Scheduled For Release 2017-11-11
0009021: [Scripting] Bad resource userdata for onResourceStop on "removed while running"
0009867: [Vehicles] onColShapeHit issue, isn't triggered while entering to car
0009910: [Scripting] engineReplaceAnimation does not apply the replaced animation if it is currently used (Saml1er)
0009767: [Scripting] takeWeapon problems
0009608: [Scripting] createWater() "shallow" argument only works client side (myonlake)
0008540: [Server] Rotation doesn't get correctly set when respawning the player (myonlake)
0004571: [Client] [Request] Add support for custom animations (Jusonex)
0009894: [Scripting] You keep falling down until -4999 if you're inside a vehicle under the map (myonlake)
0009807: [Scripting] [Request] Remove teleport under map and event for it (CrosRoad95)
0009809: [Client] Random clients/players crash when joining our server (ccw)
0006455: [Server] Bug with visible distance in createBlipAttachedTo (myonlake)
0005701: [Server] Functions restrictions in acl.xml are outdated (myonlake)
0009770: [Scripting] [Request] onPickupLeave (Bonus1702)
0009562: [Scripting] [Request] Add more functions for internal.db (Bonus1702)
0009373: [Scripting] [Request] isPositionWithinColShape (qaisjp)
0009861: [Scripting] [REQUEST] postGUI argument for dxDrawMaterialLine3D (ccw)
0006962: [Scripting] [Request] Add missing getReadOnly functions for GUI Memos and Edit fields (FileEX)
0008505: [Scripting] [Request] Add isPositionWithinColShape (qaisjp)
0009490: [Scripting] [Request] setWorldSoundEnabled could stop the sound if already playing (Necktrox)
0006132: [Scripting] [Request] isVehicleWheelOnGround (Z_ReC)
0009897: [Vehicles] Calling getVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition or setVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition crashes the client (myonlake)
0009166: [Client] Console displays an error message when pressing the key of a disabled MTA control (ccw)
0009908: [Vehicles] getVehicleType don't working properly (server only) (qaisjp)
0009889: [Client] Modified binds are broken in newest MTA (again) (ccw)
0009901: [GUI] [Bug] dxDrawRectangle darker on certain systems. (ccw)
0009742: [Scripting] createColPolygon accept max 3 Vector2 (myonlake)
0009033: [Scripting] setVehicleColor clientside directly after creation doesn't work (Bonus1702)
0009883: [Scripting] :setWindowOpen() and :getMaxPassengers() methods doesnt work. (qaisjp)
0009626: [Server] Command /reloadacl to server console (-GTX)
0009817: [Scripting] Element/Ped does not have health attribute (qaisjp)
0003190: [Vehicles] Dummy misplacement on custom vehicles (ccw)
0004319: [Vehicles] Driver lying on the ground when being jacked from passenger door and space pressed (lopezloo)
0009664: [Client] There is no way to see if a ped is reloading (Necktrox)
0009787: [Server] Self-compiled server crash on callRemote (ccw)
0009709: [Server] fetchRemote crash (ccw)
0009745: [Client] dxGetTextWidth returns wrong width of text (ccw)
0009774: [Client] Windows crash (BSOD) when connecting to servers (ccw)
33 of 37 issue(s) resolved. Progress (89%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2018-12-01
0006792: [Synchronization] Fix projectiles
0006867: [Scripting] Run col shape hit detection on element creation
0009317: [General] Replace libspeex with libopus
0006529: [Scripting] hedit Swinging_Chassis handling flag does nothing.
0008790: [Synchronization] Using setElementHealth on a dead ped makes it invincible
0004921: [Synchronization] Improve ped synchronization
       0004896: [Client] Ped vehicles are not jackable
0004580: [Scripting] fadeCamera to fade in slowly causes inablity to move camera up and down
0009229: [Client] Add horizontal aim sensitivity
0008832: [Scripting] Refactor CLuaArgument(s)
       0006830: [Scripting] CLuaArguments doesn't support coroutines
       0008591: [Scripting] Vectors and matrices cannot be passed via events
       0006303: [General] Merge server and client lua files
0009121: [Server] Need ideas about default order of servers in the server browser
0007622: [Synchronization] Refactor entityaddpacket to reduce redundant data sent for elements that do not require it
0008578: [Client] getCameraMatrix() lags on onClientPreRender when cameraTarget is localPlayer
0004249: [Vehicles] Hydra flares have no effect on missiles.
