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Summary0004634: Players falling through the floor

Players are sometimes falling through the floor (see Screenshots below)
local view:
remote view:

If you look at the chatbox in the local view you will notice that player 2 is 8 gta units below player 1
(player 1 is the remote view and player 2 is the local view)

The server side output is in onground.png which you will notice is the right position

Steps To Reproduce

I used tdma-nomansland to reproduce this:

Step 1)
start tdma
Step 2)
start tdma-nomansland
Step 3)
Join on client A
Step 4)
Join on client B
Step 5)
Reconnect on Client A
Step 6)
Go to the spawn of client B and he will be 8 or so units underground

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2009-07-14 12:31

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This can be fixed using time-based interpolation.

If you do /showplayer theRemotePlayer you will notice the interpolator trying to move the player to the correct position, but GTA physics disallowing it.

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