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Summary0005054: Assertion Failure (Most Likely Collision Related)

So there's a bug in this gamemode... but that doesn't matter.

So I spawned, but my vehicle was collisionless (disabled by a function), since the bug existed. So I just decided to spin around since things without collision did not apply to the law of gravity.

Eventually, my car model started to transform and skew as expected, but then I get an assertion failure, assuming it has something to do with the collision system.

Steps To Reproduce

Get a car, disable it's collsion.
Spin around by putting weight on it by moving forward, turning left, etc.
Wait for it to start deforming and keep doing it until you get an error.

Additional Information

The gamemode was CAW on some server. It's a buggy and lite but working version of Interstate 64.

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duplicate of 0005040 resolvedccw Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas C++ Assertion failed error on click 



2009-10-12 01:17

viewer   ~~0010688

I don't have a dump file for this since the application refused to abort or ignore. I had to forcefully kill it.


2009-10-12 15:15

administrator   ~~0010689

  1. The assert has been fixed for 1.0.2
  2. As you say, using setElementCollisionsEnabled(false) to disable the collision of a vehicle controlled by the local player, can cause transform and skew weirdness. The only way round that is to disable the vehicle physics by using setVehicleFrozen(true) at the same time.

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