0008216: [Client] Private files & MTA client configuration
0006089: [General] Make the object streamer give a higher weight to the objects that are in the screen
0005760: [Synchronization] [Handling] Fix bandwidth usage
0005826: [Server] Enqueue element creation RPCs for the end of the pulse, and cancel element RPCs meanwhile.
0007779: [General] Resource file 'cache' option has problems
0003801: [General] Heat seaker target icon stays on screen
0004603: [Vehicles] Standing while entering as a passenger to skimmer
0003423: [General] Explodable objects created clientside harm remote player when exploded
0003451: [General] Player attempting to enter any car door of towed car makes car disappear/desync and player desyncs partially or fully
0003966: [Synchronization] Keysync synchronisation is not implemented for Mouse Input.
0004529: [Synchronization] Plane rudder is not synced
0005151: [Server] Allow manual build of client file directory
0005300: [GUI] Texture Cache for dxDrawImage isn't removed when the resource stops
0005840: [Synchronization] ped position not synced to server after falling through the ground
       0006287: [General] Sync distance of unoccupied vehicles and peds should match stream distance
0006003: [Synchronization] Some mess when jacking a player
0006007: [GUI] Remove the dud space in the first grid list column
0006016: [GUI] Can't bring to front gui elements with AlwaysOnTop setting
0006094: [Client] Add support for other types of vehicle handling
0006169: [Synchronization] Make lightweight and vehicle resync packets sync the trailer chain
0006513: [General] Replacing Wheels on cars is iffy.
0004653: [Vehicles] Dying in an exploding vehicle gives MTA the wrong death reason and weapon (qaisjp)
0004327: [General] elements that are attached become unattached when they go off screen.
0006002: [Synchronization] Vehicles may desync
0005885: [General] Can not switch keyboard layout without minimizing first
0005856: [Client] Chinese letters on title bar
0005737: [GUI / Menus / Console] VSync option in Video tab (izstas)
0003406: [General] Streamed in marker elements cause 3D DX lines to dissappear
0004948: [General] Keys stuck after alt-tabbing out of the game
0004873: [Scripting] collisions for custom object models do not stream back in if you leave the area and return
0005115: [General] Handle 32-bit time wraparound by using global 64-bit time functions
0004606: [Client] Driver desync when streaming in
0005630: [GUI / Menus / Console] Help command for ingame console is outdated
0005642: [Server] Server commands give no explanation or parameters when used
0009086: [Scripting] cloneElement issues
       0008696: [Scripting] Fix / disable cloneElement(...) (Bonus1702)
0002732: [Scripting] The position/rotation of attached objects aren't updated
0004990: [General] dxDrawLine3D - rendering issues
0007377: [General] setWeaponAmmo Confusion
0008985: [Client] Add "aiming" to get/setCameraFieldOfView
0004469: [Vehicles] player cannot be hurt while entering a vehicle
0004130: [Synchronization] Desync when running people over
0006117: [Client] Event Request: onClientPlayerChat
0004377: [Client] Some class constructors and destructors are too complex
0005744: [Synchronization] Optimize bandwidth usage for lua rpc packets
0003468: [General] Incorrect parameter parsing of setTimer, affecting modules
0003510: [Scripting] isElementOnScreen doesn't work for markers
0004925: [Client] Friendly fire does not prevent the player from burning
0007565: [Server] callRemote memory leaks
0009332: [Vehicles] Setting the handling of modelid 502, 494, 503 (Hotring Racers) also sets the handling on all the other Hotring Racers
0008012: Many collisionless objects - no way to fix
0001655: [Vehicles] Trailers desync
0009305: [Server] vehicle.trainPosition is only synced when it has an occupant
0002046: [Synchronization] No climbing anim
0002591: [Scripting] Checkpoint/arrow marker alpha can't be set
0003721: [Synchronization] Aborting a carjack knocks driver out of vehicle even though jacker never touched him
0004901: [Client] Peds attached to objects do not rotate in Z axis
0008326: [Server] Remote player fist/melee strafing is not properly synchronized
0004174: [Client] sprint button does not function when player is on an attached moving object
0002679: [Vehicles] Driver can't exit a vehicle while a player is trying to jack it
