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0008664New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0008664: [Request] new function ( dxScreenSourceSetCameraMatrix )

it's very useful for screensource.

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related to 0008234 new [Request] Implement Cull Creation 
related to 0006063 new [Requset] dxDraw3DMatrixScreen - draw custom billboard screen 



2014-12-01 16:03

viewer   ~~0022625

setCameraMatrix -> dxUpdateScreenSource


2014-12-01 16:51

viewer   ~~0022626

in client side when i use setCameraMatrix function it will set for localplayer, i want make setCameraMatrix for screensource only.


2014-12-01 16:56

viewer   ~~0022627

You can easily script it to switch between different points in the world for the screen source. Take a look at FFS Gaming's lobby.


2014-12-01 19:09

viewer   ~~0022628

i know this but i need this function.


2014-12-02 12:44

viewer   ~~0022629

setCameraMatrix will hide the HUD and using it multiple times will change the position in the radar and since you will use it with onClientPreRender the radar will be disordered.


2014-12-26 18:41

administrator   ~~0022725

OP wants custom cameras.


2014-12-27 11:59

viewer   ~~0022727

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I think the same as qaisjp. A function like this would be only a kind of workaround, and it won't really make a big difference (internally, if we only handle one camera, we still have to teleport the camera and quickly place it where it was, like scripters do actually). So, unless MTA includes some weird hacky fix in that function to solve the FPS drop, sound issues, radar disordering and such it won't be any useful.

However, handling two or more cameras can solve the problems of teleporting a single camera very quickly and make scripting a lot more easier. In singleplayer, for example, this is used in the big screen in LS stadium and it works flawlessly (and is more FPS friendly). So, in conclusion, a function like createCamera() and modifying dxCreateScreenSource to optionally take a camera element would be much more cleaner and useful. And don't mention if somehow is possible to blend the sound that can be heard in both cameras into player's speakers!


2014-12-27 14:10

administrator   ~~0022728

There was something about culling Jusonex (i think it was him) was talking about, most likely reserved for MTA 2.0.


2015-01-01 17:24

developer   ~~0022777

Related to #8234 and #8688


2015-08-01 23:27

viewer   ~~0023779

This might be helpful for devs:


2015-08-02 00:29

developer   ~~0023780

Or this:

Also I seen some stuff about rw cameras was done in EIR:

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