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0008085New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0008085: [Request] A way to set the maximum length of chat messages.

It would be great, if we were able to set the character limit of the messages in the chatbox, since some of the messages we try to output simply disappears due to this issue. Something like a server setting or a function to change the limit.

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2014-03-12 16:22

manager   ~~0020362

Write your own chatbox.


2014-03-12 17:10

viewer   ~~0020363



2014-03-12 19:38

manager   ~~0020365

"say: Invalid text length"

You mean that? Wouldn't a simple C++ equivalent of string.sub solve this by only displaying the maximum possible length?


2014-03-12 21:49

viewer   ~~0020371

The actual problem is that I want to output some long messages to the chatbox, but they simply disappear. There should be a possibility to do that without using separate outputs.


2014-03-13 14:21

manager   ~~0020381

The wiki says that the limit is 128, maybe some packet size limit, like what element data used to have? But I don't see why that needs to apply to the client side outputChatBox as well though, it could probably be raised to something much longer.

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