0006440: [Client] Sometimes players will not take bullets or melee
0005521: [Client] Radio bug when you die and go to Spectate Mode (Cazomino05)
0001710: [Vehicles] Radio turns on/off when remote player enter/exit other vehicles (Cazomino05)
0004212: [Client] Radio music skipping when browsing between different channels (Cazomino05)
0006498: [Client] User track player songs cannot be skipped. (Cazomino05)
0002820: [Vehicles] Various bugs when driving trains
0004246: [Client] Vehicle entry bug in skimmer/seasparrow/leviathon etc
0004403: [Scripting] Minimap blip ordering screws up with certain IDs
0004258: [Scripting] setCameraTarget should work for peds too (and possibly vehicles) (mabako)
0002276: [General] Players glued to a vehicle can't switch weapons
0004104: [Vehicles] Changing vehicle to Vortex sets it to puff black smoke
0005930: [Client] Nitro particle isn't always synchronized
0002577: [Vehicles] 2 unoccupied planes will not collide
0001309: [General] Can only run forward bug
0002468: [General] Zooming with mouse_wheel needs to be disabled at game-level (and handled by MTA)
0005903: [Server] Server message "Resource is loaded, but has errors" is not helpful
0006069: [Client] Server queue doesn't connect when a slot opens
0003945: [Scripting] Can't change alpha of non-default blips
0004185: [Server] Door States 1 and 3 need a “love tap” or should make the door unclosable (lopezloo)
0005228: [General] GNU gettext for Lua (Talidan)
0003449: [Vehicles] Wasted vehicles near connecting spawn point blowing up (lopezloo)
0007629: [Client] [Request] Something like getFetchRemoteStatus and cancelFetchRemote to client fetchRemote (Kenix)
0006617: [Server] Function to load lua modules (Talidan)
0003923: [Synchronization] Satchel charges don't show if you don't see them get placed (sbx320)
0001681: [General] Teargas smoke invisible to someone who does not stay (or was not in) by deployment area (sbx320)
0003163: [Scripting] Calling setTimer() with a coroutine in the arguments causes "attempt to call a nil value" error (Arc)
       0006830: [Scripting] CLuaArguments doesn't support coroutines
0005876: [Scripting] getKeyState will trigger on both shift, alt, or ctrl keys and not individually within each pair (kevuwk)
0006092: [Scripting] Request: setCurrentBlurLevel function (ryden)
0007335: [Client] Chinese characters in chat stalls the game (ccw)
0008523: [Scripting] getVehicleNameFromModel does NOT return false if the provided model ID doesn`t exist (qaisjp)
0004267: [Client] Remove setControlState and make setPedControlState work on localPlayer (qaisjp)
0009026: [Scripting] [Request] getTrainTrack(), setTrainTrack() (qaisjp)
0004824: [Client] Bloodring Banger (ID: 504) enter/exit animation (sbx320)
0004226: [Synchronization] Chainsaw sawing needs some extra check to work properly
0006093: [Scripting] Request: Speed parameter for setPedAnimation (Saml1er)
0009323: Replace tinyxml with tinyxml2 (myonlake)
0003866: [General] Eliminate redundant code (qaisjp)
0004494: [GUI / Menus / Console] [Request]Know what resource(s) you're currently downloading from any server
0003943: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add extra features to the Host Game dialog
0003857: [Server] Provide a separate input line in the server console
0006591: [Scripting] Document CRopeSA
0003865: [General] Replace (const) char* functions and members with safer C++ strings
0004922: [Client] Fix alt+tab Direct3D stability issues
       0003055: [GUI / Menus / Console] Crash oddity after d3d Invalidate/Restore sequence (after initializing/splash screen)
0005634: [Server] ASE references in server files should be game-monitor
0006332: [Scripting] BASS issue container
0004882: [Server] Restructure server paths
0004139: [General] Custom Blips
0004891: [Client] Fix marker limit to 64
23 of 126 issue(s) resolved. Progress (18%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2025-07-01
Release date: N/A
Goal: Radical engine improvements

0006737: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add background music to the main menu
0001247: [General] Implement packet/demo recorder
0003085: [General] Implement and use server-side physics
0005700: [General] Support IPv6
0006195: [Client] Animal sync
0003951: [Synchronization] Implement pure task synchronisation.
