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0008032New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0008032: [Request] Allow movement input while PgUp/down

At the moment when you Pagedown/PgUp on the chatbox it will block off the movement controls.

It would be great if movement input can go through when scrolling up the chatbox since in some occasions this is done when as example, driving a vehicle which will now be uncontrollable while doing this.

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2014-02-03 16:45

updater   ~~0020144

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To clarify, you can just either use PgUp/PgDown or* movement input,
meaning that you need to either bring (as example) a vehicle to a stop/straight drive or choose not to do it. It doesn't take both

If you're driving as example, and press Page up to scroll back in the chatbox, while keeping hold of the movement/acceleration controls the input of the driving will get lost as if you weren't holding the key.


2014-02-12 00:45

updater   ~~0020196

is this gonna move?


2014-03-08 18:57

manager   ~~0020343

I'm turning a vehicle and scrolling through chatbox, something wrong with your keyboard?


2014-03-19 01:36

updater   ~~0020415

If you are turning and scroll, it will block the driving controls/turning off, but after this you can pick up the turning again and do it at the same time. However while starting to scroll, you will lose the current focus/steering as you hold the turning/acceleration control.


2014-03-19 16:54

manager   ~~0020421

Unable to reproduce what you're describing.

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