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0008834New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0008834: [Request] Remove the ability to lower FPS limit on the client with /fps_limit command

As you may know there is /fps_limit command that lets you change the limit of your FPS [locally] on any server. This command can be abused on the servers usually with high FPS limits (60, 80 or higher) to gain some advantage.

For example, on the server with deathmatch gamemode and with FPS limit set to "60" people can lower their FPS (with the described command) to, lets say, "25". This will make it harder for other players (who is normally playing with "60" FPS at the moment) to shoot players who has just lowered their FPS locally. Add high ping values here and now we have almost invulnerable players on the server.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Connect to some server with high FPS limit (e.g. 60). Your FPS should now be at "60"
2) Open console (F8) and type: fps_limit = 25
3) Reconnect to the server with /reconnect command
4) Your FPS should now be sticked at "25"

Additional Information

1) Executing the setFPSLimit() function doesn't increase FPS for those players who has lowered their FPS with the /fps_limit command before.
2) "onPlayerCommand" event only catches the "/fps_limit" command and not the "/fps_limit = 25" so it's not possible to detect if someone used that command.

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2015-04-23 21:16

viewer   ~~0023238

I'd suggest to move this command under setDevelopmentMode and make it temporary for the server you are connected to.


2015-04-24 12:36

manager   ~~0023239

At least 25 is the lowest, players with 5 - 10 FPS are basically invincible from gun fire which is why servers need to kick people with low FPS. I don't really see how you could say 25 is low considering how many MTA players have crap computers and have low FPS, 50% of MTA players are still playing in 800x600.


2015-04-24 19:51

developer   ~~0023241

This request is pointless, because you could still limit the FPS in your graphics control center software.


2015-04-25 13:25

manager   ~~0023244

Less people will do that though. What's really pointless is the fps_limit command especially now that setFPSLimit() is client side too.

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