Y/Z
-Tyre ID

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2015-06-18 17:51

manager   ~~0023389

function handleVehicleDamage(attacker, weapon, loss, x, y, z, tyre)
triggerServerEvent("onVehicleDamage", root, attacker, weapon, loss, x, y, z, tyre)
addEventHandler("onClientVehicleDamage", root, handleVehicleDamage)

Use that?


2015-06-18 19:14

reporter   ~~0023390

I know its possible to use this workaround and i understand the low priority of my reported issue, but it would be slightly better to include this server sided. If you think this is not necessary, feel free to close the issue again, it would not be that bad as long as there are workarounds (and there are bigger issues with NO workaround)


2015-06-18 20:08

manager   ~~0023391

It might be a simple change, someone with basic experience who wants this could make a patch. It's fair a request, it's just that although the work around is less efficient it saves you waiting for something that might never happen and even if it did you'd have to have server and clients all updated.

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