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0008729New issuesServerpublic2018-09-02 18:22
Reporterme_mueedAssigned Tomyonlake 
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Platform64-bitOSWindowsOS Version8.1 Pro
Summary0008729: Players sometimes are unable to log into their account

Some players at times can not log in to their accounts. Trying to log in gives out the error - 'Account already in use'. Player list (Tab) shows a player using that account with the same nick and country of the account owner with ping 0. Tracking down that player using /whois leads to the original account owner.

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Kicking out the player (Ping 0) allows the original owner to log in and fixes the problem temporarily until someone else faces this problem.

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related to 0006930 resolvedccw Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Client disconnects but player element remains indefinitely 



2015-01-18 15:25

viewer   ~~0022885

It seems the player elements are not properly destroyed when they disconnect under some exotic condition. It happens to us since we updated the server to 1.4.1. I remember there was a similar issue with some 1.3 version.


2015-01-19 20:36

viewer   ~~0022896

Probably related to "CD36: Join Flood" which I myself got on my server after leaving the game with ALT+F4 and coming back in 2 hours. Looks like the element or dead connection stayed there which lead to problems.


2015-01-19 20:50

administrator   ~~0022897

Does this still happen for you after r7028?



2015-02-05 11:17

viewer   ~~0022971

checking getNetworkStats(player) to see if it's false fixes the issue. The code below will help with that.

function checkPlayerNetwork()
for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do
if not getNetworkStats(player) then
outputServerLog("[PNetwork] Player's connection's dead. Kicking...")

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