0003314: [GUI / Menus / Console] Replace CEGUI with our own or a different GUI engine
0001381: [General] Sync cranes
0003684: [Security] Change serial hashing algorithm (ccw)
0005274: [GUI / Menus / Console] Re-enable 3D credits scene (x86)
0005294: [General] [Request] A brand new startup view
11 of 11 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Project version for confirmed issues to be moved over to a target version later.
0008083: [Client] It is impossible to die from motorcycle crashes (Dutchman101)
0008465: [Vehicles] Vehicles cloned with cloneElement() do not get the same handling
0007421: [Client] setVehicleComponentRotation has no effect for some vehicle nodes
0008773: [Client] Satchels get detached when skin is changed
0008336: [Server] SQL crash the server.
0007542: [Client] Water functions in general do not work outside the -3000 -3000 3000 3000 bounds
0007880: [Client] isVehicleOnGround always returns false for Monsters
0008672: [Client] isVehicleOnGround returns false on some vehicles upside down
0008926: [Scripting] setElementHealth causing any error you can imagine
0007855: [Server] Network trouble when calling warpPedIntoVehicle on resourceStart
0006125: [Client] Can't swim fast on high FPS
0005693: [Client] setWaterLevel causes clientcrash after some time
0008115: [Client] createObject(387, x, y, z) instant crash
0008650: [Scripting] teaDecode cannot handle binary data
0008836: [Scripting] Disable shadows from attached Peds (attachElements - function)
0006494: [Server] onVehicleExit doesn't trigger if only pulled out of vehicle
0005623: [Client] Objects with alpha below 141 are invisible
0008637: [Weapons] Setting weapon slot to 0 when reloading makes clip ammo stick at 0
0009791: triggerServerEvent breaks with oop vector
0006687: [Client] Binds on special_control_* don't work
0006992: [Client] Markers attached to bikes don't follow the bike leaning
0009557: [Client] unbindKey unbinds all
0009662: [Synchronization] isPedDead() desyncs and returns false when setting an animation to the player onClientPlayerWasted
0007371: [Server] Server side peds can often become invincible
0008193: [Server] Function cloneElement don't clone colshape
0008653: [Client] Setting steeringlock to 0 on bikes will mess up the game
0008915: [Vehicles] Satchels don't make any damage to vehicle if there's a player attached to it
0009480: [Scripting] Memory leak when using Vector3
0008749: [Weapons] 'getWeaponIDFromName' returns random IDs.
0004504: [Client] Peds shooting incorrectly
0009506: [Scripting] onClientExplosion does not get triggered when a barrel explodes.
