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0005228Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2018-09-02 20:34
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Summary0005228: GNU gettext for Lua

I'm really looking forward too see the feature gettext in mta server and client side.

Gettext is a nice transelation system. With this it would be posible to transelate resources in every native language.

Yes it is posible to do it with xml and stuff. But it is nicer todo it with gettext, for example:

guiCreateLabel(10, 10, 100, 20, _('I can be transelated.'), false);

Yes, i know it is also posible to create a server side module for it, but then i ain't have the functions in the client side.

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2010-03-06 02:24

administrator   ~~0011123

If you have the technical capability you could try submitting a patch to be implemented.


2011-02-16 13:33

reporter   ~~0012947

That is going to be very difficult. Since my c++ experience ain't that high. I'm going to make a module first, since that is maybe the best way to do it and learn how to.


2011-02-16 14:19

administrator   ~~0012948

We're actually implementing this internally now, more on that soon :)


2014-01-12 13:28

updater   ~~0019977

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Needs target version (1.4?).

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