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0004212Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2018-09-04 16:14
ReportermekoreaAssigned ToCazomino05 
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Summary0004212: Radio music skipping when browsing between different channels


  1. Listen to a channel A.
  2. Change the channel to B.
  3. Change the channel back to A.
  4. Music that was playing has skipped to next / other song.

Couldnt find anything like this with a quick search, close & edit if there was.

Note: Fixing this low priority issue could provide a nice visual improvement since these kind of bugs are usually the once that scare new players away and give bad impressions.

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2009-04-25 09:40

viewer   ~~0008914

I actually like this behaviour at the moment as the "User Track Skip" bind currently does nothing in MTA.


2009-04-25 16:36

viewer   ~~0008917

Yes, I like this too


2009-05-11 02:13

administrator   ~~0009186

There are nebulous plans to add extra functions for the radio, such as skipping songs or playing particular ones. When this is done, it would make sense to fix this.


2009-12-11 23:57

administrator   ~~0010850

Commit/revision that belongs to this fix should be tracked down.


2010-12-27 12:37

viewer   ~~0012365

Fix the F5 not skipping songs already please.


2011-12-25 13:55

reporter   ~~0015506

It happens even on SP, so I suggest moving to 1.4 as it's targeted to fix GTA:SA issues


2014-06-28 10:59

reporter   ~~0021165

Fixed and this doesn't happen in SP.


2014-07-05 18:31

reporter   ~~0021246

All fixed in VehicleAudioFix branch

Branch cannot be merged because it generates issues as described in this commit:

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