0009364: [Scripting] testLineAgainstWater() does always collide with the default water level
0009372: [Client] GTA Radio plays in air
0009383: [Client] reloadPedWeapon doesn't work when the ped is aiming
0009495: [General] Can't make ped crouch
0009496: [Client] Client 'isPedDead' returns 'false' when not yet spawned
0009492: [Server] getElementHealth sometimes returns incorrect values for players
0006114: [Client] After you abort entering a vehicle with a ped driver, you cannot enter other vehicles
0005335: [Client] onClientPlayerStuntFinish's stuntDistance always returns 0
0009293: [Client] setObjectBreakable isn't reliable
0005778: [Client] Some objects don't like being rotated
0004014: [General] Skin 112's head is deformed when holding a rocket launcher
0006639: [Client] Flame Thrower Ammo Multiples By Ten
0008908: [Client] setRadioChannel doesn't work when outside a vehicle
0008827: [Scripting] Texture bug with setJetpackWeaponEnabled
0004325: [Client] setPedLookAt does not work for remote players
0009165: [Client] Enabling a control whilst the control is held down will trigger the control
0008550: [Scripting] "maxVelocity" handling flag does not affect reverse gear
0007657: [Client] Can't delete dyn. objects like rocks or desert trees
0009177: [Client] Animation settings won't get updated if the block and anim are the same
0009176: [Scripting] setPedAnimation isn't synced properly on server side
0008448: [Client] GTA's driveby speech played on driveby, with grove skins
0007968: [General] getWeaponNameFromID() returns duplicate ID's for 10/11 and 12/13
0009069: [Client] unbind wheel (zoom in/out)
0008055: [Client] Attached to bone element slides when ped is aiming with ak/m4
0007025: [Client] Clientside cylinder marker has a 2D colshape instead of 3D
0009024: [Client] createLight has no more effect to player, if player explodes in a vehicle
0008562: [Vehicles] getVehicleCurrentGear() returns gear 1 while driving very slow backwards
0008573: [Synchronization] Holding aim control before taking weapon will cause desync.
0005624: [Server] Event onMarkerHit is not triggered, if marker is in interior world
0004300: [Client] Constant chainsawing does not take effect on some vehicles
0008348: [Client] fadeCamera can cause camera position change
0008397: [Client] bindKey, onClientKey doesn't work with F8
0008570: [Weapons] getPedTargetEnd not returning correct values when doing drive-by
0008619: [GUI] Last line is behind scrollbar in memo GUI
0006469: [Server] Falling into water while attempting to enter a vehicle problem
0007679: [Vehicles] OnVehicleDamage doesn't trigger for crashes that knock the player off a bike
0007951: [Client] Monster brightness is bugged
0006488: [Client] Unable to take screenshot when not connected to server
0007470: [Client] onClientVehicleCollision doesn't trigger when world objects are broken
0004194: [Client] Rotors of all helicopters are no longer affected by element alpha
0004291: [Client] Cannot move sideways while aiming when FPS limit is higher than 48.
0004483: [Client] Target can't be retrieved using getPedTarget() but can be hit with sniper
0004781: [Client] Zoom in and Zoom out key bindings are opposite for the effects that they're meant to do
0005602: [Server] giveWeapon setAsCurrent in onPlayerSpawn doesn't work
0005797: [Client] Download Progress.
0008049: [Scripting] setGravity(0) is buggy
0004277: [Client] Sirens start sounding when towing a vehicle with sirens activated
0008359: [Weapons] Sometimes a weapon won't be reloaded when the clip is empty
0007769: [Client] Disable collisions between ped and player still allows you to punch them
0008628: [Client] Interior changing still plays water sounds
0005067: [Client] setCameraMatrix effect wears off after deletion of local player vehicle
0004892: [Client] Water Elements Are Unable To Change Interiors
0004658: [Client] Player falls from his bike when its teleported by setElementPosition
0008663: [Scripting] setVehicleVariant turns on the engine, getVehicleEngineState still returns false
0008644: [Client] No engine sound after warping to car from train
0007744: [Client] onClientPedChoke is never triggered
0004735: [Client] setWaterLevel bug.
0008487: [Server] setElementVisibleTo doesnt works correctly in some case
0007356: [Client] isPlayerHudComponentVisible only for showPlayerHudComponent
0007354: [Client] Installer does not check if installation directory exists
0005266: [Client] "ring"-markers' position is changed on modification
0003935: [Server] Certain garage ID's do not close
0008626: [General] Camera desync and collisionless world
0008630: [Client] Weird camera/ped interior collisions
0007056: [Client] Certain foliage cannot be removed without removing the ground
0006098: [Server] If a marker was attached to another element, onMarkerHit won't be triggered
0004596: [Server] Serverside peds don't have their animations synced to joining / streaming in players
0006105: [Client] Impossible to stop helicopter rotor if it has a driver
0007454: [Server] setModelHandling doesn't work with already created vehicles
0007161: [Client] Players in climbing state do not catch on fire from nearby fires
0008423: [Client] onClientPlayerDamage doesn't trigger when shot doing driveby
0007263: [Client] player on bikes receives no bullet damage when driveby
0008114: [Client] Chatbox spam by weird characters.
