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Summary0005765: Unicode characters are totaly wrong

ä,ö,ü and ß are transformed in characters that i doesn't know:

Nachtsichtger should be Nachtsichtgerät
rmebildkamera should be Wärmebildkamera

The Names are send from the server to the client and are then inserted into the GUI.

Maybe this is a bug from server to client, because on the button the ß works well. Or it's a Gridlistbug.

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2011-01-08 17:57

manager   ~~0012505

Can you print them to the chatbox when those controls are created, and remake this screenshot?


2011-01-09 09:39

viewer   ~~0012513

No problem, here it is:

Server and Client outputChatBox have the same issue with outputing this.


2011-01-10 21:15

administrator   ~~0012522

Last edited: 2011-01-10 21:17

Could you provide a test script to reproduce this on? Also, please ensure all your files are saved with UTF without bom.



2011-01-10 21:37

administrator   ~~0012524

Pretty sure this is as a result of lack of UTF-8 encoding in your serverside files. Please encode with 'UTF-8 without BOM'. I'll look into UTF-8 BOM support.


2011-01-11 16:01

viewer   ~~0012531

Very interesting. Thank you for the tip with the UTF-8 without BOM.
Now it works very good :)

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