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0006877New issuesClientpublic2018-09-27 21:43
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Summary0006877: Chat messages don't update while a map download is in progress

Chat messages don't get updated (you don't see the new messages) while you're downloading a map file, however it updates when the map download finishes but still annoying.

Additional Information

Maybe it's related to packet loss, because when I'm playing the normal packet loss rate is ~0.15% and when a map start and I have to download it the packet loss rate raises to ~0.30% or even more.

MTA:SA 1.3 r3829
MTA:SA Server 1.3 Release
Race GameMode

  • This bug isn't recent, it happens since 1.0.0
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related to 0006876 resolvedccw Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Map files are downloading very slow 



2012-02-10 05:16

viewer   ~~0016015

reason of this bug reported here ~0016014


2013-02-06 22:46

reporter   ~~0018114

@CWanted: It isn't fixed with issue #6876, I can reproduce it with 1.3.1 r4989


2013-02-08 02:59

administrator   ~~0018118

Test latest nightly server please


2013-02-08 12:43

manager   ~~0018120

I did this with latest server:

srun setTimer(function() if (arran()) then outputChatBox("Hello", arran(), math.random(255), math.random(255), math.random(255)) end end, 200, 0)

And during the short map download it didn't update until after it finished.


2013-03-16 19:22

reporter   ~~0018247

I can confirm, it's not fixed

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