0008119: [Client] You can enter a vehicle as passenger through walls
0008160: [Resources] Deprecated function checker doesn't distinguish between MTA and script functions
0008288: [Client] Players being able to run with scope opened
0008334: [Client] Zone name appears for a moment when joining the server.
0008412: [Client] Driveby animation bug for bike passenger
0008951: [General] Jetpack removed when Ped/Player frozen and then it can't change weapon
0008105: [Client] Fractional health not fully synced with GTA SA HUD
0008746: [Client] Arrow keys are unreliable in server browser
0007734: [Scripting] Controller axis support for getAnalogControlState
0008087: [Client] Building DFF replacement doesn't work when close to object
0008576: [Server] Object rotation is wrong after moveObject serverside
0006233: [Client] Network trouble caused by an object blocking player vehicle entry
0008772: [Synchronization] getPedOccupiedVehicle desync on player death
0008473: [Client] Jetpack acts weird with health below 1
0008118: [Scripting] Low LOD objects turn dark for a second when moving out of range
0005226: [Client] getCursorPosition() 3D Positions Return Inaccurate, But Nearby Positions - Also Negative WorldZ
0006750: [Client] isPedInVehicle(localPlayer) returns true, but getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) returns false.
0007261: [Client] Control state "fire" @ setPedControlState not working correctly
0008191: [Scripting] Frozen ped rotation goes wrong with latency reduction enabled
0008265: [Client] onClientVehicleCollision doesn't trigger for planes, trains and boats
0008804: [Server] Changing player position when he/she has a jetpack will remove the jetpack and bug when skin is changed
0007422: [Client] onClientVehicleCollision doesnt trigger when hitting some frozen objects
0005038: [Client] Cars 'randomly' float
0005614: [Client] The 'warning' icon sometimes won't dissapear
0007783: [Server] setControlstate is reset, when another player joins the server
0008584: [Client] No way to reject game controls using bindKey
0005534: [Server] Arrow markers disappear in ground
0005113: [Client] setPedControlState doesn't work on the control "enter_exit"
0008378: [Scripting] isPedOnGround issues
0007817: [Vehicles] onVehicleExplode triggers twice [server-side] (Bonus1702)
0009139: [Client] engineSetModelLODDistance(20000,1000) causes client crash (myonlake)
0008546: [Client] Car door desync (open state) (lopezloo)
0009178: [Client] unbindKey not working properly (Bonus1702)
0005204: [Server] server-sided getWeather after setWeatherBlended will always return 2 weathers (Bonus1702)
0006262: [Server] fileRead(file, 0) should return empty string (sbx320)
0004008: [Server] Can't use give[Ped]Weapon directly after createPed
0007789: [Client] Joining a server when starting local server causes crash (myonlake)
0008669: [Client] Crash in MTA main menu (myonlake)
0008753: [Scripting] Destroying a projectile with bindKey results in crash (myonlake)
0007910: [Client] Servers browser: player list weird problem
0007819: [Client] Crash when change styles (myonlake)
0008501: [Server] ban without reason returns ' %s ' (qaisjp)
0008944: [Client] [1.5] Disabling Aero Desktop doesn't work (ccw)
0007719: [Server] getPedTotalAmmo() & getPedAmmoInClip() gets crazy after setWeaponAmmo() (myonlake)
12 of 148 issue(s) resolved. Progress (8%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2017-07-01
Second major release of Map Editor.
0005243: [Map Editor] [Request] Custom object support in Map Editor
0006267: [Map Editor] [Request] Support for Prefabs in Editor
0004047: [General] Add multiple selections support
0006394: [Map Editor] Map Editor: Unexplainable barrier occuring often
0004107: [Map Editor] loading huge maps with editor takes forever
0004763: [GUI] [Request]Make the Editor more keyboard friendly
0004049: [General] Undo/redo are global instead of on a player basis
0004380: [Map Editor] After chosing an Object from the "objects window" the object will not show up.
