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0001969Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2007-07-02 10:40
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Summary0001969: Large objects can spin very fast or show huge stretched triangle textures

In the map editor we had a problem with instant crashes if you go so far out. Now theres a problem where you can be right off the coast and stuff will go nuts. This has been confirmed since I moved the map to a large water area, but inside the land masses. Port 69 also proves that large objects will safely not spin or glitch if they remain inside the immediate gaming area (the bounaries of land masses).

However there is still problems. These large canyon pieces get spinny. I believe theres a problem with the streamer since my map deals with such big objects.

Map is: c&c_weapons

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child of 0001254 closedeAi Abnormalities in created objects 



2007-05-05 06:33

updater   ~~0004486

I've seen it happen in piratecove.

The spinning objects were big chunks of land and one of the pirate boats, couldnt see anything smaller affected.

If you wait for a while, you'll notice their rotation speed decreases until they stop spinning.


2007-05-05 08:03

administrator   ~~0004491

Any screenshots?

Didn't see anything in piratecove.


2007-05-06 05:27

administrator   ~~0004513

Please verify with next build.


2007-07-02 10:40

updater   ~~0004921

Doesn't happen in piratecove.

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