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0004272Source patchesMulti Theft Auto : San Andreaspublic2017-06-18 19:58
Reporterlucasc190Assigned Toqaisjp 
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Summary0004272: Local Player SetPedControlState Patch (Issue #0004267)

This patch makes "setPedControlState" support the local player and depreciates "setControlState" and "getControlState".

It also makes "setPedControlState" and "getPedControlState"'s ped argument optional and default to the local player which allows the server "upgrade" command to upgrade them.

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child of 0004267 resolvedqaisjp Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Remove setControlState and make setPedControlState work on localPlayer 



2013-12-22 22:58

updater   ~~0019846

What's up with this?


2014-11-15 09:50

viewer   ~~0022362

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I support this patch with also the setAnalogControlState/setPedAnalogControlState functions. I don't really understand why are these functions separated, because ped functions are supposed to work in players too. It's like having, for example, getOccupiedVehicle/getPedOccupiedVehicle. It's more straightforward for newbie scripters to set a ped's control state also in the localPlayer (which is almost like a ped) than considering the localPlayer is a client, and thus requiring special functions to work with him because it's syncing his control states.


2014-11-15 10:43

viewer   ~~0022365

Because setControlState is faster than setPedControlState and should be always called when you want to set the control state of the local player.


2014-11-15 19:03

viewer   ~~0022382

The patch does that optimizasion automatically. Even if they're internally separated functions, I think that they should be integrated in the same Lua function for simplicity.

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