0005944: [Map Editor] Issues when creating/copying checkpoints
0006471: [Map Editor] Stop editor_dump/editor_test from breaking open map
0008535: [Map Editor] Map Editor does not always increase object IDs after creation (arranTuna)
0008494: [Map Editor] Map Editor does not apply object rotations defined in an .edf file (Jusonex)
0008414: [Map Editor] [Request] Brown streak carriage in map editor (arranTuna)
0007288: [Map Editor] Editor support for hardcoded fileCopy function (arranTuna)
0007693: [Map Editor] Add object breakable option (sbx320)
0007550: [Map Editor] Map Editor shouldn't overwrite script lines in meta.xml (arranTuna)
0007425: [Map Editor] Make objects, created by editor, have LOD model preinstalled (arranTuna)
0004767: [Map Editor] Race EDF - Can't enter pickup properties GUI (arranTuna)
0007311: [Map Editor] Map editor doesn't load object properly but race gamemode does. (arranTuna)
0007509: [Map Editor] Weapon model changes to 1337 after saving/loading some times (arranTuna)
0007405: [Map Editor] Some settings aren't reset when you start a new map after working in another (arranTuna)
0007275: [Map Editor] Gamemode Settings are not in Test When no Save Before Test (arranTuna)
0007300: [Map Editor] Copying a scaled object resets the object scale back to 1 (arranTuna)
0007277: [General] Add object collisions option (arranTuna)
0005791: [Map Editor] Placing peds (arranTuna)
0006612: [Map Editor] cannot save data "Invert Mouse Look" (arranTuna)
0006704: [Map Editor] Add a scale option for the map editor (arranTuna)
0007091: [Map Editor] Map settings change to default after map testing. (arranTuna)
0006723: [General] RGB Color Picker For Vehicles (arranTuna)
0006324: [Map Editor] duplicating race checkpoints in editor (ccw)
0004059: [Map Editor] Make test mode only start for the player who pressed F5 or the test button. (arranTuna)
0006292: [GUI] Progress indicator for loading procedures (arranTuna)
0004381: [General] Can't change the position of an object any longer. (arranTuna)
0004793: [Map Editor] You cannot select trains in the map editor (arranTuna)
0005590: [Map Editor] map settings ignored in test mode (arranTuna)
0006255: [Multi Theft Auto : Editor] Saving, loading, problems (arranTuna)
0006090: [General] Cloned objects don't keep the doublesided attribute (arranTuna)
0004855: [Map Editor] briefcaserace edf - player spawnpoint looks weird (arranTuna)
0005643: [Map Editor] I can't open any map (arranTuna)
0006073: [Map Editor] Create vehicle error (Talidan)
0005246: [General] Race always ends on the first checkpoint when in testing mode (Flobu)
0005406: [Map Editor] Error in MapEditor, Cant start edit mode anymore.
0005398: [Map Editor] Mouse messed up on stopping test-mode while in a vehicle (Gamesnert)
0005463: [Map Editor] Huge maps in the mapeditor don't load completely (Gamesnert)
0005405: [Map Editor] Joining in the map editor sometimes spawns you in the wrong dimension (Gamesnert)
0005478: [Map Editor] Slightly oversized patch for the map editor (Gamesnert)
0005214: [General] Random bug causing Map Editor to delete huge ammounts of your objects in a map (ccw)
0005237: [General] [EDITOR] Cloned EDF elements are always in interior 0 (Flobu)
0005238: [EDF] [EDITOR] Client-side EDF scripts aren't loaded on join (Flobu)
0004048: [Movement] [Request] Add a permissions system
0004066: [General] Unloading an EDF definition while an element from that EDF is selected causes the editor to mess up
0006036: [GUI] Make tab move carriage to next field
0006353: [General] Figure out why sometimes maps don't save correctly
0005381: [Map Editor] Map Editor: Elements cannot be created without position and rotation data
0004337: [General] Add a auto save for the map editor
0004409: [Map Editor] object browser lockup
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Scheduled For Release 2018-12-01
0009302: [Client] [race] No collisions for non player vehicles with ghostmode enabled. (ccw)
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