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0008806New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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PlatformMTA:SA 1.4.1OSWindowsOS Version8.1
Summary0008806: [Request] Customizable chat character input limit

This is a key feature for role-play servers where the game is based on long desctiptions and sentences. MTA offers many great features and tools for developers, but this issue can be very annoying.

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2015-03-30 21:55

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128 Characters not enough?


2015-03-30 22:12

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It's 96, not 128... And maybe it's enough for you, but for many creative players on my server it isn't. It's a matter of personal needs, so I guess the best option for everyone is to allow server administrators to adjust this limit. I love all the features, very flexible and open for developers, but this input limit is a small minor thing that causes a lot of frustration for the playes. SA:MP server administrators have found a way to improve that.

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