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0008094New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0008094: [Request] Some things to do with effects

createEffect function is not merged yet so I think it's good time for little changes.

Support for:
1) setElementModel for effects for changing effect type (or setEffectType, whatever)
2) attachElements

New thing:
1) setEffectScale - it's look good with objects with 2DFX effect so would be nice to work with effect element.

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2014-03-17 16:17

administrator   ~~0020398

1) What would be the use of changing the type of an effect while it is running?

2) FxSystem_c is not inheriting from CPhysical thus a regular attachment won't work. However I'd expect it to be possible to attach effects, since GTA already does that for things like nitro and burning players/vehicles. Going to look into that.

3) Need to reverse a bit more for that.

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