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0007008New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0007008: [Request] GUI Skin features

guiGetSkin ( ) - gets player gui skin
guiLoadSkinTexture ( image ) - loads gui texture and replaces the actual one as long as player is connected to the server.

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I dont see any big problem with making this, just replace the default gui texture image with another (clientside file, included in meta)

I know "lighter black" and "default" skins are a bit different. Solveable by using guiGetSkin.
Example: player will download both custom textures - Lighterblack.png and default.png, script will set the one which is currently used by player.

Will make MTA GUI look exactly how scripters want, matching to server color scheme, etc

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has duplicate 0008683 closed New issues Add function to integrate custon CGUI designs 



2012-04-15 17:47

viewer   ~~0016470

I agree with this idea.


2012-04-15 18:18

viewer   ~~0016471

hmm i wouldnt like guiGetSkin, because like that every server owner needs to be aware of skins and you can make your own ones.

We better get some way to get skin settings, like guiGetSkinData() which returns a table of all CEGUI skin settings. Like, what color the text is by default and what it is when hovering.

Replacing skin isn't possible as said in another report, this because CEGUI needs to be reloaded to apply another skin. Reloading CEGUI is not possible while ingame.

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